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Jogos Santa Casa Games


Portugal Lottery games can trace their history right back to September 1st 1784 when the very first incarnation of Lotaria Classica was introduced as a sweepstake lottery by SCML – Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa as a way of raising valuable funds for good causes such as the Royal Hospital, abandoned children and the Royal Academy of Sciences.

On November 24th 1955 Portugal Lottery games were given the more formal title of the Lotaria Nacional – the National Lottery of Portugal which it is still known as today and another lottery sweepstake game – the Lotaria Popular was added to the SCML range in March 1987.

In 2004 a new brand called Jogos Santa Casa was formed to operate all games of Portugal Lottery and the Lotaria Nacional and this company leads the way in social gaming in Portugal.

The biggest game in the JogosSantaCasa range has to be the well known EuroMillions – EuroMilhoes – which was first offered to the excited Portugal Lotto playing public in October 2004.

Some of these popular Portugal Lottery games are played not only within Portugal itself but right throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Due to the presence of respected and authorized online lottery ticket agencies such as TheLotter anyone can now easily buy lottery tickets online for these JogosSantaCasa games not just locally in Portugal but wherever they may live in the world.

We will be writing in great detail about each Portugal Lotto for which you are able to play lottery online – just visit the in depth Global Lottery Review – World Lotteries page for a full list of national lotto games and world lotteries with their individual pages.

Here we are simply going to list each of the games offered by Jogos Santa Casa including the huge EuroMilhoes – European Lottery – and you can click straight through to read all about them.

EuroMilhoes TotoLoto JogosSantaCasa

Euro Milhoes – Portugal Lottery – Jogos Santa Casa


The EuroMilhoes is the most popular European lottery and is played right throughout Europe and the rest of the world. 9 European Countries and their respective National Lottery organizations work together to offer you the Euro Milhoes every Tuesday and Friday. These companies are Jogos Santa Casa from Portugal, Spain's Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, the Irish Lottery, France's Francaise des Jeux, the UK National Lottery, Loterie Nationale from Belgium, Switzerland’s SwissLotto, Loterie Luxembourg and the Austrian Lotto Osterreichische Lotterien. The Euro Milhoes has produced a record jackpot of €190 MILLION which was actually won in Portugal by a player from Castelo Branco on October 24th 2014. It regularly creates some of the very biggest rollover jackpots in the world. The EuroMilhoes is also known as the EuroMillions, Euro Millions, EuroMillones and EuroMillionen. Read a detailed review of the EuroMilhoes Lottery right here…

TotoLoto – Portugal Lottery – Jogos Santa Casa


The TotoLoto from Lottery Portugal is the most popular Portugal Lottery game that is particular to Portugal itself and is drawn twice every week on a Wednesday and Saturday at 7pm. The TotoLoto is a typical jackpot lotto style game with a matrix of 5/49 + 1 and began back in 1985. The minimum jackpot that can be won on the Jogos Santa Casa – TotoLoto – is € 500,000. The biggest TotoLoto jackpot to have been produced so far has been € 9.7 MILLION which was won on June 25th 2011.

TotoBola – Portugal Lottery – Jogos Santa Casa


The JogosSantaCasa – TotoBola – is a very popular sports betting game from Lottery Portugal. It began in September 1961 and involves the prediction of football results from Portuguese, UK and many other European football games. You will find a selection of 13 different football games for which you aim to predict a win, a draw or a defeat. There is a 14th game called Super 14 that you can also make a prediction on for no extra cost.

Lotaria Classica – Portugal Lottery – Jogos Santa Casa

Lotaria Classica

The Lotaria Classica is just as its name implies – a Classic Lottery – that has origins going back to 1784 in the history of the Portugal Lottery. The current version of the Lotaria Classica began in March 1987 and is a raffle type Portugal Lottery game with tickets that are printed with set numbers on them. There is a predetermined number of Lotaria Classica tickets printed for each draw and the tickets are sold in Series at €25.00 each or fifths of Series at €5.00 each. The Lotaria Classica is drawn every Monday by 9.45pm by JogosSantaCasa and you can see the draw and check the very latest Lotaria Classica results on television channel RTP2.

Lotaria Popular – Portugal Lottery – Jogos Santa Casa

Lotaria Popular

The Lotaria Popular – similar to the Lotaria Classica – has its origins going back to as far as 1783 in Lottery Portugal history. The current version of the Lotaria Popular began alongside the Lotaria Classica in March 10th 1987 and is a raffle type Portugal Lottery game with tickets that have set numbers printed on them. There is a predetermined number of Lotaria Popular tickets printed for each draw and the tickets are sold in Series at either €2.00 or €3.00 each. JogosSantaCasa make the draws for the Lotaria Popular every Thursday at 12.30.

Just click on the relevant lottery links above and they will take you directly to your favourite Lottery Portugal game. The page will contain a detailed review about that particular Portugal Lottery from Jogos Santa Casa and gives full game information.

We will in time be reviewing even more Portugal Lotto games and will add them to this overview section as and when we do.

For the time being enjoy reading about the main Jogos Santa Casa games including the EuroMilhoes plus checking the latest Euro Millions Results Resultado EuroMilhoes and we wish you the best of luck should you decide to participate in them.

Euro Milhoes

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