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I’m sure you will agree that most lottery players would just love to be able to pick those winning lottery numbers and thus win the lottery – enjoying a complete lifestyle change for themselves & families.

Unfortunately – at the same time – most of us understand that the real chances of us actually being able to pick winning lottery numbers is a bit of a long shot – quite possible of course – but long odds nonetheless.

Some lottery players invest a great deal of time and money in various lottery systems and lottery software in an optimistic attempt to increase their odds of winning the lottery – however all they really get in return is very little back in the way of lottery wins and at the same time they are hit very hard in the pocket – not what they had intended! Question – is there a better way?

How to Win the LotteryWinning Lotto Numbers

Amongst savvy lottery players  it is widely accepted that there are really only TWO ways that you can simply & genuinely increase your chances of being able to win the lottery.

The FIRST way to increase your chances of picking those elusive winning lotto numbers is easy – just purchase more lottery tickets. A simple enough equation to understand for sure – but the cost can be prohibitive and especially in the current economic climate – it can be just too much for most lotto players to consider.

Very simply put – if you purchase 2 lottery tickets you will then DOUBLE your chances of selecting the correct lottery winning numbers. If you buy 3 lotto tickets you will then have increased your chances of being one of the lottery winners automatically THREEFOLD.

So – to buy lottery tickets online by the dozen each week is a lottery strategy that is a sure fire way to increase the odds of you becoming a lottery winner – it will better your chances without doubt – but for most people the extra money that they could afford to spend would stack the odds in their favour only very slightly.

Increase Chances of Winning Lottery Games

The SECOND and most productive way of you being able to increase chances of winning lottery games is, once again, to get more lottery tickets – this time though as part of a more powerful lottery syndicate!

We have all heard of lottery syndicates and have an idea of how they work but most of us are totally unaware – by playing in a lottery syndicate – just how much we can increase our odds of picking the winning lottery numbers every single time we decide to play the lottery.

Yes trying to win the lottery by playing in a lottery syndicate you would have to share your lottery winnings with all of the other syndicate members whether you play lottery online or not. You may rather not have to do this but given a little thought it is clear that this is probably one of the best lottery strategies of all when trying to pick winning lottery numbers due to the leverage involved.

Think of it this way – the record single ticket Euro Millions jackpot to date was won on Friday October 24th 2014 at €190 Million£149.75 Million. Would you mind sharing a win of this massive size with other like-minded members of a lottery syndicate?

Just think how a lottery win of €190 Million£149.75 Million would suddenly change your life – even if you had to share this with all of the other members of a lottery syndicate. Just a little thought on this & then sharing the win now doesn’t seem so bad!

There is no better way to increase chances of winning lottery games than to play with groups of players & pool your resources enjoying a much greater collective lottery ticket buying power.

This is certainly one of the best lottery tips available and provides one of the very best lottery strategies when you are trying to figure out just what is the best method of how to win the lottery.

Win the LotteryLottery Syndicate

So having now drawn the conclusion that lottery syndicates give the best chance of winning the lottery the next question is... “Which lottery syndicate should I join ?

There are numerous lottery syndicates to choose from and we have done our research so that you can pick from the best and decide which is the most appealing option for yourself when you are trying to choose the winning lottery numbers for the lottery game of your own choice.

For exampleYouPlayWePlay offer some great lottery syndicate options for playing the EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Thunderball plus the Health Lottery all with 50 lines & from as little as 4 pence per line.

Then there is Love My Lotto – a Multi Lottery Syndicate that allows you to play 3 games all at once. With Love My Lotto you receive between 16 and 80 lines on the EuroMillions, plus 32 to 160 entries into the UK Millionaire Maker – EuroMillions Raffle. You also get between 16 and 80 lines on the UK Lotto, plus 16 to 80 entries into the UK Lotto Raffle. In addition to all of this you get between 8 and 28 entries into the £1 MILLION Daily Draw lottery.

Wintrillions is another option which offers players an exciting 3-in-1 POWER COMBO lottery syndicate. This means that they provide the opportunity to play in 3 of the world's biggest lottery games all at the same time – the USA Mega Millions, the USA Powerball and Italy's SuperEnalotto with 110 entries every week. Wintrillions also have more than 10 other lottery syndiate options.

If you are looking for a USA Mega Millions syndicate – you need look no further than LottoKings. They offer one of the very few stand-alone Mega Millions syndicate options that will provide you with 92 separate entries into the Mega Millions twice every week. They also have a lottery syndicate option available for each of the USA Powerball, the SuperEnalotto and the EuroMillions games. offer some interesting lotto syndicate options which include a EuroMillions syndicate where you get 55 entries plus both Lucky Stars matched in every draw. Their UK Lotto syndicate gives you 88 entries each week or you could choose to have 255 entries per week into the SuperEnalotto. also offer 30 weekly entries into the Mega Millions and 52 entries into the Powerball. An Irish Lotto syndicate is also offered with 90 entries every week – and a EuroJackpot syndicate with 45 entries per week, a German Lotto 6 aus 49 syndicate with 98 entries a week and a Spanish Lotto syndicate in which the last digit is always matched in each Spanish Lotto Superdraw entry.

Another exciting option is which offers you lottery syndicate facilities for the EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Thunderball and UK Health Lottery with between 10 and 55 entries per game.

Finally offer you lotto syndicate facilities for at least 23 separate lottery games including such unique playing options as the California Lotto Plus syndicate, a New Zealand Powerball syndicate, an Australian Oz Lotto syndicate, Australian Powerball syndicate, Australian Saturday Lotto syndicate plus an Australian Wednesday Lotto syndicate, a Spanish La Primitiva syndicate & El Gordo de la Primitiva syndicate, Canada Lotto 649 syndicate, Powerball South Africa & South African Lotto syndicate.

Winning Lottery Numbers Summary

We have now seen that there are things that we can do to increase chances of winning lottery games and picking those winning lottery numbers thus greatly stacking the odds in our favour each time you play lottery online or offline.

The conclusion can probably be drawn that if it means having many times the amount of entries into your chosen lottery draw
with that extra buying power involved – it will not be too much of a drawback then having to share your lottery winnings with your other lottery syndicate members who have all had the same idea.

 So if you have been considering playing in a lottery syndicate to increase chances of winning lottery games – any of the above mentioned Best Lottery Syndicate options will be of good service to you in seeking out those winning lottery number combinations.

If we discover any other lottery syndicates that after careful study appear to give players even better odds of winning the lottery than YouPlayWePlay, Love My Lotto,, Wintrillions, TheLotter, LottoKings and we will be adding them to this section and keeping you updated with the good news.

Until then we believe that these lottery syndicates offer both the best value for money when playing plus the best odds of winning the lottery and help in finding the winning lottery numbers.

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