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Up until fairly recent times all lottery players from anywhere around the world were not able to buy lottery tickets online. You had to actually live in & be a resident of the country operating the lottery game that you wished to play in.

Likewise, up until recent years as a lottery player, it was just not possible for you to purchase online lottery tickets and play lottery online. You had to buy lottery tickets from a vendor of lottery ticket sales within the country itself.

Now, however, things have changed – very much for the better – and you are able to buy lottery tickets for the vast majority of the world’s major lotteries from the comfort of your own home no matter what country you live in.

Also, you are able to buy lottery tickets online and play lotto online due to the introduction of the online lottery ticket agent such as TheLotter, making it ever so easy to play online lottery games using just a few clicks of your mouse.

List of World Lotteries Available...

Here is a comprehensive list of nearly all the lotteries available around the world that you can buy lottery tickets online for - from most of the different lottery ticket sales companies mentioned above.

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01 Arizona - The Pick 46 Louisiana - Louisiana Lotto
02 Australia - OzLotto 47 Massachusetts - Cash WinFall
03 Australia - Oz Powerball 48 Massachusets - Megabucks
04 Australia - TattsLotto 49 Mexico - Sorteo Especial
05 Australia - Weds Lotto 50 Mexico - Sorteo Superior
06 Australia - Monday Lotto 51 Mexico - Sorteo El Gordito
07 Australia - The Pools 52 Mexico - Sorteo Mayor
08 Australia - $2 Jackpot 53 Michigan - Classic Lotto 47
09 Australia - $5 Jackpot 54 Missouri - Missouri Lotto
10 Australia - Gold Lotto 55 New Jersey - Pick 6 Lotto
11 Austria - Austrian Lotto 56 New York - New York Lotto
12 Belgium - Belgium Lotto 57 New York - Sweet Million
13 Brazil - Mega Sena 58 New Zealand - Powerball
14 Brazil - Dupla Sena 59 Ohio - Classic Lotto
15 Brazil - Quina 60 Ontario - Lottario
16 Brazil - Mega da Virada 61 Oregon - Megabucks
17 British Columbia - BC49 61 Poland - Poland Lotto
18 California - Super Lotto 63 Quebec - Quebec 49
19 Canada - Lotto 649 64 Romania - Loto 649
20 Canada - Western 649 65 Russia - GosLoto 6/45
21 Colorado - CO Lotto 66 Russia - GosLoto 7/49
22 Connecticut - CT Lottery 67 Singapore - Singapore Toto
23 Europe - EuroMillions 68 South Africa - SA Lotto
24 Europe - EuroJackpot 69 South Africa - SA Powerball
25 Finland - Veikkaus Lotto 70 Spain - EL GORDO
26 Finland - Viking Lotto 71 Spain - El Gordo Primitiva
27 Florida - Florida Lotto 72 Spain - Loteria Primitiva
28 France - Loto Francaise 73 Spain - Monthly Superdraws
29 Germany - Lotto 6aus49 74 Spain - BonoLoto
30 Greece - Greek Lotto 75 Sweden - Viking Lotto
31 Hong Kong - Mark Six 76 Sweden - Sweden Lotto
32 Hungary - Otos Lotto 77 Switzerland - Swiss Lotto
33 Hungary - Hatos Lotto 78 Tennessee - Lotto Plus
34 Illinois - Illinois Lotto 79 Turkey - Sayisal Loto 6/49
35 India - Indian Lottery 80 Turkey - Super Loto 6/54
36 Indiana - Hoosier Lotto 81 U.K. - National Lottery
37 Ireland - Irish Lotto 82 U.K. - Thunderball
38 Israel - New Lotto 83 U.K. - Lotto Hotpicks
39 Israel - Double Lotto 84 U.K. - EuroMillions UK
40 Italy - SuperEnalotto 85 U.S.A. - Powerball
41 Italy - SuperStar 86 U.S.A. - Mega Millions
42 Italy - SiVinceTutto 87 U.S.A. - Hot Lotto
43 Japan - Jumbo Draw 88 U.S.A. - Tri State Lottery
44 Japan - LOTO 6 89 Washington - WA Lotto
45 Kansas - Kansas Cash 90 Wisconsin - WI Lottery

Online Lottery Ticket Sales Agencies...

During the latter part of the 1990s, the way lottery tickets were being sold across the world began to change for the better with various lottery ticket agents being created online to support the growing demand for online lotteries.

The demand for being able to buy lottery tickets online is increasing year after year and fully authorised lottery ticket sales agencies such as TheLotter provide a fantastic and reliable service in helping you to get your lottery ticket online.

There are numerous lottery ticket agency companies on the internet that offer “buy lottery ticket online” services – we will mention a few here but by far and away the best that we have seen is where you can buy an online lotto ticket for the most of the large world lotteries – 48 at the last count and growing!

Just a small selection of the online lotto games that you can buy online lottery tickets for from The Lotter include massive lottery jackpot games such as the huge Mega Millions and Powerball from the USA – the massive European Lottery, EuroMillions, the National Lottery from the UK – the UK Lotto and the highly popular SuperEnalotto from the Italian Lottery as well as the Irish Lotto from the Irish Lottery.

Lottery tickets are also available from TheLotter for some of the largest US State lotteries such as the California Lottery, the Florida Lottery, New York Lottery, New Jersey Lottery and many more – as well as Canadian lotteries like the Lotto 649, and Ontario 49.


No.1 Lottery Ticket Sales Company – TheLotter

There is no limit to the number of lotto tickets that you can get when you buy lottery tickets online at, you can get as many or as few lottery tickets online as you like, every single week.

Lotter is also much more than just a lottery ticket sales agency. As well as being able to buy lottery tickets online, it provides you with a complete lottery website platform that is second to none in meeting every possible need of the lottery player who chooses to play online lottery games.

There is a full lottery results service provided in addition to lotto results from previous online lotteries across the world.

The Lotter website is available in 12 different languages aiming to assist as wide a proportion of the lottery players around the globe as possible.

When you buy lottery tickets at TheLotter, you are able to pay for your lottery tickets in any one of 3 different currencies – US Dollars, the Euro or in British Pounds sterling.

Full help and support is provided too with the purchase of online lottery tickets and customer services can be contacted by telephone and email – you are even assigned your very own accounts manager when you play lottery online with

Other Online Lottery Ticket Sales Companies

Apart from TheLotter, there are other lottery ticket agents from whom you can buy lottery tickets online safely and securely.

We would only recommend the most reputable and time-served here on Global Lottery Review and amongst those, would include the following…




A great online lottery ticket agent from 'down under' that specializes solely in all of the Australian lottery games such as the Oz Lotto, Powerball Australia, Tattslotto games, the Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto and Australian Pools - all popular Australian lotteries. OzLotteries is definitely the best place to buy your Australia lottery tickets online from & they even give you a freebie ... FREE LOTTERY TICKETS!



A former highly professional lottery ticket sales agency that offered a full online lottery tickets buying package along with a great lottery results and past lottery results service.


Another former online lottery ticket agency that covered a variety of world lottery games including something a little different in the Japanese Lottery – Japan Jumbo Draw – the richest draw in Asia. People from around the world could buy lottery tickets online for the biggest lottery in the east.


A former online betting agency that included online lotteries and one in particular that others didn’t carry – the Singapore Pools game – Singapore Lottery – Singapore Toto. So you could buy lottery tickets online for the Singapore Pools Toto at the click of a button.

World Lotto Corporation

A European lottery online agency that used to specialise in online lotto tickets for lotteries that came from the country of Liechtenstein. You could buy lottery tickets online for Liechtenstein lottery games including the Euro World Lotto, the Equinox Lottery and the Little BIG One.This company is no longer operational.

YNotLottery - Indian Lottery Tickets

This was formerly the premier online lottery ticket sales agency of Indian Lottery games. An official lotto ticket agent of Kerala State Lotteries and Sikkim State Lotteries you could buy lottery tickets online for a variety of India Lottery games such as the Sun Fun and Sikkim Lotto. India Lottery online was easily possible with YNotLottery. Another company that is sadly not operating any more.

Buy Lottery Tickets Online – Summary...

All of these lottery ticket sales agencies have been researched and have been found to be reputable, respected and providing a high level of service for anyone wishing to buy lottery tickets online.

They offer a simple, convenient and problem-free way of being able to play lottery online whilst at the same time having the knowledge that your details and transactions are totally secure when using their servers.

A professional service is ensured and prompt payments are made after you win the lottery when playing with them.

Full help and support is on hand when purchasing your online lottery tickets and you can now also take full advantage of their jackpot alerts and rollover notifications – staying “in the know” whenever there is a large jackpot or rollover to be won.

And Finally...

We would recommend all of the above lottery ticket sales companies for purchasing your online lottery tickets but without doubt our favourite would have to be TheLotter simply because of the vast array of services that it offers.

With TheLotter, you can even enter a Free Lotto contest to compete for guaranteed monetary prizes when you buy lottery tickets online!

So, to get your online lottery tickets just head over to TheLotter or one of the other lottery ticket agents and play lottery online – whatever you choose, whether it’s the National Lottery Online from the UK, the EuroMillions Online or any of the other great World Lotteries – you are sure to have a fun & hassle-free time.

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