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GosLoto 6 45 Jackpot 10,000,000

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Russian Lottery Games – GosLoto

Whilst there are numerous Russia Lottery games that operate across the whole of the country of Russia – the only ones that can claim to be true Russian State Lottery games are those offered by Orglot in their GosLoto family of games.

These highly popular Russian Lottery games are widely played the length and breadth of Russia from Moscow right across to Vladivostock making them truly Pan-Russian State Lotteries.

The world of Lottery Russia does include other Russian Lottery games and companies such as Loto1, LottoStar, RusLotto and Uralloto – but here we will be concentrating on GosLoto and looking in detail at how these exciting Russian State Lottery games work and how to play them.

People from anywhere in the world are now able to play GosLoto games when they buy lottery tickets online from respected and fully authorised lottery ticket sales companies such as TheLotter – meaning that these Russia Lottery games are now very popular both in Russia and far beyond.

We will very shortly be writing in much greater detail about these GosLoto Russian Lottery games that are available from Orglot – their Russian owners – and which are fully supported by the Russian Federation Government. For a complete listing of world lottery games that we have written about simply go over to our World Lotteries page.

In this section we shall briefly list each of the primary Gosloto games that are offered by Orglot and the Russian Lottery. Once we have completed the reviews you will be able to click straight through to read up in greater depth on that particular game – in the meantime you are able to both play GosLoto and check the very latest GosLoto results online.

The 2 principal Russia Lottery games available from Orglot are as follows – the GosLoto 6 45 and the GosLoto 7 49

GosLoto – Russia Lottery Games

GosLoto 6 45 – Russian Lottery – Orglot – Lottery Russia

The first of these Russia Lottery games is the GosLoto 6 45 – the most popular of the GosLoto games which is drawn 3 times every week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8pm Moscow time. The GosLoto 6 45 was introduced back in November 2008 and was widely accepted, quickly becoming the main game of choice for Russian Lottery players – being played right across the Russian Federation. The GosLoto 6 45 is a typical jackpot lottery style of game which has produced a massive record jackpot of 364,685,787 руб. The GosLoto 6 45 is run by Orglot which is, in turn, supported by the government of the Russian Federation. You can Play GosLoto 6 45 from anywhere in the world right here at any time and check up on the latest GosLoto 6 45 Results as well as any of the previous GosLoto 6 45 Results.

GosLoto 7 49 – Russian Lottery – Orglot – Lottery Russia

The second of the main GosLoto games in the Russia Lottery portfolio is the GosLoto 7 49 – another jackpot style Russian Lottery from Orglot which is drawn once a week on a Sunday at 8pm Moscow time. The GosLoto 7 49 is also played across the whole of the Russian Federation making it another truly Pan-Russian State Lottery. The jackpots for the GosLoto 7 49 can also reach huge amounts when they rollover and have been known to climb as high as a staggering 300 MILLION руб. As with the GosLoto 6 45 – you can play the GosLoto 7 49 from wherever you are in the world at any time and check the latest GosLoto 7 49 Results plus any past Gosloto 7 49 Results that you may wish to look at.

GosLoto 749

GosLoto 5 36 – Russian Lottery – Orglot – Lottery Russia

Another of the primary Russia Lottery games is the GosLoto 5 36 which is also a popular jackpot type lotto in the range of GosLoto Russian Lottery offerings. The GosLoto 5 36 was first introduced in 2009 and is drawn 7 days every week. As with the GosLoto 6 45 and 7 49 – jackpots for the GosLoto 5 36 also rollover after each draw that they are not won – growing in size each time.

Other Russian Lottery games from GosLoto & Orglot include…
The remaining Russian Lottery games offered by GosLoto are called TOP 3 which has a top prize of 500,000 руб and is drawn twice every day of the week and Russian Lotto which is drawn once per week on a Sunday.

We hope you will enjoy reading about your favourite game in the Lottery Russia range – we will have further, more detailed reviews up “live” on the website in the very near future. These will provide much more information about each Russian Lottery.

You can also click on any of the links above either to Play Russia Lottery games from anywhere in the world and at any time or to check up on the very latest Russian Lottery results or past lottery results for your chosen game.

Naturally, we wish you the very best of good fortune should you decide to participate in any of the Russia Lottery games that we have looked at.

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