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Lottery USA State Lotteries

The State Lotteries of the United States of America are some of the most widely played and popular of all the lottery games across the world.

Most of the USA Lottery companies offer various games that include the following – one or more Multi State lotteries, a flagship State Lotto game and numerous other in-State lotteries plus various Instant, Scratch Off and Pull Tab games.

US Lottery companies as we know them today began back in 1964 when the New Hampshire Sweepstakes Commission – known as the New Hampshire Lottery today – first started selling lotto tickets.

USA State Lottery Companies

All in all there are 47 USA Lottery Companies – that includes 44 State Lottery companies, plus lotteries from the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Apart from the Puerto Rico Lottery in 1934 and the Virgin Islands Lottery in 1957 – the first modern day US Lottery companies to be created with the intention of raising monies for good causes were the New Hampshire Lottery in 1964 followed by the New York Lottery in 1967.

The positive results of these companies quickly established lotteries in the United States as a viable way of realising funds not only for charitable purposes but also for much needed services.

This quickly paved the way for the creation of many other State Lotto companies to be formed over the following years right up to the very latest US Lottery companies – the Arkansas Lottery that was established in 2008 and the Wyoming Lottery in 2013.

USA State Lottery Games

Firstly, we will look at the flagship State Lotteries. These games are only available to play within the actual State that hosts them unless you buy lottery tickets online which you are able to do so for many of them from anywhere around the world.

Most of the flagship USA Lotteries are jackpot lotto style games with a top prize that – if not won – will a rollover and increase in size once, twice or even three times per week.

These US Lotteries are IN-State games and each is the primary game offered by that particular individual State Lottery company (apart from the countrywide, MultiState Lottery games).

Some of the smaller USA Lottery companies have typical Pick 3 and Pick 4 style games as their principal IN-State offerings.

Here’s an easy-to-read table that shows all of the principal USA Lottery games available including whether the lottery has a rollover jackpot or not plus whether or not you can buy lottery tickets online for the game.

State / Dist. State Lottery Min.Jackpot Rollover Online ?
  1 Arizona The Pick $ 1 Million Yes Yes
  2 Arkansas Natural State Jackpot $ 25,000 Yes In-State
  3 California Super Lotto PLUS $ 7 Million Yes Yes
  4 Colorado Colorado Lotto $ 1 Million Yes Yes
  5 Connecticut Connecticut Lotto $ 1 Million Yes Yes
  6 Delaware Multi Win Lotto $ 50,000 Yes In-State
  7 Dist.of Columbia DC 5 $ 250,000 No In-State
  8 Florida Florida Lotto $ 2 Million Yes Yes
  9 Georgia Fantasy 5 $ 100,000 Yes In-State
10 Idaho Weekly Grand $ 1,000/wk. No In-State
11 Illinois Illinois Lotto $ 2 Million Yes Yes
12 Indiana Hoosier Lotto $ 1 Million Yes Yes
13 Iowa $100,000 Cash Game $ 100,000 No In-State
14 Kansas Super Kansas Cash $ 100,000 Yes Yes
15 Kentucky Decades of Dollars $ 250,000 No In-State
16 Louisiana Louisiana Lotto $ 250,000 Yes Yes
17 Maine Gimme 5 $ 100,000 No In-State
18 Maryland Multi Match $ 500,000 Yes In-State
19 Massachusetts Megabucks Doubler $ 500,000 Yes In-State
20 Michigan Classic Lotto 47 $ 1 Million Yes Yes
21 Minnesota Gopher 5 $ 100,000 Yes In-State
22 Missouri Missouri Lotto $ 1 Million Yes Yes
23 Montana Montana Cash $ 20,000 Yes In-State
24 Nebraska Nebraska Pick 5 $ 50,000 Yes In-State
25 New Hampshire Gimme 5 $ 100,000 No In-State
26 New Jersey Pick 6 Lotto $ 2 Million Yes Yes
27 New Mexico Roadrunner Cash $ 25,000 Yes In-State
28 New York New York Lotto $ 3 Million Yes Yes
29 North Carolina Carolina Cash 5 $ 50,000 Yes In-State
30 North Dakota None None N/A In-State
31 Ohio Classic Lotto $ 1 Million Yes Yes
32 Oklahoma Oklahoma Cash 5 $ 25,000 No In-State
33 Oregon Oregon Megabucks $ 1 Million Yes Yes
34 Pennsylvania Match 6 Lotto $ 500,000 Yes In-State
35 Puerto Rico Loto unknown Yes In-State
36 Rhode Island Wild Money $ 20,000 Yes In-State
37 South Carolina Palmetto CASH 5 $ 100,000 Yes In-State
38 South Dakota Dakota Cash $ 20,000 Yes In-State
39 Tennessee Tennessee Cash $ 200,000 Yes In-State
40 Texas Lotto Texas $ 4 Million Yes In-State
41 Vermont Gimme 5 $ 100,000 No In-State
42 Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Lottery $ 175,000 No In-State
43 Virginia Decades of Dollars $ 250,000 No In-State
44 Washington Washington Lotto $ 1 Million Yes Yes
45 West Virginia Cash 25 $ 25,000 No In-State
46 Wisconsin WI Megabucks $ 1 Million Yes Yes
47 Wyoming Not Yet Decided n/a n/a In-State

Multi State Lottery Games

Certain USA Lottery games are played across more than one State and these are known as Multi State lottery games.

The biggest of these MultiState Lottery games are the Powerball  which is run by the Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL) and Mega Millions which is run by the Mega Millions Consortium.

These games are played across 47 States and Jurisdictions and 46 States and Jurisdictions respectively and are two of the largest world lotteries being played with anticipation and enthusiasm right across America twice every week as well as all around the world. A full list of the US Lotteries that take part in each Powerball and Mega Millions draw can be found via the links shown above.

Another large Multi State Lottery in the USA is the Hot Lotto which is played across 14 States and is also run by the Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL). Once again – a full list of the US Lotteries that take part in the Hot Lotto game can be found by clicking the above link.

Other US Lotteries that are played across more than one State in America include the following Multi-State Lottery games…

2by2 which has a double jackpot feature on Tuesdays and is offered seven nights every week by the Nebraska Lottery, Kansas Lottery and North Dakota Lottery. 2by2 is run and operated by the MUSL which is also responsible for the Powerball.

MegaHits which is a video lottery game that is offered by the Delaware Lottery, Rhode Island Lottery, Ohio Lottery, the West Virginia Lottery and the Maryland Lottery. MegaHits is also administered by the MUSL as part of its overall portfolio.

Cash4Life is a Multi State lottery offered by a total of 9 different States in the USA. The New York Lottery, New Jersey Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Virginia Lottery, Tennessee Lottery, Maryland Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Indiana Lottery and most recently the Florida Lottery all offer the Cash4Life game which is drawn twice every week on both Mondays and Thursdays. Players can win a jackpot of US$ 7,000 every week for the rest of their lives or instead choose a cash option of US$ 7 MILLION.

Lucky for Life is another Multi State lottery offered by a grand total of 23 different States and Jurisctions. This "Game of a Lifetime" is drawn Mondays and Thursdays and you can win a cool US$ 1,000 a day for life or choose a US$ 5.75 MILLION cash option. Participating States are: Arkansas, Colorado, Conncticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Morth Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont and Wyoming. The States of Nebraska, South Dakota and West Virginia are joining in 2017.

Wild Card 2 was offered twice per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays by the North Dakota Lottery, South Dakota Lottery , Idaho Lottery and the Montana Lottery. Wild Card held its final draw on February 24th 2016 when it was withdrawn by the MUSL.

Tri State Lottery Games

Another highly popular US Lottery that is operated across more than one State is the Tri State Megabucks PLUS which is run by the TriState Lottery Consortium of 3 USA Lottery companies – the Maine Lottery, New Hampshire Lottery and Vermont Lottery.

The very first Multi State Lottery game to be launched in America on September 14th 1985 – the Tri State Megabucks became the Tri State Megabucks PLUS on July 26th 2009.

In addition to the Tri State Megabucks PLUS  – there are other games offered by these three USA Lottery companies from New England which also come under the “TriState Lottery” umbrella – these are Pick 3, Pick 4, Gimme 5 and the above mentioned Lucky for Life.

Other USA Lottery Games

Nearly all of the US State Lottery companies also offer popular Pick 3 and Pick 4 type games. These US Lottery games are generally drawn either once or twice every day and have a whole range of prizes that are smaller than the jackpot lotteries.

As the names suggest – with these games you simply choose either 3 or 4 numbers depending upon the game.

Which State Lotteries Came First?

Here is a complete list of all the USA State Lottery and Jurisdictional Lottery companies throughout America in the order that they were first created.

From a historical point of view it is interesting to see which US Lotteries were the pioneers and forerunners of the modern day USA Lottery companies that we see today as well as the “new kids on the block” – those US Lotteries that are still in their infant years and currently making a name for themselves.

  1 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Lottery 1934 1934
  2 Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Lottery 1957 1957
  3 New Hampshire New Hampshire Lottery 1964 1964
  4 New York New York Lottery 1967 1967
  5 New Jersey New Jersey Lottery Nov.1969 Dec.16th 1970
  6 Connecticut Connecticut Lottery Jun.1971 Feb.15th 1972
  7 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Lottery Aug.26th 1971 Mar. 7th 1972
  8 Massachusetts Massachusetts Lottery Sep.27th 1971 Mar.22nd 1972
  9 Michigan Michigan Lottery Aug. 1st 1972 Nov.13th 1972
10 Maryland Maryland Lottery Nov. 7th 1972 May 15th 1973
11 Maine Maine State Lottery 1973 Jun. 1974
12 Ohio Ohio Lottery May 1973 Aug.1974
13 Rhode Island Rhode Island Lottery Mar.1974 May 21st 1974
14 Delaware Delaware Lottery May 31st 1974 Oct.1975
15 Illinois Illinois Lottery Jul.1st 1974 Jul.30th 1974
16 Vermont Vermont Lottery Jul.1977 Feb.14th 1978
17 Arizona Arizona Lottery Nov.1980 Jul. 1st 1981
18 Washington Washington Lottery Jun.30th 1982 1982
19 Colorado Colorado Lottery Jul. 1st 1982 Jan.1983
20 Dist.of Columbia Washington DC Lottery Aug.1982 Aug.25th 1982
21 Oregon Oregon Lottery Nov.1984 Apr.25th 1985
22 California California Lottery Nov. 6th 1984 Oct. 3rd 1985
23 Iowa Iowa Lottery Apr.18th 1985 Aug.22nd 1985
24 West Virginia West Virginia Lottery Apr.1985 Jan. 9th 1986
25 Missouri Missouri Lottery Jun.11th 1985 Jan.20th 1986
26 Montana Montana Lottery Nov. 4th 1986 Jun.24th 1987
27 South Dakota South Dakota Lottery Apr. 2nd 1987 Sep.30th 1987
28 Kansas Kansas Lottery 1987 Nov.12th 1987
29 Wisconsin Wisconsin Lottery Apr.1987 Sep.14th 1988
30 Florida Florida Lottery Jun. 4th 1987 Jan.12th 1988
31 Virginia Virginia Lottery Dec. 1st 1987 Sep.20th 1988
32 Idaho Idaho Lottery Nov. 8th 1988 Jul.19th 1989
33 Ketucky Kentucky Lottery Dec.16th 1988 Apr. 4th 1989
34 Indiana Hoosier Lottery May 1989 Oct.1989
35 Minnesota Minnesota Lottery Jun.1989 Apr.17th 1990
36 Louisiana Louisiana Lottery Oct. 6th 1990 Sep. 6th 1991
37 Texas Texas Lottery May 29th 1992 May 29th 1992
38 Georgia Georgia Lottery Nov.1992 Jun.29th 1993
39 Nebraska Nebraska Lottery Feb.24th 1993 Sep.11th 1993
40 New Mexico New Mexico Lottery Apr. 5th 1995 Apr.27th 1996
41 South Carolina South Carolina Lottery Jun.13th 2001 Jan. 7th 2002
42 Tennessee Tennessee Lottery Apr.2003 Jan.20th 2004
43 North Dakota North Dakota Lottery Apr. 4th 2003 Mar.25th 2004
44 Oklahoma Oklahoma Lottery Nov. 2nd 2004 Oct.12th 2005
45 North Carolina North Carolina Lottery Aug.31st 2005 Mar.30th 2006
46 Arkansas Arkansas Lottery Nov. 4th 2008 Sep.28th 2009
47 Wyoming Wyoming Lottery Jul. 1st 2013 Aug.24th 2014

NO State Lottery Yet?

There are certain US States that have still not yet formed their own State Lotto company and therefore do not offer any State Lotteries. These are now few in number and it is likely at some point in the future that this information will change.

When it does and further USA Lottery companies are created – we will be sure to update the details on this page as well as the rest of the website.

Currently – the States in America that do not have their own USA Lottery company are…

Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah.

US State Lotteries The Future?

Apart from adding new games and changing existing ones from time to time, one possible future development for the US Lottery scene is the creation of a single, US National Lottery game.

This has already been discussed by various USA Lottery companies and one idea talked about is the viability of a merger of the already huge Multi State Powerball and Mega Millions games into one massive USA National Lottery.

Time will tell whether this possibility will come to fruition and if we hear any further news on any kind of national USA Lottery we will write about it here.

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