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Lottery Syndicate

A lottery syndicate or lotto syndicate is basically a group of people who have got together to buy the largest number of lottery tickets possible in order to maximise their chances of winning the lottery.

As part of a syndicate, your “purchasing power” is greatly increased enabling you to purchase a much greater number of lottery entries.

This in turn, increases your chances of winning the lottery by hundreds of % or in some cases by many thousands of %.

People by their very nature like to share things and participate in things in groups, almost as if they wish to feel a part of a “club” or organisation.

This fits in very neatly with the way that syndicates work and provides each syndicate member with many benefits, not least the more obvious advantages that they will gain by playing their chosen lottery in this way.

How Can a Lottery Syndicate Benefit Me?

Well, as touched upon above, the primary advantage is that as part of a syndicate, you would enjoy a massively increased chance of sharing in the big jackpot wins with a group of fellow players.

You would also have greatly increased chances of sharing in the many thousand of other smaller wins that each lottery pays out each week – ranging from 10s to many 100s of 1000s of £s, $s, €s, etc.

In fact, if you buy lottery tickets online, playing in a recognized online lottery syndicate is one of the best ways in which people increase chances of winning lottery games such as the UK National Lottery, EuroMillions and top world lotteries.

The people who have grown most savvy with how the lotteries operate, have become aware of this have begun to realise how they can maximise their chances and get more “bang for their buck”.

Most of us would love to win one of those big lottery jackpots for sure, but when you realise that even a share of the jackpot can be “life altering” in itself, it becomes less of an issue having to share the winnings.

It is widely known that the majority of all jackpot wins are in fact, won by lotto syndicates – for syndicate members, this is comforting to know.

Lotto Syndicate

Is There a Downside to a Lottery Syndicate?

Lottery Syndicate Agreement

The main downside to playing a lottery as part of a syndicate is that the winnings will need to be divided amongst the syndicate members.

This can mean that the syndicate win may not be sufficient enough for each member to pack in his or her job and take an around the world cruise but may just be enough to buy a new tv or computer, for example.

Another potential challenge can occur when a syndicate member becomes greedy and is unwilling to share out the winnings among his or her fellow members.

This can be a huge problem especially if the syndicate has not been created using a legally binding lottery syndicate agreement.

Each syndicate member would then need to provide firm evidence to the relevant authorities that they have indeed been a victim of lottery fraud – not nice at all.

Another common issue that arises when people play in syndicates is that they miss out on their share of the lottery syndicates’ winnings due to the fact that they have been late in paying their lottery subscriptions or not paid them at all.

Does the Upside Outweigh this?

Yes, most certainly – even though you are having to share lottery winnings with the other lottery winners in the syndicate, you are also sharing the cost.

This is a huge factor to consider when deciding whether to play in a syndicate as you will be getting the absolute best value for money.

All of the other potential issues can be taken care of by a professional & solid lottery syndicate system and organiser and the worry taken away from you.

This is the true beauty of certain online lottery companies, the best of which we review and tell you about here.

The Main Factor to Bear in Mind is...

When considering whether to join a syndicate is the fact that you will enjoy such a greater chance of actually winning the lottery very much outweighs the fact that you will need to share those winnings with other syndicate members.

It becomes less of an issue when you realise that you...

Are much more likely to win

• Are likely to win more often

• Have all the associated risks taken away from you

• Are sharing the cost

So What are the BEST Lottery Syndicates?

We have scoured the internet to discover the best lottery syndicate options for you and have written in detail about these on numerous pages throughout Global Lottery Review.

All of these lotto syndicates are run by lottery ticket sales companies who are regulated and fully authorised to do so.

For a start there is Love My Lotto who run a unique Multi Lottery Syndicate which includes your participation in more lottery games than any other lottery syndicate that we are aware of – 5 to be precise..

Players in the Love My Lotto syndicate take part in the EuroMillions, Millionaire Raffle, UK Lotto, £1 Million Daily Draw and Premium Bonds.

Then there is YouPlayWePlay who offer players the chance to take part in 3 separate lottery syndicates – one for the EuroMillions, one for the UK Lotto and one for the Thunderball from the UK National Lottery

Next there is who operate 5 different Multi Win Lottery Syndicates. You can take your pick from the EuroMillions, UK Lotto, SuperEnalotto, Spanish Lotto Superdraws and El Gordo and play any of these as part of one of their lottery syndicates.

Another unique lottery syndicate is the Power Combo Lotto Syndicate from Wintrillions that brings together 3 of the world’s biggest lotteries in one neat package. This 3-in-1 syndicate comprises of the Powerball, Mega Millions and SuperEnalotto.

Lastly, Lottokings offer what we believe to be the ONLY Mega Millions Syndicate on the internet.

From time to time a new lottery syndicate will be introduced and when this happens we will research it thoroughly. If we consider it worthy of our recommendation we will let you know and write about it here.

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