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About Us - Global Lottery Review was formed by a business group in the UK after being approached to construct an informative website and portal that would set about reviewing various lottery games around the world.

The remit we were given was to provide lottery players worldwide with an intelligent and unbiased view of these lotto games after carrying out extensive and exhaustive research.

In conjunction with Global Lottery Secrets, we have set about this process in earnest and will be reviewing different national lottery games on a weekly basis and adding more and more detailed accounts regularly.

As part of the review procedure, Global Lottery Review was asked to name what it considers to be the best lotteries out there and recommend those it believes are most worth taking part in.

In response to this, we have created a “Hot Picks” section where we write in more detail about these “Star” lotteries.

We will add to this as appropriate and even include what we have found to be our “Lottery of the Month” to give everybody the best chances when playing.

Our Overall Aims Are Threefold:

To provide you with the best information possible in order to help you to…

• 1. Maximize your chances when trying to win the lottery

• 2. Assist you in deciding which lottery games you wish to play in.

• 3. Help you to get the best value for your money on what you spend when playing your chosen lotteries.

We hope that we meet our objectives and fulfil our promises.

If you have any suggestions regarding anything that you would like to have included or you would like to let us know about something we may have missed, please just get in touch with us via our “Contact” Us” page.

We welcome any new or as yet un-reviewed lottos for possible inclusion on this website and hope that you find it very beneficial when playing or deciding to play and meets with your aims and goals of winning the lottery.

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