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Loteria Nacional

El Gordo de la Primitiva - Spanish Lotto
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Spanish Lottery Superdraw Syndicates

Playing in a Spanish Lotto syndicate with Big Fat Lottos is a unique way of playing one of the truly richest lotteries in the world – the Spanish National Lottery - Loteria Nacional - a syndicate with a difference, without doubt.

We will have a more detailed look here at how the Biga Fat Lotteries syndicate system works when playing the Spanish Lotto as part of a “Multi-Win” syndicate.

Once this “Multi-Win” syndicate system is fully understood, it becomes clear why this is amongst our top-rated lottery syndicates and enjoys such a high success rate.

Players from right across the world are able to take part in the Spanish Lottery by playing in one of these syndicates, whereas normally only citizens from the Spain itself are able to play in it.

Spanish Lottery - Superdraws

The Spanish National Lottery – Loteria Nacional – has various different lottery games and holds its main draws every week on Thursdays and Saturdays.

As well as these weekly draws however, once a month, the Spanish Lotto holds what it calls “Superdraws” or “Special Draws”.

These Spanish Lottery Superdraws offer much higher prize pools than their regular weekly draws and can amount to some of the highest lottery prize pools in the world ranging from €84 Million right up to a mind blowing €2.6 Billion.

One of the aims with the Loteria Nacional – especially the Spanish Lotto Superdraws – is to spread the wealth across as many people as possible so there is not just 1 jackpot winner but many thousands of lucky lottery winners.

Millions of people in Spain and across the world take part in these mega lottery draws every month and with the introduction of the Big Fat Lottos Spanish Lottery Superdraw Syndicates there is now a much better way to try and win a share in the massive Spanish Lotto prize pools available.

From €84 Million to €2.52 BILLION!!

There are 12 Spanish Lotto Superdraws that are drawn a year – 1 per month.

9 of these massive draws have prize funds of €84 Million and the remaining 3 are more well-known and have prize pools of €150 Million, €850 Million and
€2.52 BILLION!

The biggest and most well-known Spanish Lotto draws are the El Niño which takes place in January and has a prize fund of €850 Million, the summer El Gordo “San Ildefonso” which takes place in July and has a pot of €850 Million and of course, the great Christmas El Gordo lotto with a prize pot amounting to a staggering €2.52 BILLION!

How the Spanish Lottery Superdraws Work…

The Spanish Lotto Superdraws are drawn in a slightly differently way from most traditional lotteries. Firstly, a numbered ball with a ticket number is drawn from one drum and then another ball with a prize value is drawn from a separate drum.

The ticket number on the ball drawn from the first drum is matched with the prize on the ball drawn from the second drum and ticket holders with that number are winners of that prize.

As with the way it is drawn, you actually play the Loteria Nacional Special Draws in a slightly different way to other lotteries too.

You aren’t able to choose your own Spanish Lotto numbers but instead purchase a ticket that already has a pre-printed number on it. There are also series of tickets with the same numbers on.

The ticket system works like this…..each ticket number is available either 10 times, 35 times or 50 times - meaning that 10, 35 or 50 lots of tickets with the same number will be printed. These are called “series”.

Each of those “series” are actually one “whole” ticket which is called a “billette”. This is normally too expensive for most people at between €200 & €240 for a whole ticket (billette), so each “serie” is divided into 10 smaller tickets called “decimos” (ie.10ths) costing a more affordable €20 to €24.

So, you are able to purchase either a whole ticket (“billette”) or as many “decimos” (10ths) of a ticket that you wish.

Many families across Spain put their money together and share the cost of a whole “billette” as one of their lottery strategies to maximise their chances. Even some entire villages in Spain do this and Jackpots have indeed been won this way making a whole village rather wealthy in one go!

If you buy lottery tickets online, however, there are ways in which you are able to increase chances of winning lottery games such as the Spanish National Lottery Superdraws.

How Can I Play These Spanish Lottery Superdraws?

Normally, to play in these great Spanish Lottery Superdraws, you would have to be a resident of Spain but now that you can purchase lottery tickets from global online retailers, you can take part in the fun, no matter where in the world you live.

The cheapest Spanish Lotto ticket prices are generally available on mainland Spain with most online ticket retailers being more expensive and charging a premium for the convenience of buying your lottery tickets online.

An alternative is to maximise your spending power and play the Spanish Lottery as part of an Spanish Lottery Superdraw Syndicate. From research, this is by far the most cost effective way to play this lottery and the odds of winning in a syndicate are massively increased.

Big Fat Lottos is offering you the chance to play in the monthly Loteria Nacional - Spanish National Lottery - Superdraws a much smarter way by joining one of their new and unique Spanish Lottery Syndicates.

When you play the Spanish Lotto Superdraws with Big Fat Lotteries, you join a 35 strong team of fellow players in a syndicate.

Your will then play in each Spanish National Lottery Superdraw with your syndicate each month for as long as you choose to play.

Join an Spanish Lotto – Español Superdraw Syndicate – Today

Why Big Fat Lottos?

Well, for starters, each Big Fat Lottos Spanish Lottery Syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 3 cash prizes in every draw.

For each of the €84 Million draws each lottery syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 3 cash prizes.

For the El Niño, San Ildefonso and El Gordo Spanish Lotto draws each lottery syndicate is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize.

This is achieved using some interesting lottery strategies that spread the numbers allocated to your syndicate, so that when the last digit printed on your ticket matches the last digit of the jackpot-winning number, your syndicate automatically wins a cash prize!

Every Big fat Lotteries Spanish Lottery Syndicate will be sharing 10 “decimos” each ending 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, so no matter what the 5 digit winning number may be, this lottery system means that your syndicate will match at least the last digit and therefore be guaranteed to win a cash prize.

Each of your Spanish Lottery Syndicate’s 10 “decimos” can win up to 7 times and with thousands of cash prizes to be won, your chances of success are very good.

The cost of playing the Loteria Nacional monthly Special Draws in one of the Spanish Superdraw Syndicates is just £20 per month. For this you will be part of a Spanish Lotto syndicate that gets 10 “decimos” (which is equivalent to 1 whole “serie”) in the draw. This equates to just £2.00 per “decimo”.

Compared to normal prices this is fantastic value for money – the standard prices are €12 per “decimo” and €120 per “serie” in mainland Spain and €24 per “decimo” and €240 per “serie” from most online lottery retailers.

So, with Big Fat Lottos for just £20, you would get a share of up to €240 worth of entries into some of the world’s richest lottery draws.

It has to be mentioned that there are a limited number of these Spanish Lotto tickets available from Big Fat Lotteries and once they are sold out, there will be no more until the next month’s draw.

Summary of Benefits...

• Get a share of up to €240 worth of entries for just £20
• Syndicate guaranteed to win at least 3 cash prizes in every draw
• Numbers guaranteed to match before the draw even takes place
• Less numbers to match in every Spanish Lottery draw
• Each of the syndicate’s 10 “decimos” can win up to 7 times
• Tickets purchased for you each month by BIg Fat Lottos
• Winnings automatically distributed to all syndicate members
• Empty syndicate places automatically filled by Big Fat Lottos
• Lottery results emailed to you direct
• Your own lottery website where you can monitor results & winnings
• Whole process is fully managed & automated by Big Fat Lotteries
• Full company support by telephone and email
• No having to purchase lottery tickets yourself
• No having to form, co-ordinate and run a syndicate manually yourself
• No lottery syndicate agreement legalities to worry about yourself
• Hassle free, simple, convenient and fun
• Take part no matter where in the world you live
• No more forgetting to purchase tickets
• No concern about losing tickets
• No concern about mis-checking your numbers
• No forgetting to check lottery results
• No having to collect your winnings from a shop
• Syndicates guaranteed to match the last number of the winning ticket
• No deductions from your winnings from Big Fat Lotteries
• No contract or minimum period
• Proven track record of consistent winning lottery results

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