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UK Health Lottery - HealthLottery

The Health Lottery can trace its beginnings back to the NHS Lottery which was originally due to launch in 1988 but failed to get off the ground.

The National Health Lottery assets and licence was eventually purchased by the Health Lottery Ltd. with a view to running a UK Lottery that would benefit many local good causes across the length and breadth of Great Britain.

The company who runs the game is the Health Lottery ELM Ltd. which oversees the Society Lotteries across Britain who participate in turn every week in the draws.

The aim of the game is to raise money on a locally determined basis for health related good causes throughout the whole of Great Britain.

Health Lottery Overview

The Health Lottery is not a UK National Lottery as such but is comprised of 51 different Society Lotteries in Great Britain each of whom represent either single or multiple areas of Local Authority.

Every one of these Society Lottery organisations will participate in the Health Lottery draws on a rotational basis ensuring that each of them throughout Great Britain receives their due proportion of the funding raised.

All areas of Great Britain are represented by an individual Society Lottery - apart from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man - ensuring an even spread of HealthLottery proceeds is distributed across the land.

The UK Health Lottery was first launched in September 2011 with its inaugural draw taking place on October 8th.

Initially the HealthLottery held 1 draw per week on a Saturday which - due to its popularity and to commemorate its 1st year of operations - was increased to 2 draws per week on October 17th 2012 when a new Wednesday draw was introduced.

Below we take a closer look at how the Health Lotto works - it is well worth exploring as an interesting alternative to the mainstream National Lottery...

Health Lottery - How It Works

The Health Lottery is a traditional draw type lottery with the same characteristics as most lottery games around the world - the major difference being that it has fixed prizes and its jackpot does not rollover when not won.

It uses a matrix of 5/50 which means that when you play you will need to select 5 numbers from 1 to 50.

After the 5 main winning lottery numbers have been drawn - a separate Bonus Number is drawn from the 45 numbers that remain un-drawn - this is used to determine prize winners on prize levels 2, 4 and 6.

Should you correctly select the same 5 numbers as the 5 main winning lotto numbers drawn you will be the winner of the jackpot prize.

The HealthLottery jackpot is £100,000 and will not rollover to the following draw if it is not won - all other prizes are fixed amounts so you know how much you could win before you play and no prizes are shared.

You can even win the lottery by matching just 2 of the main numbers plus the Bonus Number.

If you would rather have your numbers chosen for you - you can make use of the Quick Pick facility whereby the computer's random number generator will automatically make the selection on your behalf. This is the same as using the Lucky Dip option on the UK Lotto and EuroMillions games.

Draws take place twice every week on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and are shown on Channel 5 at 9.55pm.

The cost of to play HealthLottery is just £1.00 per line - the same as the UK Lotto was before its price rise in October 2013.

Health Lotto - Promotions

There will always be various promotions available to make sure you get even better value for money when you are playing the UK Health Lottery.

Firstly - if you sign up online to play you will be given a FREE lottery ticket in the current Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer - a great way to start and available only to new players online.

Secondly - to get 2 Weeks of FREE PLAY all you need to do is to register online to play using the direct debit facility.

Health Lottery - Who Can Play?

Health Lotto players do have to meet certain criteria the same as with all other lottery games around the world.

At the current time it is only possible to play if you are a resident of Great Britain and if you play lottery online you will need to possess a Great Britain bank account to play the game via the internet.

If this situation should change at any time and this lottery can be played by anyone around the world we will make the announcement here and let everyone know.          

It is perfectly possible to buy lottery tickets online however and this is indeed the way more and more players are choosing to play - saving time on visiting the local shop to buy lottery tickets.

Whereas the majority of lotto games throughout the world require players to be 18 years of age or more before playing - anyone who is 16 years or over can participate in the draws.

It is not possible to play the game from the Isle of Man or in Northern Ireland.

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Health Lottery - Odds of Winning

There are 6 different ways of winning the lottery meaning that there are thousands of prizes to be won twice every week and also has very favourable odds of winning when compared to the majority of jackpot lotto games around the globe.

The most coveted prize, of course, is the £100,000 jackpot itself which has great odds of 1 in 2,118,760 for correctly matching 5 of the main lottery winning numbers.

The fixed 2nd prizes of £10,000 are won by selecting 4 of the main winning numbers plus the Bonus Number and offer winning odds of 1 in 423, 752.

Prizes on the 3rd tier have odds of 1 in 9,631 for matching 4 of the main Health Lotto numbers where for which prizes of £250 can be won.

£50 prizes are won on the 4th level which has odds of 1 in 4,815 for matching 3 of the main winning lottery numbers plus the Bonus Number.

On the penultimate 5th prize level you can win £20 for matching just 3 of the main winning numbers with odds of 1 in 224.

The 6th and final prize level has odds of 1 in 224 for selecting only 2 of the main numbers plus the Bonus Number and offers prizes of £10.

The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 108.

Health Lottery Results

The Health Lottery draw is made twice each week on both Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 9.55pm GMT and it is possible to find out the latest results in various ways.

First and foremost - the draw will be televised on Channel 5 during the first advertisement break after 9.55pm. It is quite a short broadcast and easy to miss - so it's best to be ready and watching a few minutes prior to the draw.

In addition to the winning Health Lottery numbers - the Channel 5 broadcast will also detail exactly where the proceeds from that particular draw will be going to.

You can also check the latest Health Lottery results on their main website - -  via the customer helpline at and in the national newspapers - the Daily Express and Daily Star.

Health Lotto Prizes

The prizes are fixed amounts - including the jackpot - which as such will not increase in size after each draw that there is not a winner.

This means that you know what you're likely to win every time you play as the amounts will not change.

The no.1 prize is the jackpot, of course, which is £100,000 and is the prize all players would like to win.

2nd prizes are £10,000, whilst 3rd prizes are £250. A 4th prize would give you £50, with 5th prizes paying out £20. The 6th and last prize amount you can win is £10.

Health Lotto - How are Prizes Paid?

Should be fortunate to have won the jackpot - you will receive your prize in the form of cash - as with all prizes in the game structure.

You will need to claim any prize within 180 days after the draw has taken place before your winning lottery ticket will become invalidated.

If you have won anything up to £50 on the HealthLottery you will be able to claim your prize from any of the 40,000+ retailers.

If you have won any prize of more than £50 right up to the £100,000 jackpot - you will need to telephone the Helpline in order to claim your winnings. You will find the Helpline number on the back of your ticket.

If you play lottery online - any prize you win up to £250 will automatically be transferred to your account. Online lottery players need only contact the Helpline for wins between £10,000 and the jackpot.

HealthLottery - Where the Money Goes

The name itself gives us a good indication as to where the proceeds of the lottery are directed.

The aim from the outset was to raise monies for local causes related to health throughout Great Britain that do not receive any NHS funding - and it is towards these beneficiaries that lottery profits are channelled.

In fact - out of every £1.00 spent on lottery tickets - 20 pence goes towards these charitable causes.

As there are 51 separate Society Lottery organisations that participate in the Health Lotto draws - decisions on exactly who should receive lottery funding are made on a local basis, jointly between the Society Lottery concerned for any particular draw and the Peoples Health Trust - a partner charity.

Some examples of organisations that have already been recipients of lottery funding include Dementia UK, Mencap, Sustrans, the School Food Trust, Alzheimers Society, Cross Roads Care, The Princes Royal Trust for Carers and Youth Sport Trust.

Click Here to PLAY Health Lottery NOW

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