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Current Jackpot US$ 7,000,000

Lottery NJ New Jersey Lottery

The New Jersey Lottery is operated by the government of New Jersey, known affectionately as the Garden State.

The New Jersey Lottery is one of the most cost-efficient of the USA Lottery companies and was formed back in 1969 when voters in New Jersey agreed to the creation of a state lottery by a huge majority of 81.5%.

The very first NJ lotto tickets went on sale on December 16th 1970 with the very first ticket being sold to the then Governor, William T. Cahill.

The NJ lottery spends a mere 1% approximately of its revenues to run the operation, with the rest going towards funding education and various institutions.

It is the fourth largest revenue producer in the state of New Jersey.

The various drawings are televised twice a day, seven days a week on the NJN – New Jersey Network – at 12.57pm EST and 7.56pm EST where you can check the NJ Lottery Results.

The New Jersey Lottery results are also displayed on the main website of Lotto New Jersey shortly after each of the draws.

The New Jersey State Lottery is a part of the huge Multi-State Mega Millions lottery and has various games in its lottery portfolio including Pick 3, Pick 4, Jersey Cash 5, Cash4Life and the NJ Lotto premier game Pick 6 XTRA – formerly Pick 6 Lotto which we will be taking a good look at right here.

NJ Lottery Pick 6 Lotto Overview

The Pick 6 XTRA is a traditional lottery jackpot style game and is the main game of the week held by the New Jersey Lottery.

Pick 6 XTRA has 2 draws per week on a Monday and Thursday with the draws taking place live on television at 7.56pm EST which means that you can easily check the latest New Jersey Lottery Results.

Pick 6 Xtra began as the Pick 6 Lotto back in 1980 and at the time it was one of the first games of its kind in the United States with its name rather obviously being derived from the fact that players need to pick 6 numbers in order to play.

Over the years the lottery’s matrix has changed slightly to make possible even higher jackpot wins.

January 15th 2015 saw the New Jersey Lottery turn the Pick Six Lotto into the current Pick 6 XTRA game – adding a new prize category and also a valuable prize multiplier feature.

Check out how the NJ Lottery Pick 6 XTRA works below – we are pleased to be able to take a good look at this offering and consider it to be a lottery well worth taking part in – as do many others it seems judging by the numbers of players it attracts on a weekly basis in both New Jersey State and much further afield.

NJ Lottery Pick 6 XTRA How it Works

The Pick 6 XTRA uses what’s known as a 6/49 matrix which means that when playing this Pick Six Lotto you need to select 6 numbers out of a number range from 1 to 49. If you correctly match all 6 numbers drawn then you will be a jackpot winner.

Pick 6 Lotto XTRA jackpots start at a minimum of US$ 2 MILLION and rollover when there are no winners thus increasing in size every draw until a winner is produced.

There are many other cash prizes to be won too – if you match either 5 of the numbers drawn, 4 numbers, 3 numbers and since the Pick 6 Lotto has become the Pick 6 XTRA even just 2 numbers.

Pick 6 Lotto Now Offers Something XTRA...

In addition to the new 5th prize category the NJ State Lottery has included an XTRA facility for you when playing the Pick Six Lotto.

After the 6 main winning numbers have been drawn a further number is also drawn known as the XTRA Number.

The XTRA Number is a prize multiplier which multiplies the prizes in all winning categories apart from the jackpot by 2x to 5x.

To take advantage of this XTRA feature just select the option when playing and for example your US$ 2,700 2nd prize could be increased to US$ 13,500 if an XTRA Number of 5 is drawn.

A Quick Pick facility is also available when playing the Pick 6 Lotto XTRA similar to the Lucky Dip that is used in the UK National Lottery or Europe’s EuroMillions – which means you can get the computer terminal to select all your NJ Lottery numbers for you using its own random number generator.

If you wish to play in the NJ Lottery Pick 6 the cost is US$ 1.00 per basic entry or US$ 2.00 with the added XTRA option.

NJ Lottery Pick 6 XTRA Who Can Play?

As with most State Lottery companies previously only citizens living in the State of New Jersey were allowed to play in any of the NJ Lottery games including the NJ Lotto Pick 6 XTRA – you would have had to purchase your lottery tickets from an authorized retailer based in New Jersey State itself.

Now however with the welcome presence of authorized and authentic online lottery ticket sales agencies such as TheLotter you are able to select your New Jersey Lottery numbers online and purchase your Pick 6 Lotto XTRA tickets with no concern at all about where in the world you may be living.

Great news if you live outside of New Jersey and the U.S.A. and want to have a go at the Pick 6 XTRA and guarantee your entry into the next draw or just want to have the convenience of being able to quickly and easily buy lottery tickets online.

Once you have entered into the Pick 6 Lotto, after the draw you can then easily check the NJ Lottery Results online to see how you have fared and to find out if you have become one of the many NJ Lottery winners for that draw.

You must be 18 years of age to be eligible to purchase a ticket for any of the NJ State Lottery games including the Pick 6 Lotto.

Some great news here for all USA Lottery players in New Jersey...

The Mega Millions consortium – who administer the MEGA MILLIONS game
– and the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) – who administer the POWERBALL game – have entered into an historic cross-sales agreement across the USA. All US Lotteries that previously sold MEGA MILLIONS tickets can now ALSO sell POWERBALL tickets.

This means that with effect from January 31st 2010 – in addition to the existing
MEGA MILLIONS – USA Lottery players in New Jersey will now ALSO be able to buy lottery tickets for the POWERBALL. You can still buy lottery tickets online, of course, from anywhere around the world.

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NJ Lottery Information & Background

The Pick 6 Lotto was introduced into the New Jersey Lottery portfolio back in May 1980 with lottery tickets being sold from 2000 agents across the state.

Tickets cost US$ 1.00 per entry as they still do and back in the early days there was an added feature introduced in March 1981 of a grand prize bonus drawing offering cash prizes up to $100,000.

A US$ 1.8 MILLION cash prize made Manuel Collada of Hillside, New Jersey the first Pick 6 Lotto millionaire in May 1981.

The NJ Pick 6 Lotto introduced its annuity payment option in October 1982 giving lottery winners the choice to have their winnings paid over a number of years.

The NJ Pick 6 started out with a 6/36 matrix and changed to a matrix of 6/39 in June 1984, increasing its pool of numbers by 3 and raising the bonus drawing prize to US$ 1 MILLION.

The matrix changed again in February 1986 increasing to 6/42 at the same time as adding a 2nd lottery draw each week.

Total sales exceeded the US$ 1 BILLION mark in June 1986 for the Pick 6 Lotto.

Even Bigger Jackpots…

Once again the New Jersey Lottery Commission approved a matrix change for the Pick 6 Lotto in January 1989 – this time from 6/42 to 6/46 giving the opportunity for even larger jackpots to be won.

In May 1995 the Pick 6 Lotto passed the $5 BILLION mark in total sales since it began.

The cash option was introduced in May 1997 meaning that Pick 6 Lotto jackpot winners could now choose to have their jackpot winnings paid in cash as opposed to receiving an annuity payment.

The annuity arrangement for jackpot winners of the Pick 6 Lotto was increased in September 1998 from 20 to 25 years.

In May 1999 – Lottery NJ joined the multi-state lottery game known at the time as The Big Game – now called Mega Millions.

The cash option began in 1997 however it applied only to the jackpot.

In the year 2000 the NJ Lottery discontinued its grand prize bonus drawing.

The Pick 6 Lotto matrix was changed again in September 2000 from the 6/46 structure to the current structure of 6/49 at the same time as adding a prize for matching just 3 numbers.

As already mentioned on January 15th 2015 the XTRA was added to the well established Pick 6 Lotto providing a further prize category and a new exciting prize multiplier option.

The NJ Pick 6 Lottery is responsible for creating more Millionaires in New Jersey than any other game.

NJ Lottery Pick 6 Lotto Odds of Winning

The odds of winning on the NJ Lottery Pick 6 Lotto are good when compared to many of the lotteries out there in the world.

The chances of matching all 6 numbers and winning a Pick Six XTRA jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816 – for these odds you could be one of the NJ Lotto jackpot winners.

For one of the prizes on the 2nd level the odds come right down to 1 in 54,201 for matching 5 of the winning lotto numbers.

The likelihood of winning a 3rd tier prize comes in at 1 in 1,032 for selecting 4 of the winning numbers and your chances of a prize on the 4th level the odds are reduced right down to just 1 in 57 for picking just 3 of the winning Pick Six numbers.

The 5th and final prize category offers odds of only 1 in 8 for successfully matching just 2 of the winning numbers drawn.

Overall odds of winning any prize when you play Pick Six XTRA are 1 in 54 or when playing with the XTRA option just 1 in 7.

NJ Lottery Pick 6 Lotto Record Jackpots

The New Jersey Lottery produced its first millionaire winners way back in March 1971 when Edward and Kathleen Henry of West Caldwell were the lucky ones.

In May 1983 the 100th Millionaire winner was named by the NJ Lottery.

The largest Pick 6 Lotto jackpot in NJ Lottery history was won in February 2001 by James and Eileen Rath of Union County when they scooped a wonderful US$ 48.9 MILLION.

The largest single ticket win in NJ Lottery history occurred in September 2005 when US$ 258 MILLION was won by Harold and Helen Lerner of Bergen County on the Mega Millions game.

This record was broken again in March 2007 when Harold and Elaine Messner of Cape May County, New Jersey won a whopping US$ 390 MILLION again on the Mega Millions.

NJ Lottery How Prizes are Paid

As an NJ Lottery Pick 6 Lotto jackpot winner, you would have a choice in how you wish to receive your winnings. You could choose to have either a single cash lump sum payment or an annuity prize.

You will need to make the choice as to whether you wish to receive the cash lump sum option or the annuity installment payments option at the time you purchase your NJ Pick 6 Lotto ticket.

If you choose to receive the jackpot as an annuity, it would be paid to you in equal yearly installments over a 30 year period.

In terms of value if you chose to take the cash lump sum payment as an NJ Lottery jackpot winner you would receive approximately 50% of the annuity value that you would be paid in installments.

If you win a prize of any value up to US$ 599.50 you will be able to claim your lottery winnings in cash at any New Jersey Lottery retailer.

For amounts over US$ 599.50 you can claim your prize either at a lottery retailer or from the NJLottery Headquarters – you will need to fill in a claim form for this first.

If you are one of the lucky jackpot lottery winners you will need to contact the NJLottery Headquarters in Lawrenceville and present your ticket to them.

If you play lottery online however whatever your win this will not be a concern for you as your accredited lottery ticket sales agency will take care of all this for you, whether it is TheLotter or whichever company you may use.

NJ Lottery Where the Money Goes

In the year 2006 alone the NJ Lottery raised in excess of US$ 2.4 BILLION and so contributed in excess of US $844 MILLION to New Jersey state to help with financing education and various institutions.

Over US$ 15.6 BILLION has been provided by the NewJerseyLottery to a multitude of programs across the state since it began.

This in turn has benefited millions upon millions of citizens in New Jersey over the years with bodies who have received funding including educational opportunity programs, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, the School Nutrition Program and the Marie Katzenbach School For The Deaf.

Lottery New Jersey also plays a key role in supporting thousands of small businesses right across the State.

So…even though it’s the aim of all lottery players to win it just goes to show how important these New Jersey lotto games are to the well being and development of their state or nation as a whole.

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