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Islensk Getspa Islenskar Getraunir

If you are familiar with the Iceland Lottery games that Islensk Getspa / Islenskar Getraunir offer in Iceland you will know that there are various different Icelandic Lottery games brought to you by and Lottery Iceland.

Some of these Lottery Iceland games are played not only within Iceland itself but right throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Due to the presence of online lottery ticket agencies such as TheLotter anyone on the planet is now able to buy lottery tickets online not just in Iceland but wherever they live in the world.

We will be writing in great detail about each Islensk Getspa / Islenskar Getraunir game available from Lottery Iceland for which you are able to play lottery online – just visit the Global Lottery Review World Lotteries page for a complete listing of national lottery games and world lotteries with their individual review pages.

Here we are simply going to list each of the Iceland Lottery games that are available from and you can click straight through to read all about the game of your choice including the Víkingalottó – Vikinglotto – Viking Lotto and EuroJackpot.

Iceland Lottery Games Lotto IS

Víkingalottó – Viking Lotto – Lotto Iceland – Lotto IS

The Vikingalotto was the very first multi-national lottery in the world. It is operated by 9 national lottery companies throughout Scandinavia and the Baltcis: The Iceland Lottery company – Islensk Getspa, Veikkaus in Finland, Norsk Tipping in Norway, Danske Spil in Denmark, Sweden’s Svenska Spel, Eesti Loto in Estonia, LatLoto in Latvia, Olifeja in Lithuania and Loterija Slovenije in Slovenia. The Víkingalottó is also known as the Viking Lotto, Vikinglotto, Onsdags Lotto, Vikingu Loto, Norsk Viking Lotto and the Viking Loto. It is by far the most popular lottery game to be played throughout the Scandinavia region and Vikinglotto jackpots have reached right up to an incredible € 44 MILLION (ISK 6.88 BILLION). The record Iceland Lottery – Viking Lotto jackpot to be won was ISK 161.88 MILLION which was won in June 2015. Read a detailed review of the Vikingalotto and check the Viking Lotto Results each week right here...

Play Viking Lotto

EuroJackpot – Lotto Iceland – Lotto IS

The latest Iceland Lottery available from Islensk Getspa is the EuroJackpot – a new and exciting, Pan European Lottery available in 18 European countries including Iceland. With the first Euro Jackpot draw taking place on March 23rd 2012 and from then onwards on Fridays once every week this is a great addition to the Iceland Lottery range of games. EuroJackpot is one of the biggest Euro Lottery games with jackpots starting off at € 10 MILLION that can rise each week up to a massive € 90 MILLION until won. For a lot more EuroJackpot information just click on the link and to Play EuroJackpot or to see the latest Euro Jackpot Results simply click on the banners below…

Iceland Lottó – Lotto Iceland – Lotto IS

The Iceland LotteryLottó – is the main game that is particular to Lottery Iceland and has been in operation since 1986. It is a flagship lottery game in the Icelandic National Lottery range of games from Islensk Getspa and is known as the Lottó 5/40 – a typical jackpot lottery style game which is highly popular with Lottery Iceland Players. The Iceland Lottery – Lottó – has produced a record jackpot to date of ISK 139.55 Million on December 14th 2013. It costs just ISK 100 to play the Islensk Getspa Lottó and anything you win is tax free. Draws for the Lottery Iceland – Lottó – take place every Saturday at 18.54 Reykjavík time and the very latest results can be found at

Jóker – Joker – Lotto Iceland – Lotto IS

JokerJóker – is an Iceland Lottery game that you can play in conjunction with the Vikingalotto – Víkingalottó – or Lottery Iceland – Lotto – and dramatically increase your winnings. To win on the Joker you need to correctly match 5 numbers drawn from 1 to 9. Your Jóker numbers will be printed on your Lotto or Víkingalottó ticket along with your lottery numbers. The winning lottery numbers for Joker will be drawn after on Wednesdays after the Viking Lotto draw and on Saturdays after the Iceland Lottery – Lotto – draw. You win the Jóker jackpot of ISK 2 Million if you match all 5 numbers in the correct order.

1x2 – Getraunaleikurinn 1x2 – Lotto IS – Islenskar Getraunir

There are two 1X2 games that are operated by Lottery Iceland and these are under the jurisdiction of the Icelandic PoolsIslenskar Getraunir. The 1st is called Enski BoltinnIcelandic Football and the 2nd football game is called Evropu BoltinnEuropean Football. The aim of playing 1X2 is to correctly predict the football results of either Icelandic or European football games. There are 13 football games per play for which you indicate whether you think there will be either a Home Win, a Draw or an Away Win. The price per play for this Iceland Lottery game is ISK 16.

Lengjan – Sportsbook – Lotto IS – Islenskar Getraunir

Lengjan – or in English – Sportsbook – is another Football based game that is run and operated by the Icelandic PoolsIslenskar Getraunir. Once again, the aim is to correctly predict the football results on various Icelandic and European football games but the difference here is that you can choose which games you want to bet – Tipp – on and you can also choose the amount you want to bet – Tipp. Just choose a Home Win, a Draw or a Away Win per game the same as in 1X2. The cost per play is ISK 10 per unit with a minimum of 10 units to be played.

Tippað í beinni – Tippao Live – Lotto IS – Islenskar Getraunir

The final Icelandic Lottery game brought to you by the Icelandic Pools – Islenskar Getraunir – is the Tippað í beinni – or Tippao Live. With this Iceland Lottery game you are able to place bets – Tipp – on (mainly) football games whilst they are actually in progress. More information about the Tippað í beinni can be found on the website.

Just click on any of the appropriate lottery links and they will take you directly to your chosen Lottery Iceland game. The pages contain detailed reviews about that particular Islensk Getspa game from the Lottery Iceland and give full information.

We will, in time, be reviewing even more Icelandic Lotteries and will add them to this Lottery Iceland overview section as and when we review them.

For the time being, enjoy reading about the main Islensk Getspa / Islenskar Getruanir games from – including the Vikingalotto and EuroJackpot plus checking those all important Viking Lotto Results and EuroJackpot Results every week. We wish you the very best of luck should you decide to participate.

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