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If you are looking to play lottery online and buy lottery tickets online you have certainly come to the right place.

More and more lottery players around the world have moved away from purchasing their lottery tickets from a high street shop and now buy lottery tickets over the internet.

This is a trend that is very much on the increase and this growing demand for online lottery tickets has resulted in a number of lottery ticket sales companies like TheLotter and OzLotteries being formed solely to cater for the online lottery market.

It wasn’t long ago that we all had to physically go to a shop or retailer to buy lottery tickets and with ever increasing sales being carried out over the internet worldwide, the number of lottery players wishing to play lotto online meant that this was something that had to be addressed.

So, if you typed buy lottery ticket online into your browser a few years ago, you would not have come up with many or even any results.

Numerous Online Lottery Companies…

Now, though, there are numerous lottery ticket agents to choose from when you want to play online lotteries and buy lottery tickets online.

The online lottery ticket agency has to be fully accredited and authorized to carry out online lotto ticket sales so that when you buy your lottery ticket online you can be fully assured that your transaction will be safe, secure and that you will have the full help and support of a genuine online lotto company who is legally allowed to sell bona-fide online lottery tickets to people right around the world who want to play lottery online.

As we say, there are quite a number of online lottery sales companies around on the web these days from whom you can buy lottery tickets online.

The trick is to select a good lottery ticket sales company – or even the best one – who you know you can rely on to meet your online lottery needs and provide a seamless and timely service allowing you to play lottery online in complete confidence.

The BEST Online Lottery Companies…

We have come across quite a number of lottery ticket sales companies on the internet from which you can buy lottery tickets online and play online lottery games.

If this the first time you are going to buy online lottery tickets and you are trying to decide which lottery ticket sales company to use, this can be quite a daunting task.

With so many lottery ticket agents to choose from on the web it is easy to get a bit lost and confused when making the choice as to which one is best for you.

Out of all the lottery ticket companies that we have come across we have found none that match the services provided


So if you want to play lottery online and have yet to decide which lotto ticket company to use our No.1 recommendation would definitely be TheLotter.

The Lotter, we feel, provides the best service possible when it comes to selling online lottery tickets and you are certainly guaranteed a genuine, problem-free time when you buy lottery tickets online from them.

TheLotter sells online lottery tickets for more online lotteries around the world than any other lottery ticket sales company in existence.

It is always expanding and currently lets you play lottery online and buy lottery tickets for an amazing 57 different world lottery games.

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE…

When you buy lottery tickets online from TheLotter you also get the chance to buy 1 lottery ticket and get another absolutely FREE.

This is a great offer from The Lotter and, of course, encourages more and more people to play lottery online with them to get their FREE lottery tickets and enjoy extra entries at no extra cost.

Apart from all this, TheLotter gives you a fantastic lottery results service so that you can check up on the very latest lottery results and even on past lotto results to see how you have done.

Your account with them is handled by a team of professionals who are on hand to provide full help and support if you need it at any time either by telephone and email.

So…our recommendation – first and foremost – for when you want to play lottery online and buy lottery tickets online has to be TheLotter.

Read More About TheLotter Here…

Other Good Online Lottery Agencies…

TheLotter aside, there are indeed a few other good lottery ticket sales companies where you can buy lottery tickets online.

These are definitely the best of the bunch when you want to play lotto online and all are worth considering.

All of the following lottery ticket sales companies have very good reputations and have been around now for a long enough period of time to prove that they do what they say and provide great services to people who want to play online lottery games and buy lottery tickets online.

OzLotteries – If you play Australian Lottery games, is a first class lottery ticket sales company that will provide you with a sterling service. You can buy lottery tickets online for any of the following online lotteries from down under – OzLotto, Powerball (Australian), Australia Lottery – Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto and Australian Pools 6 from 38 Pools.

Wintrillions – For the variety of world lottery games that they offer – Wintrillions has become one of the biggest and most respected lottery ticket sales companies on the internet. You can play lottery online in multiple draws in 20 different lottery games as well as play in the various lottery syndicate offerings that they have. Many USA Lottery and European Lottery games are offered including the Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions and UK Lotto.

Congalotto – From the same stable as Wintrillions – with Congalotto you are able to buy single lottery tickets for all of the above games. Once again there are 20 separate lotteries available including the Mega Millions, the Powerball, the EuroMillions and the UK Lotto. There are also various lotto syndicate offerings available including a unique Mega Millions Syndicate for which you can buy lottery tickets online.

PlayHugeLottos – Another lottery ticket sales company on the internet that is becoming more and more well-known is PlayHugeLottos. Here there are 11 different national lottery games available from around the world again including Mega Millions and Powerball from the USA and EuroMillions and UK Lotto from Europe. You can accrue Lotto Points which will count towards your lottery tickets when you play lottery online and there is much more to see on the website.

100% First Deposit Bonus

Love My Lotto – This is a unique Multi Lottery Syndicate company that offers a lotto syndicate for players around the world comprising of 5 separate games – the EuroMillions, Millionaire Raffle, UK Lotto, £1 Million Daily Draw and the monthly Premium Bonds draw. This 5-in-1 lotto syndicate system is receiving more and more attention online and Love My Lotto has even benefited from TV advertising.

Love My Lotto Lottery Syndicate

YouPlayWePlay – Another lottery syndicate company launched in 2011 that offers separate lottery syndicates for 3 different gamesEuroMillions, the UK Lotto and the Thunderball game from the UK National Lottery. All very good lotto syndicates where you can play lottery online as part of a group, share the cost on many lottery tickets and increase your chances of winning the lottery with YouPlayWePlay.

Big Fat Lottos – With Big Fat Lottos there are 5 separate lottery syndicates including one for the world’s biggest lottery game. There is the UK Lotto Syndicate, the EuroMillions Syndicate, the SuperEnalotto Syndicate, Spanish Lotto Superdraw Syndicate and the huge El Gordo Syndicate. There are Special Deals also available as follows: 110 lines for just £1 on the EuroMillions PLUS 88 lines on the UK Lotto FREE. 255 lines for just £1 on the SuperEnalotto PLUS 110 lines FREE on the EuroMillions. 110 EuroMillions lines FREE when you play in an El Gordo Syndicate. All good offers that are well worth exploring.

The LotteryShop – Sells online lottery tickets for many of the largest world lottery games and is very popular with people who play lottery online. One lottery draw that is unique to The Lottery Shop is Asia’s richest lottery – the Japan Jumbo Draw from the Japanese Lottery – otherwise known as a Takarakuji.

Eurobet – More than just an online lottery ticket company – Eurobet offers all manner of games, including casino, poker, football and online lottery games including one in particular that other lottery ticket sales companies don’t have – the highly popular Singapore Lottery from Singapore Pools – Singapore Toto. So, if you would like to buy lottery tickets online for the Singapore Lottery, this is the place to get them from.

TheBigBigLotto – A top class company where you can buy online lottery tickets and enjoy arguably the most comprehensive lottery results service on the internet. The Big Big Lotto provides current lottery results and past lotto results for over 200 world lottery games.
Play UK lottery, Florida Lottery, Mega Millions, Power Ball, Euro Millions, Spanish Elgordo - Online

World Lotto Corporation – A Liechtenstein Lottery company that specializes in lottery ticket sales for some great Euro Lottery games. You can buy lottery tickets online for the Euro World Lotto, the Equinox Lottery and the Little BIG One.

Plus Lotto – Another great offering from the Lottery Liechtenstein is the Plus LottoGo Lotto. This weekly 649 game was the world’s very first online lottery game and is still going strong today. You can buy lottery tickets online for it from Plus Lotto.

Lotto Luck – Lastly, we have another Lotto Liechtenstein company providing lottery ticket sales – Lotto Luck. With them you can buy lottery tickets online for their great European Lottery game – Megabucks – which is held every week.

Which Should I Choose?

Each of the above online lottery ticket companies offering lottery ticket sales online provide a great service and come with our recommendations.

They all provide a hassle-free and secure environment from which you can buy lottery tickets online safe in the knowledge that you are using fully authorized and legal lottery ticket sales organizations that allow you to play lotto online.

All of these lottery ticket agents offer comprehensive help and support if needed when you buy lottery tickets from them – just contact them either by telephone or email at any time if you have any questions.

You can also keep abreast of any large rollovers and huge jackpots that are going on around the world by using the jackpot alert and rollover notification services that some of them provide.

Our No.1 Choice…

Whilst all of the lottery ticket sales companies mentioned above come with our recommendation, our No.1 favourite has to be

We pick TheLotter as our No.1 purely because of the wholly comprehensive online lottery tickets package that it provides the lottery player who wishes to play lottery online.

It has more world lottery games that you can buy lottery tickets for than any other lottery ticket sales company that we have come across – 57 world lottery games at the current time.

The process when you buy lottery tickets online from them is quick, easy and totally hassle-free.

They also offer you FREE lottery tickets on a Buy One Get One FREE basis which means more games for your money. TheLotter even has a FREE Lotto contest where you can compete for guaranteed monetary prizes.

So, when you want to buy lottery tickets online simply check out TheLotter, OzLotteries, Wintrillions, Congalotto, The LotteryShop or one of the other lottery ticket sales companies and play lottery online.

You are sure to have a great time whichever company you use to buy lottery tickets from, whether it’s to play lottery online with the UK – National Lottery Online – the biggest Euro Lottery – EuroMillions Online – or for any of the world’s greatest lotteries such as the Powerball and Mega Millions games from the US.

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