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Current Jackpot $ 99,000,000

MegaPlier Mega Millions MegaPlier Multiplier

The MegaPlier is a feature that applies to the Mega Millions lottery game that is played right across the United States of America in 46 different states and Jurisdictions.

The Mega Millions MegaPlier option allows players to multiply their winnings on all levels when playing – except the Mega Millions jackpot itself.

It is very similar to the multiplier feature – Powerball Power Play – that is used by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) to increase the winnings of non-jackpot prizes on their huge multi state Powerball game.

MegaPlier NOT Just in Texas...

The MegaPlier multiplier was first introduced to the Mega Millions game by the Texas Lottery on December 3rd 2003 – Texas being the only state to offer the multiplier option out of the 11 strong Mega Millions consortium of US Lotteries at the time.

The Texas Lottery remained the only USA Lottery company to offer its players the Mega Millions Mega Plier feature right up until the cross-selling agreement took effect between the Mega Millions consortium and the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) on January 31st 2010.

With the cross-selling agreement in place – 23 further USA Lottery companies began selling Mega Millions Tickets on January 31st 2010 with a further 9 joining by October 31st – boosting the number of States and Jurisdictions offering the Mega Millions game to 43.

This has subsequently risen to a total of 46 States and Jurisdictions that now offer the Mega Millions since the Louisiana Lottery joined in November 2011 followed by the Florida Lottery in May 2013 and the Wyoming Lottery in 2014.

MegaPlier Available from 45 State Lotteries

As at August 24th 2014 – 45 of these States and Jurisdictions currently offer their players the option of the MegaPlier when they play Mega Millions.

A full list of all those State Lotteries that currently carry the Mega Millions Mega Plier can be found below.

More and more Mega Millions winners are greatly increasing their non-jackpot winnings by utilising the Mega Plier option when they play Mega Millions.

Mega Millions MegaPlier How it Works

The Mega Plier number is drawn by a random number generatorin addition to the 5 main Mega Millions numbers and the MegaBall.

You can play Mega Millions with the MegaPlier option for just an extra dollar to increase the amount of your winnings on 8 levels of the MegaMillions prize structure – every level that is – apart from the jackpot itself.

The Mega Millions MegaPlier number is drawn from a field of 21 numbers and the number drawn will be either 2, 3, 4 or 5.

This means that when you Play Mega Millions with the Mega Plier feature – you are able to multiply your winnings on these levels by 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x – vastly increasing the amount of your Mega Millions win.

For example – if you match 4 of the main Mega Millions winning numbers and qualify for a prize of US$ 500 and a Mega Plier number of 3 is drawn – your winnings will immediately be trebled to US$ 1,500.

Likewise – if you match 5 of the main Mega Millions winning numbers for one of the 2nd prizes and a Mega Plier number of 5 is drawn – your US$ 1 MILLION win will immediately be multiplied by 5 to US$ 5 MILLION!

MegaPlier Enhancements September 2010

Up until September 13th 2010 if you matched all 5 of the main Mega Millions winning numbers – your second prize win of US$ 250,000 would be multiplied according to whatever Mega Millions Mega Plier number was drawn.

So, if you matched all 5 main Mega Millions Winning Numbers and a Mega Plier number of 4 was drawn – your winnings would automatically be quadrupled to US$ 1 Million.

However – with effect from September 14th 2010 the Mega Plier feature was enhanced – with any 2nd tier prize win being automatically quadrupled no matter what Mega Millions MegaPlier number had been drawn.

This meant – for example that if you had matched the 5 main Mega Millions winning numbers and be entitled to a 2nd level prize win of US$ 250,000 – this would have been automatically quadrupled to US$ 1 MILLION no matter what Mega Plier number had been drawn.

With the Mega Millions Changes of October 19th 2013 this automatic quadrupling of the 2nd prize was discontinued
– but the Mega Millions changes included an upgrade that made the use of the Mega Plier even more attractive to players.

The Mega Millions prize for matching the 5 main winning numbers on the 2nd prize level was increased from US$ 250,000 to US$ 1 MILLION meaning that should a Mega Plier number of x5 be drawn – the 2nd prize would now jump from US$ 1 MILLION to US$ 5 MILLION! A great improvement.


Where is the MegaPlier Number Drawn?

The Mega Millions Mega Plier multiplier number is drawn by the Texas Lottery using a random number generator – as prior to the cross-sales agreement by the Mega Millions Consortium and the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) on January 31st 2010 – Texas was the only State to offer the Mega Plier feature.

It is anticipated though, that – with the expansion of the Mega Millions MegaPlier to 45 of the USA Lottery companies that now sell Mega Millions Tickets – the MegaPlier multiplier may at some point in future times be drawn by an RNG from the Mega Millions Lottery Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Which States offer the MegaPlier?

Here is a complete list of the 45 US State Lotteries and  Jurisdictional Lotteries that currently offer the MegaPlier option to their customers who play Mega Millions.

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Arizona Lottery

Nebraska State Flag

Nebraska Lottery

Arkansas State Flag

Arkansas Lottery

New Hampshire State Flag

New Hampshire Lottery

Colorado State Flag

Colorado Lottery

New Jersey State Flag

New Jersey Lottery

Connecticut State Flag

Connecticut Lottery

New Mexico State Flag

New Mexico Lottery

Delaware State Flag

Delaware Lottery

New York State Flag

New York Lottery

District of Columbia Flag

DC Lottery

North Carolina State Flag

North Carolina Lottery

Florida State Flag

Florida Lottery

North Dakota State Flag

North Dakota Lottery

Georgia State Flag

Georgia Lottery

Ohio State Flag

Ohio Lottery

Idaho State Flag

Idaho Lottery

Oklahoma State Flag

Oklahoma Lottery

Illinois State Flag

Illinois Lottery

Oregon State Flag

Oregon Lottery

Indiana State Flag

Indiana Lottery

Pennsylvania State Flag

Pennsylvania Lottery

Iowa State Flag

Iowa Lottery

Rhode Island Flag

Rhode Island Lottery

Kansas State Flag

Kansas Lottery

South Carolina State Flag

South Carolina Lottery

Kentucky State Flag

Kentucky Lottery

South Dakota State Flag

South Dakota Lottery

Louisiana State Flag

Louisiana Lottery

Tennessee State Flag

Tennessee Lottery

Maine State Flag

Maine State Lottery

Texas State Flag

Texas Lottery

Maryland State Flag

Maryland Lottery

Vermont State Flag

Vermont Lottery

Massachusetts State Flag

Massachusetts Lottery

Virgin Islands Flag

Virgin Islands Lottery

Michigan State Flag

Michigan Lottery

Virginia State Flag

Virginia Lottery

Minnesota State Flag

Minnesota Lottery

Washington State Flag

Washington State Lottery

Missouri State Flag

Missouri Lottery

West Virginia State Flag

West Virginia Lottery

Montana State Flag

Montana Lottery

Wisconsin State Flag

Wisconsin Lottery

Wyoming State Flag

Wyoming Lottery

Mega Millions MegaPlier The Future...

As you have seen here – as of May 15th 2013 the MegaPlier Mega Millions feature has been expanded to almost all of the US State Lotteries that offer the Mega Millions game.

In fact out of the 46 separate US Lottery companies that sell Mega Millions tickets – it is now JUST the California Lottery that as yet does NOT offer its players the Mega Plier option.

The reason for this is that under California Lottery rules – all prizes apart from the jackpot are pari-mutuel – meaning that the amount of the prize is not fixed but is determined by lottery ticket sales and the number of players.

MegaPlier / PowerPlay Differences

Prior to October 19th 2013 there were 2 main differences between the Mega Millions MegaPlier and the Powerball Power Play features.

Firstly – the Mega Millions MegaPlier results did not offer the option of a x5 multiplier – whereas the Powerball Power Play feature did.

Now that the Mega Millions DOES offer a x5 multiplier this difference is no longer applicable.

So the main difference today between the two is the fact that the Powerball PowerPlay 2nd prize of US$ 1 MILLION is doubled automatically to US$ 2 MILLION no matter what Power Play number has been drawn.

Another difference is that the Powerball Power Play multiplier is drawn from 42 balls as opposed to the 21 that Mega Millions uses.

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