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Loto Lithuania Games – Loterija – Perlas.lt

The company that runs and operates all Lithuania Lottery games is Olifeja which was established on December 12th 1992 and runs the Perlas.lt website.

The most popular loterija (lottery) in the portfolio of games offered by Olifeja – the Lithuania Lottery – is the multi-national EuroJackpot since it was first introduced by Perlas.lt on January 26th 2013.

The first Euro Jackpot draw to include Lithuania Lottery players occurred on Friday February 1st 2013.

The biggest ever Lithuanian Lottery win to date has been a massive € 7.64 Million which was won by a single ticket purchased in Kaunus for the EuroJackpot draw on May 15th 2015.

This was a one third share of the huge EuroJackpot 2nd prize win of € 22.93 Million split with 2 other tickets in Germany and Spain.

The 2nd prize was so high on this occasion due to the fact that the EuroJackpot top prize had already reached its maximum figure of € 90 Million and had achieved a further rollover – with surplus cash cascading down to the 2nd winning level.

The 2nd most popular game enjoyed by players of Lottery Lithuania games is the Vikingu Loto – the world’s 1st multi-national lottery – which began in 1993 and was introduced into the Loto Lithuania range of games in February 2012.

The Vikingu Loto – or Viking Lotto – produced Lithuania's biggest ever lottery win at the time of LTL 5.5 MILLION which was won by a family from Panevėžys on May 17th 2011. This record stood firm until the EuroJackpot win of May 2015.

Another highly popular game among Lithuania Lottery players is the Tele Loto which – as its name implies – is a Television Lottery game and is broadcast on the LNK channel at 5.45pm every Sunday evening.

The biggest Tele Loto win so far has been LTL 1,863,067 which was won on January 11th 1998 by a lucky player from Utena.

A further in-house Lottery Lithuania game from Loto.lt – Perlas.lt – is the Keno Loto which is drawn six days a week from Monday through to Saturday.

The JEGA-2 is another popular Lithuania-only Loterija (lottery) that uses a matrix of 6/30. It is played by trying to correctly match 6 numbers drawn out of 30.

The draw for the JEGA 2 takes place 6 times every week – on Mondays to Fridays at 10.10pm and on Saturdays at 8.25pm. The results of the Loto.lt draw for the JEGA-2 Loterija are broadcast on LTV.

Other Loterijos in the Perlas Loto.lt range of games are their Scratch Cards – known as Momentine Loterijos and Telephone Lottery – Telefoninė Loterija.

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