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"Lottery Scams and what to watch out for..."

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Being mindful of the potential of falling foul of any kind of lottery scams that may be out there is something that all lottery players should be aware of.

We do not operate any sort of lottery, lotto or syndicate companies ourselves, we quite simply review them and would hate it if you, our readers, were unlucky enough to encounter any of these fraudulent operators either online or offline.

If you should come across any particular lotto scam yourself – or should be unfortunate enough to have been taken adavntage of by any lotto scams – please let us know so that we can document it here.

This way we can make others aware and hopefully prevent other people from being hurt in the same manner.

EuroMillions Lottery Scam

A prime example of this kind of devious endeavour is a scam based on the euromillions lottery.

You may receive a letter telling you that you have won a prize in the euromillions lottery. You even receive a cheque with this letter!

The letter can take different forms but it tends to claim something similar to this:“You have won £250,000 on euromillions, the euro millions lottery”

As I say, you may also receive a cheque with this letter, for around $3000+ & this alone should start ringing the alarm bells!

Of course, it is not a bona-fide cheque, though it may look like one and could even clear at your bank. The cheque will definitely be traced as fraudulent or stolen and of course, NO real lottery organisation will be sending you a cheque for lottery winnings for any lotteries that you haven’t actually taken part in!

They really must think that we are all daft!

How To Spot Lottery Scams

A brief guide is provided for you here on how you can easily spot those

The Potential Lottery Scam

What Can We Do To STOP These Scams?

Simply do NOT contact the organisation who has sent you the letter and cheque but instead report it as an obvious lottery scam to your local authority.

This will set the wheels in motion for either the police or postal authorities to go about aiming to catch whoever is behind this nasty practice.

Remember, no true lottery company would EVER ask YOU to pay THEM something before they would send you your winnings.

Be Mindful – Be Safe

It’s normally quite easy to spot these kind of scams as we all tend to have a feeling of when something is “not quite right”. Trust your own instincts about this & you will not go far wrong.

A few people will always be caught out but let’s try to keep this to an absolute minimum and make sure that we do not respond to or pay any fees requested to any of these scammers.

Let’s Be Positive

Now that we’ve taken a look at potential lottery pitfalls, let’s concentrate on what we all really want – to win the lottery and to find a better and more likely way in which we can do so.

EuroMillions is one of the world’s largest tax free lotteries and by playing as part of a multi-win syndicate, you can massively increase your chances of winning.

Take a look at our review of this EuroMillions Syndicate

It is run by one of the best syndicate companies out there and – YES – they do deliver exactly what they say they will. Refreshing!

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