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Loteria Mexicana – Loteria Nacional de Mexico

Anyone who is familiar with the Mexican National Lottery – Loteria Nacional Mexicana will be fully aware that there are some great and very popular lottery games that are offered by the Loteria Nacional de Mexico and Lotenal.

Up until recently it was only possible to play any of these Mexico Lottery games within Mexico itself – now however it is possible for lottery players from anywhere in the world to buy lottery tickets online for some of the biggest Millionaire Raffle games on the planet courtesy of the Loteria Nacional Mexico and one of the most respected and fully authorized online lottery ticket sale companies – WinTrillions / Trillonario.

We have written in great detail about each of these Mexico Lotto games from Loteria Nacional Mexicana and explaining how to easily find the latest Mexico Lottery results. You can go over at any time to the World Lotteries page at any time to see a full list of all National Lottery – Loteria Nacional – games available and to read the in depth reviews written about each of them.

On this page we shall simply list the biggest and most important Mexico Lottery games available from Loteria Nacional Mexicana – then you can go ahead and discover much more about your particular favourite game. The 5 principal Millionaire Raffle lotteries from Loteria Nacional de Mexico are the Sorteo Especial, then the Sorteo Superior, the Sorteo El Gordito, the Sorteo Mayor and the Sorteo Zodiaco

Lotenal – Sorteo Especial, Superior & El Gordito

Melate – Mexico Lottery – Pronosticos


The Mexico Lottery Melate is the most popular game offered by Pronosticos – one of the two main Loteria Mexicana companies that exist.

The Melate was introduced by Pronosticos in 1984 as its first Mexico loteria and right from the beginning it was very well received and it has been an important part of the Mexican culture ever since.

The Melate is a typical lottery jackpot style of game which uses a matrix of 6/56. This means that when playing, you need to make a choice of 6 numbers out of a total range of numbers from 1 to 56.

If you correctly match all 6 of the Melate numbers that are drawn by Pronosticos, you will be the winner of the Melate jackpot prize.

The loteria Melate jackpot begins at a minium of MX$ 30 MILLION and will rollover each time it is not won, increasing in size for every draw with no upper limit until a jackpot winner is eventually found.

There are a 9 separate ways you can win on the sorteo Melate & the additional number decides winners on prize tiers 2, 4, 6 and 8.

The biggest Melate jackpot ever to have been won so far has been the staggering amount of MX$ 639,666,324.57 which was claimed back on August 4th 2013 by a very fortunate single ticket holder.

The draw for the Melate is conducted by Pronosticos twice every week on both Wednesdays and Sundays at 9.15pm Mexico time.

You can check the latest Melate Resultados right here after every drawing or visit the official Loteria Mexico website of Pronosticos.

Click the link above to learn much more about the Melate loteria.

Melate Retro – Mexico Lottery – Pronosticos

Melate Retro

The Melate Retro is another highly popular Mexico Lottery game that was introduced into the Pronosticos lotto range on June 1st 2010.

Melate Retro works in much the same way as the Melate and is also a jackpot lottery type of game from the Mexican Lottery. It uses a very much smaller guess range and therefore is much easier to win.

The Melate Retro has a matrix of 6/39 meaning that when you play this Mexico Lottery you need to pick your 6 numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 to 39. Should you correctly match all 6 of the numbers drawn you will win the Melate Retro jackpot first prize.

The jackpot for the Melate Retro starts off at MX$ 5 MILLION and will grow after every drawing where there is no winner produced. There is no limit to how high the Melate Retro jackpot can rise to.

You have a total of 7 different ways to win on the Melate Retro & will even win if you match just 1 number + the additional number.

One of the biggest Melate Retro jackpots to have been won so far has been an amazing sum of MX$ 45.5 MILLION – a fantastic win.

The Melate Retro is drawn twice every week on both Tuesdays & Saturdays at 9.15pm by Pronosticos from their HQ in Mexico City.

For the latest Melate Retro Resultados after every draw just click the link or go over to the Pronosticos website of Loteria Mexico.

Chispazo – Mexico Lottery – Pronosticos


Chispazo was introduced in January 1999 by Pronosticos and is quite an exceptional game as it is drawn twice per day & 7 days a week.

The Chispazo is the easiest Mexico Lottery game to win as it uses such a small matrix guess range of just 5/28. This means that you have to pick 5 numbers out of the range of numbers from 1 to 28.

If you successfully match all 5 of the winning Chispazo numbers drawn you will win the 1st prize. The Chispazo jackpot does not rollover. If there are no 1st prize winners, the prize money will roll down to the next winning levels – all the prize money must be won.

There are a total of 5 different ways you can win with Chispazo, you will even win if you match just 2 of the winning lotto numbers.

The Chispazo is drawn 7 days every week at 3.00pm and 9.15pm and you can you can quickly find the latest Chispazo Resultados by clicking the link here or visiting the official Pronosticos website.

Sorteo Especial – Mexico Lottery – Lotenal

The Sorteo Especial – Special Draw – is one of the biggest and best Mexico Lottery games from Loteria Nacional de Mexico. It is a Sweepstake Lottery – known as a Millionaire Raffle – and takes place on varying dates once every month and offers a guaranteed prize pot of Mex$ 25 MILLION except for in January when the lottery prize fund is increased even further to a staggering Mex$ 37.5 MILLION. You have a great 1 in 5 chance of winning the lottery with the Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Sorteo Especial – and the odds of winning the 1st prize are 1 in 60,000 which is much better than for most National Lottery games. Click the link above for a full write up on the Sorteo Especial from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico and see the Mexico Lottery Results.

Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Superior – Mexico Lottery – Lotenal

The Sorteo Superior – Superior Draw – is another of the most important & most widely played Mexico Lottery games that is available from Lotenal and the Loteria Nacional Mexicana.

The Sorteo Superior is also a Lottery Sweepstake or Millionaire Raffle and it takes place once every week on a Friday at 8pm.

This is the most popular Loteria Mexicana game played and it has a guaranteed prize pot of a huge Mex$ 51 MILLION over 2 series and boasts a first prize of Mex$ 17 MILLION to be won by players.

Lotenal release a total of 60,000 tickets for the Sorteo Superior that are numbered from 00001 to 60,000 & there a total of 12,896 prizes to be won including 700 direct prizes across the 2 series.

Once again – the odds of you winning the lottery with the Sorteo Superior are just 1 in 5 with the jackpot odds being 1 in 60,000.

There is a full review of the Sorteo Superior via the above link and you will be able to find out more details about this Mexico Loteria.

Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Superior

Sorteo de Diez – Mexico Lottery – Lotenal

The 3rd of the principal Millionaire Raffle lotto games from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico is El Sorteo de Diez which takes place once per week on a Wednesday evening at 8pm Mexico time.

The Sorteo de Diez offers players a guaranteed prize pot of more than Mex$ 19 MILLION & provides some of the best odds of you winning the lottery with a fantastic 1 in 4 chance – which makes it a highly attractive game to play for many Mexican Lottery players.

A total of 80,000 tickets are offered by Lotenal that are numbered from 00000 to 80,000 over 2 series with a total of 17,068 prizes.

The 1st prize on the Sorteo de Diez is Mex$ 10 MILLION and you would win this amount if you have purchased 2 complete series of Sorteo de Diez tickets that contain that important winning number.

We have a full write-up on the Sorteo de Diez from Lotenal and the Loteria Nacional Mexicana where you can read more about what makes this Loteria Mexicana so great – just go via the link above. 

Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo El Gordito

Sorteo Mayor – Mexico Lottery – Lotenal

The Sorteo Mayor is the 4th of the main Millionaire Raffle games from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico. Draws for the Sorteo Mayor take place every Tuesday at 8pm Mexico time. The prize pot for the Mexico Lottery Sorteo Mayor is guaranteed at a cool Mex$ 18 MILLION. The lottery odds of winning a cash prize on the Sorteo Mayor are a very attractive 1 in 3 and odds of winning a jackpot prize 1 in 60,000. There are 3 separate guaranteed jackpots to be won every week on the Sorteo Mayor from the Loteria Nacional Mexicana. A full report is available on the Sorteo Mayor by clicking the link above where you can read in detail what makes this one of the most popular Loteria Mexicana games.

Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Mayor

Sorteo Zodiaco – Mexico Lottery – Lotenal

Another Millionaire Raffle game from Loteria Nacional Mexico is the Sorteo Zodiaco. The Mexico Lottery – Lotenal – conduct the Sorteo Zodiaco draw once every week on Sundays at 8pm Mexico time. This popular Mexico Lotto game offers a guaranteed jackpot prize of Mex$ 6 MILLION and a total prize pot of Mex$ 19 MILLION. The odds of winning the Loteria Mexicana Sorteo Zodiaco jackpot are 1 in 120,000 and the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 5. We will soon have a full review on the Sorteo Zodiaco and you will be able to read up on all the details of this Sunday game from the Mexico Lottery.

Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Zodiaco

Sorteo Magno – Mexico Lottery – Lotenal

The Sorteo Magno is by far the biggest of all the Mexico Lottery games. It is held on certain dates 3 times a year to celebrate important holidays – 10th May, 15th September and 31st December – the draw taking place at 8pm Mexico time. The jackpot prize fund is a massive Mex$ 75 MILLION with 3 separate jackpot of Mex$ 25 MILLION up for grabs! There are more than 12,000 prizes worth over Mex$ 216 MILLION to be won in every Sorteo Magno draw. With very attractive odds of winning any cash prize at just 1 in 5 and jackpot odds of 1 in 60,000 – this makes for a very appealing game to play. There will shortly be a full report on the Sorteo Magno where you will be able to find out all the details you need on this special game from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico.

Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Magno


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