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If you were to tell most people that you could get free lottery tickets they probably wouldn’t believe you!

The fact is that you actually can get them if you know the right places to look – free lotto tickets really are there to be snapped up.

There is more than one lottery ticket sales company on the internet that is happy to supply you with free lottery entries if you buy lottery tickets online from them.

They do this as a reward for you buying online lottery tickets from their company and in the hope to keep your valued return custom when you buy lottery tickets in the future.

How Does It Work?

Fortunately, the companies on the internet who provide this service are all bona-fide, genuine and fully authorized lottery ticket sales agents who legally and legitimately sell tickets for online lotteries.

Some offer free lottery tickets on a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE basis and some offer you free lotto tickets as an introductory gift as you buy lottery tickets online from them for the first time.

These free lottery tickets will not cost you anything extra whatsoever and are totally free and added to any online lottery purchase that you make when you play lottery online.

Buy One Get One FREE…

The first lottery ticket sales company to mention regarding free lotto tickets has to be

They offer free lotto entries on a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE basis – in other words you buy one lottery ticket entry from The Lotter and they then give you exactly the same again at no extra cost to you at all – in other words…FREE!

You can play lottery online with TheLotter and buy online lottery tickets for most of the major world lottery games and take advantage of the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer.

Here is a small selection of the world lottery games that you can get free lotto entries for includes the huge European Lottery – EuroMillions – the massive multi-state US Lotto games – Powerball and Mega Millions, the United Kingdom's National Lottery – the largest of the Canadian lotteries – Lotto 649, the biggest Italian Lottery – Supernalotto – the premier game from the South African National Lottery – the South African Lotto – the main California Lottery game – SuperLottoPlus and the biggest Spanish Lottery – the El Gordo de la Primitiva.

Up To 4 Free Lottery Tickets…

The second lottery ticket agency to talk about that offers you free lottery tickets when you buy lottery tickets online from them is

OzLotteries is a seasoned supplier of online lottery tickets for all the main Australian Lottery games. When you buy lottery tickets online from Oz Lotteries you have the choice of getting either 1 free lotto ticket, 2 free lotto tickets or 4 free lotto tickets, depending upon which Australia Lottery you decide to play.

For example, if you play lotto online with OzLotteries and buy your lottery ticket online for the Powerball – the Australian Powerball game – you also will receive 2 free lotto tickets for the Powerball courtesy of OzLotteries.

If you buy lottery tickets online for Australian Lotteries’ premier game – the OzLotto – you will be given 1 free lotto ticket for the Oz Lotto game in addition to your purchase.

If you buy an online lotto ticket for the Australian Lotto – Saturday Lotto – you will receive 4 free lotto tickets on top of your

These are great offers from OzLotteries who sell online lottery tickets for the OzLotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto and the Australian Pools – 6 From 38 Pools.


Whichever game you decide to buy lottery tickets online for, make sure that you take full advantage of some of the above offers and get your free lottery tickets when you play lottery online.

If we come across any other online lottery company or lottery ticket sales agency offering free lottery tickets in the future we will document it in this section.

In the meantime, have fun when you play lottery online and the very best of luck when you get your free lotto tickets.

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