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Some recent winners with The Lotter...         Oct 17th 2009; Toma K. U.S.A., $250,000 - New York - Mega Millions         Jan 9th 2010; Zafer A. Thailand; US$ 153; Spain - La Primitiva         Jan 9th 2010; Errais M. U.K.; £ 340; Italy - SuperEnalotto         Jan 9th 2010; Martin K. Denmark; US$ 278; Italy - SuperEnalotto         9th Jan 2010; Samuel W. U.S.A.; US$ 278; Italy - SuperEnalotto         Jan 9th 2010; David M. Ireland; US$ 278; Italy - SuperEnalotto         Jan 9th 2010; Marco E. Switzerland; US$ 543; Italy - SuperEnalotto         Jan 9th 2010; NITU ANTONIE MARIAN M. Romania; US$ 278; Sweden - Lotto         Jan 8th 2010; Ian M. Europe; US$ 150; U.S.A. - Mega Millions         Jan 8th 2010; SCHAJE SANTIAGO STERNBERG GUINEZ S. Brazil; US$ 213; Europe - Euro Millions         Jan 7th 2010; Zafer A. Thailand; US$ 282; Italy - SuperEnalotto         Jan 6th 2010; RICHARD O. Sierra Leone; US$ 144; U.K. - National Lottery         Jan 5th 2010; Hugo T. Costa Rica; US$ 150; U.S.A. - Mega Millions         Jan 2nd 2010; Lina K. U.S.A.; US$ 100; Massachusetts - Megabucks         Jan 2nd 2010; OSCAR M. Mexico; US$ 100; U.S.A. - Powerball         Jan 2nd 2010; Andrew D. South Africa; US$ 463; Italy - SuperEnalotto         Jan 2nd 2010; Roman B. Canada; US$ 463; Italy - SuperEnalotto         Jan 2nd 2010; Tanishka H. Turks And Caicos Islands; US$ 1,351; Australia - Saturday Lotto         Jan 1st 2010; Toivo E. Estonia; US$ 150; U.S.A. - Mega Millions         Jan 1st 2010; Michel D. Mauritius; US$ 165;Europe - EuroMillions         Jan 1st 2010; HADI S. Indonesia; US$ 131; Europe - Euro Millions         Dec 31st 2009; Martin P. Argentina; US$ 373; Brazil - Mega-Sena         Dec 31st 2009; Toivo E. Estonia; US$ 373; Brazil - Mega-Sena         Dec 30th 2009; Rudy G. Italy; US$ 159; U.K. - Thunderball         Dec 30th 2009; Jose B. Mexico; US$ 192; Finland - Viking Lotto         Dec 30th 2009; Aleksandr S. Estonia; US$ 122; Belgium - Lotto        

The lottery ticket sales agency – The Lotter – was established back in 1995 to cater for the growing demand for being able to buy lottery tickets online.

Up until that time the purchase of online lottery tickets was not possible – you were only able to buy lottery tickets for the national lottery of the country in which you lived – and even then you had to visit a shop to do so.

This all changed when was created and very quickly began to establish itself as an industry leader – offering lottery players right around the globe the chance to buy lottery tickets online from the comfort of their own homes by the simple click of a mouse at TheLotter.

TheLotter - 57 National Lottery Games...

In the beginning TheLotter offered just 2 national lottery games online and has grown rapidly over the past 14 years to become the first and foremost lottery ticket agent on the internet – currently offering 57 online lottery games from around the world.

The Lotter is continuously undergoing expansion with the eventual aim of being able to let people play lotto online by offering lottery tickets for all of the major world lottery games.

The revolutionary Lotter website is state of the art – and uses the most advanced technological tools available – providing you, the lottery player with a seamless way of being able to play lottery online at TheLotter.

TheLotter - First Class Service...

If you play online lotteries and purchase your lottery ticket online with an authorized lottery ticket sales agent such as TheLotter, you are guaranteed a first class, highly professional service.

As a high class and fully accredited lottery ticket sales agency, The allows you to buy online lottery tickets with ease and simplicity – with the peace of mind that your information and personal details are completely safe when play online lottery games and buy lottery tickets online using TheLotter's secure servers.

As well as being the best among lottery ticket agents, The Lotter offers a number of other lottery related services – from the latest lottery results & past lottery results through to general and specific lottery information.

TheLotter - Full Help & Support...

Comprehensive help and support is available when buying lottery tickets online with The Lotter - their Customer Services team providing E-mail and telephone assistance throughout every week. aims to answer any queries you may have, by email within 24 hours – in any one of the 8 different languages available.

So...whichever lottery you wish to play, this is the best place on the internet to The Lotter from.

Here is a brief rundown of the major world lottery games from TheLotter that you can buy your online lotto ticket for…

UK National Lottery – National Lottery Online

Euro Millions – EuroMillions Online

Irish Lottery – Irish Lotto

Mega Millions – MegaMillions

Powerball – Power Ball

Florida Lottery – Florida Lotto

California Lottery – Super Lotto Plus

New York Lottery – New York Lotto

New Jersey Lottery – Pick Six

Canadian Lotteries – Lotto 649

Canadian lotteries – Lotto Super 7

BC Lottery – BC49

For a complete list of the world lottery games available from TheLotter, please...

Visit their MAIN website


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