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€2.52 BILLION to be won on Dec.22nd 2012!

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Every year at Christmas, El Gordo is held in Spain by Loterias y Apuestas del Estado and the Spanish National Lottery – the Loteria Nacional.

Its official name is the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad – otherwise known as the Loteria de Navidad – the Christmas Lottery.

It is by far, the RICHEST lottery in the world that you can play in and has a prize pool – in 2010 – amounting to an absoultely incredible €2.3 BILLION that had to be won.

It is the only MULTI-BILLION € lottery game in the world...

The massive ElGordo Spanish Sweepstake Lottery – Loteria de Navidad – is the most popular Christmas lottery in the world and is known by many people in Spain as The Fat One due to the stupendous prize pots available.

This Spanish Lotto draw only takes place once a year and takes place on December 22nd every year.

The ElGordo is drawn in the manner of a sweepstake lottery which is different from most lotteries and each ticket has a 5 digit number printed on it. Each draw ball also has a 5 digit number printed on it

When the ElGordo lottery is drawn on December 22nd – a ball with a 5 digit number is drawn from one drum and then another ball is drawn from a separate drum with the prize amount on it – these 2 balls are combined to provide the winning lottery numbers and prize amount.

ElGordo tickets are fairly expensive so it’s common for people to “club together” when buying them – see Cost Comparisons below – and they can be purchased as a whole “Serie” or less expensive “Decimos” (a tenth of a “Serie”).

A set number of tickets a printed each year and once these have sold out – no more will be made available for the El-Gordo by Loterias y Apusetas del Estado.

Every ElGordo ticket can win up to 7 times through the many draws that take place on the day meaning that the Loteria Navidad prizes are spread far and wide.

So Many Winners…

Unlike the majority of world lotteries, the El Gordo produces many, many lottery winners each year.

There are…

• 195 Jackpots of €3 Million each
• 195 2nd prizes of €1 Million each
• 345,930 6th prizes of €1,000 each
• 2,600,3002.6 milliion – individual cash prizes
Each “Decimo” can win up to 7 times

With this many prizes to be won – everyone has a real chance of winning on the El Gordo de Navidad – Christmas Lottery draw – and the huge amount of wealth in the €2.52 BILLION prize pot is spread far and wide.

Main Prize categories…

Here are the main prize categories that the ElGordo lottery has to offer – the number of prizes available is incredible and these are just SOME of the prizes – no wonder the whole of Spain comes to a standstill when the draw happens...

Prize Category

Total Amount per Category (EURO €)

Number of Winning Serie

Per Serie (EURO €)

Per Décimo (EURO €)

First Prize





Second Prize





Third Prize





Fourth Prize





Fifth Prize





Sixth Prize





And these are just the MAIN prizes on the ElGordo lottery...

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Other Prize Categories…

Apart from the main prizes to be won on the El Gordo lotto – there are literally many thousands of other cash prizes that you can win – in fact every single “Decimo” ticket has 13,334 chances to win the lottery and every “Decimo” can win multiple times over.

Here are some of the other cash prizes that you can win on the El Gordo...

• 2 x €20,000 for the numbers either side of the 1st prize
• 2 x €12,500 for the numbers either side of the 2nd prize
• 2 x €9,600 for the numbers either side of the 3rd prize
• 99 x €1,000 for matching the first three numbers of 1st prize
• 99 x €1,000 for matching the first three numbers of the 2nd prize
• 99 x €1,000 for matching the first three numbers matching the 3rd prize
• 198 x €1,000 for matching the first three numbers of the 4th prize
• 849 x €1,000 for matching the last two numbers of the 1st prize
• 849 x €1,000 for matching the last two numbers of the 2nd prize
• 849 x €1,000 for matching the last two numbers of the 3rd prize
• 8499 x €200 for matching the last number of the 1st prize

In fact there are over 2.6 MILLION individual cash prizes that must be won!

As you can see, the number of prizes available is enormous and their cash values mean that people from far and wide will win on this once per year event – the Spanish Sweepstake Lottery – El Gordo.


Most lottery players around the world would – we’re sure – like a share in the massive prize fund that the El - Gordo de Navidad – Spanish Christmas Lottery – has to offer.

Luckily there IS a way available that you can become a GUARANTEED winner.

For the first year Big Fat Lotttos are offering places in their guaranteed-to-win ElGordo syndicates. These operate in the same manner that eLottery run their UK Lotto and EuroMillions syndicates – with guaranteed numbers – and with the way their lottery syndicates work with ElGordo – you are guaranteed at least 1 cash prize on the Spanish Christmas Lottery.

There is no other company or lottery syndicate system that offers ElGordo entries on a guaranteed-to-win basis so demand is likely to be high and tickets are limited – so once these ElGordo syndicate places are sold out – unfortunately there will be no more available.

To find out more about the El-Gordo Guaranteed-To-Win Syndicates just click on the link provided here and see how you can win a share of the massive prize pot available.

How is a Win GUARANTEED?

Big Fat Lottos employ a clever strategy to ensure that all of the members of their ElGordo Syndicates win a cash prize – guaranteed.

They spread the lottery numbers allocated to your syndicate so that if the last digit on your syndicate’s ticket matches the last digit of the ElGordo jackpot winning number – your lottery syndicate automatically wins a prize.

Here’s the really clever bit…

Each of the Big Fat Lottos syndicates share 10 “Decimo” El Gordo tickets – equivalent to a full “Serie” – and each of these ElGordo tickets end in 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. So it doesn’t matter in the slightest what the sequence of
winning lottery numbers are for the El Gordo de Navidad jackpot – your syndicate will at least match the last digit and be GUARANTEED an ElGordo - Loteria de Navidad cash prize.

Each ElGordo Syndicate comprises of a 35 strong team who can win up to 7 times with each of their 10 “Decimo” tickets. Playing this way definitely helps you to increase chances of winning lottery games such as the world's RICHEST lottery - ElGordo - and with the 2.6 million different prizes up for grabs you would certainly be well on your way to becoming a lucky lottery winner with Big Fat Lotteries.

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Proven System…

The syndicate system that is used to play ElGordo online by Big Fat Lottos is tried and tested and well proven to work and guarantee winners.

The results obtained by BIg Fat Lotteries in last year’s El Gordo draw tell the story…

• EVERY El Gordo syndicate won a cash prize…

• EVERY syndicate member won a share…

Big Fat Lottos purchase the ElGordo tickets from an official ElGordo lottery ticket sales agent in Spain and assign these tickets to the various lottery syndicates.

They email you confirmation of all the entries assigned to your syndicate and after the draw provide you with a full ElGordo results service.

They check all BIg Fat Lottos syndicate entries electronically against the official El Gordo results and send you a complete statement with your syndicate’s winnings including a breakdown of your share.

We would highly recommend taking a closer look at the ElGordo syndicate system offered by Big Fat Lottos and see this as probably the best way to play the Spanish El Gordo Lottery and to GUARANTEE yourself a win.

Cost Comparisons…

The cost of playing ElGordo varies dramatically depending where you buy lottery tickets for the game from.

The basic cost when you buy lottery tickets for the ElGordo on the streets in Spain is €200 for a whole “Serie” or €20 for a “Decimo” (10th).

These prices, however, can jump up to as much as €500 for a whole “Serie” or €50 for a “Decimo” (10th) depending upon which lottery ticket sales agency you use if you buy lottery tickets online.

If you play ElGordo online with Big Fat Lotteries the cost is reduced sharply with each syndicate place costing just £20 (€21.76).

With each Big Fat Lottos lottery syndicate receiving 10 “Decimo” tickets – equivalent to 1 full “Serie” – this means that you are paying just £20 (€21.76) for a share in a whole “Serie” and as little as £2 (€2.17) for a share in each “Decimo”.

This makes it a lot more affordable to take part in the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad when you play El Gordo online with Big Fat Lottos.

So the choices are...

Streets in Spain

Online Agency / Other

Big Fat Lottos

€20 per Decimo

€20 to €50 per Decimo

€2.17 per Decimo share

€200 per Serie

€200 to €500 per Serie

€21.76 per Serie share

Limited Number of Tickets…

As the ElGordo – Sorteo Extraordinario – is so popular each year it tends to get sold out and so anyone who wishes to take part in the draw is advised to get their tickets at the earliest opportunity to avoid missing out on this – the RICHEST lottery draw of the year.

Loterias Apuestas del Estado – the Loteria Nacional in Spain – print a set number of tickets for the Loteria Navidad – ElGordo – and once these are sold there will be no more made available.

The same applies to anyone wishing to play ElGordo online in one of the Spanish Lottery syndicates from Big Fat Lottos.

Once Big Fat Lottos have sold out of their allocation of ElGordo entries – they will be unable to acquire any more tickets from the Spanish National Lottery which means that the e Lottery syndicate places will only be available for a limited period of time due to high demand expected by Big Fat Lottos.

The cut-off date for entries is, therefore December 15th 2012

Prize Payouts…

Prize payouts for the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad – Spanish El Gordo lotto – are some of the HIGHEST payouts in the world with 70% of all money spent on the Loteria de NavidadChristmas Lottery – going straight into the prize pot and back into the lucky lottery winner’s hands.

These prizes are distributed to the highest number of people possible which means that there are millions of opportunities to win the lottery – in many cases for matching just a few numbers.

From ANYWHERE in the World…

It’s never been so easy to take part in the great El Gordo Christmas draw – and it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.

You no longer have to buy lottery tickets for this game in mainland Spain – you can take part wherever you are in the world by playing El Gordo online as part of one of the syndicates available from Big Fat Lottos.

Even if you do live in Spain, this seems to be the most simple, convenient, affordable and fun way to play in the ElGordo draw.


As an added bonus, there is a pretty good offer in place from Big Fat Lottos in conjunction with their El Gordo syndicate places...

For anyone who decides to play El-Gordo online with them and join one of their guaranteed-to-win ElGordo syndicates – they are giving away 110 entries into a EuroMillions Syndicate completey FREE by way of a “Thankyou”.

Yes, you can actually play the Euro Millions game for one week absolutely FREE – and share in 110 separate entries – if you join one of the ElGordo syndicates.

This is a great offer from Big Fat Lottos and is worth £7.50 (€8.62) on its own – which is what it costs to play in a EuroMillions syndicate and receive 55 entries each Tuesday and Friday.

Summary of Benefits with Big Fat Lottos…

• Each Big Fat Lottos syndicate GUARANTEED to match at least 1 number

• Each Big Fat Lottos syndicate GURANTEED to WIN at LEAST 1 PRIZE

• Each syndicate member GUARANTEED to WIN at LEAST 1 PRIZE

• Each Big Fat Lottos syndicate will get 10 DECIMO TICKETS

• Each DECIMO can win up to 7 TIMES!

• Each DECIMO can win up to 70 CASH PRIZES!!

• Get 1 WEEK FREE in the EuroMillions – 110 separate lines

• Pay just £2.00 (€2.17) per Decimo instead of €20.00 > €50.00

• Pay just £20.00 (€21.76) per Serie instead of €200.00 > €500.00

• Join more than once if you wish (ie. In MULTIPLE Syndicates)

Interesting El Gordo Facts…

Just to illustrate how huge the ElGordo – Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad – is, here are some figures which help to explain...

• Lottery ticket sales for the UK Lottery are circa £5 Billion a YEAR.

• Lottery ticket sales for the ElGordo draw ALONE are £2 Billion.

• ElGordo lottery ticket sales just for 1 DRAW equal 44% of lottery ticket sales in the UK National Lottery for the WHOLE YEAR!

That’s huge…

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Please note that the ElGordo – Chrstmas Lottery – is a completely different game to the El Gordo de la Primitiva which is the weekly Sunday lottery draw – both are from the Spanish National Lottery – Loteria Nacional.

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