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NSW Lottery – Overview

NSW Lotteries is run by the New South Wales government in Australia and operates various Australian Lottery games.

Some of these Australian lotteries, NSW Lottery runs itself and others that it carries are syndicated from some of the other interstate Australian lotto organizations.

New South Wales Lotteries date back to 1931 when the State Lottery Office was created and since then they have grown from strength to strength in operating lottery games in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

On January 1st 1997, the company became a corporation and its official title is now the NSWLotteries Corporation.

NSW Lotteries pride themselves in providing Australian lottery games of high quality and have acquired a reputation for doing so with integrity and honesty in a responsible manner.

Each year, the NSW Lottery pays out in excess of AUS $700 MILLION in prize money to players of its Australian lottery games.

Over 60% of monies that players spend on the games with NSW Lottey, is put straight back into the NSW Lotto prize pots – this is one of the highest returns for most lotteries around the world.

The games that are offered by NSWLotteries are…

Oz Lotto


Saturday Lotto

Wednesday Lotto

Monday Lotto

Lucky Lotteries – $2 Jackpot Lottery

Lucky Lotteries – $5 Jackpot Lottery

6 From 38 Pools

Australian Superdraw

Lotto Strike

Instant Scratchies

NSW Lotteries – OzLotteries

NSW Lotteries has teamed up with OzLotteries – one of the most highly respected lottery ticket sales organizations on the internet.

Oz Lotteries are a fully authorized and accredited company that act as the exclusive online lottery ticket agent for NSWLotteries.

Through OzLotteries.com you are able to buy lottery tickets online for most of the games offered by NSW Lottery.

The benefits of being able to play lottery online through OzLotteries are highlighted by the fact that you can buy lottery tickets at any time of the day or night and you can play lottery online from anywhere in the world – not just Australia.

Oz Lotteries – FREE LOTTERY Games!

If you do buy lottery tickets online for any of the NSW Lotteries games through OzLotteries, you will be entitled to a certain number of FREE lottery games courtesy of Oz Lotteries.

You will be able to choose from one of the following…

4 FREE Saturday Lotto games

2 FREE Powerball games

1 FREE Oz Lotto game

These are great offers and are fully complimentary.

Players Club…

NSW Lotteries has its own Players Club that provides numerous benefits if you play any of the NSW Lotto games. It is there to help you get the best out of the NSW Lottery portfolio.

However you play the NSW Lottery games – whether you buy lottery tickets online or from an NSW Lotto retail outlet on the streets in New South Wales – these are just some of the benefits you will receive if you join the NSW Lotteries Players Club

• Prize Protection – When you win the lottery, you will be contacted by NSWLotteries even if you lose your lottery ticket or forget to check it.

• Unclaimed Prizes – If you have won any smaller prizes and forgotten to claim them, NSW Lotteries will mail them to you after 8 weeks from the date of the draw.

• Time Rewards – As an extra bonus, you will get an entry into the 2nd chance draw for each year that you have been a member of the NSWLotteries Players Club. If you have been a member for 5 years, for example, you will get 5 entries.

• Special Promotions – The NSWLotteries Players Club holds regular promotions that you can enter that are available to members only.

• Results & News Emails – You can have the lottery results of any NSW Lotto game emailed directly to you as well as any exclusive promotions and lottery jackpot news.

• Play Lottery Online – Members of the NSW Lottery Players Club now have the extra convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online at OzLotteries.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• 2nd Chance Draw – If you have not been lucky enough to pick the winning lottery numbers for a particular NSWLotteries draw, you can enter into their 2nd Chance Draw – giving you the chance every month to win AUS $1,000 even if you have a non-winning lottery ticket.

2nd Chance Draw…

There aren’t many lotteries that will give you a 2nd chance at becoming a lottery winner when you have bought a lottery ticket that does not contain all of the winning lottery numbers.

An unusual and rather unique feature of playing with NSW Lotteries is the fact that you can be a winner even when you do not actually win the lottery. You have a 2nd chance at winning the lottery every time.

As an NSWLotteries player, you are entitled to enter the 2nd Chance draw for every ticket that you purchase. For example, if you buy 5 lottery tickets, you can enter the 2nd Chance Draw 5 times.

Every month there is AUS $1,000 to be won in the NSW Lotto 2nd Chance Draw and this extra game is a completely free lottery that you can take part in. Only non-winning ticket holders can take part.

You do have to be a member of the NSW Lotteries Players Club in order to take part in the 2nd Chance Draw. It does not matter - though - whether you normally buy lottery tickets online from NSWLotteries authorized online lottery ticket sales company – OzLotteries.com or have bought them on the streets in New South Wales.

The 2nd Chance Draw closes on the last day of the month – every month – and the actual draw takes place on the 2nd Monday of the following month with the lucky winner being displayed on the NSWLotteries website within a week following the draw.

If you win the lottery with the 2nd Chance Draw, NSW Lotteries will notify you by post a few days after the draw has taken place.

2nd Chance Draw – How To Play…

First of all you must have purchased an NSW Lottery ticket that did not win the lottery – you must also be a member of the NSW Lotteries Players Club.

You will need your lottery Ticket Serial Number – TSN – and Player Registration Number – PRN –whether you have bought a physical NSW Lotto ticket or have played online with OzLotteries.

Once you have got your Ticket Serial Number and Player Registration Number, simply go to www.nswlotteries.com.au/2ndchance and complete the form for each non-winning lottery ticket that you have.

You will then be automatically entered into the 2nd Chance Draw.

You will find the Ticket Serial Number at the bottom of each lottery ticket that you have bought.

If you have bought online lottery tickets for NSW Lottery games with their authorized lottery ticket sales agency – OzLotteries.com – you can find your Ticket Serial Number like this…

1. Enter your account at Oz Lotteries.

2. Enter your Player Registration Number.

3. Click on “My Account” on the top right of the screen.

4. Enter your login details.

5. View your list of tickets purchased and click on the non-winning ticket that you want to be entered into the 2nd Chance Draw.

6. Highlight the Ticket Serial Number for that ticket and copy and paste the number into the entry form for the 2nd Chance Draw at www.nswlotteries.com.au/2ndchance.

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online…

It is easy to play lottery online with NSW Lotteries – with an especially appointed exclusive online lottery ticket sales agency to handle everything for you from ticket purchase to payment of winnings.

You can buy lottery tickets online at OzLotteries.com who are operated by TMS Global Services (NSW) Pty Ltd – they are fully accredited and authorized by NSWLotteries and are one of the premier lottery ticket sales companies on the internet.

Oz Lotteries are licensed to sell the Oz Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Lucky Lotteries $2 Jackpot Lottery and the $5 Jackpot Lottery plus the 6 From 38 Pools and the Australian Superdraw on behalf of NSWLotteries.

The only NSW Lotto game that is not available through OzLotteries at the current time is Lotto Strike but this will be made available through the lottery ticket sales agency at a later date.

When you buy lottery tickets online from Oz Lotteries, you do not need a physical lottery ticket as the details of your purchase are all recorded and can be viewed at the “My Account” section of your OzLotteries.com website.

When you win the lottery – OzLotteries will email you directly letting you know of your lottery win whatever the amount you have won will be credited to your Oz Lottery account.

It is perfectly safe to buy lottery tickets online with OzLotteries and you can be safe in the knowledge that all of your personal information transmitted to OzLotteries.com is received via a secure 128 bit SSL internet connection.

You do not have to be a resident of Australia or an Australian national in order to play NSW Lottery games online through OzLotteries – you can play from most countries around the world and it doesn’t matter what nationality you may be.

Why Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

The benefits we have these days of being able to play lottery online are many fold but can be broadly categorized as follows…

Play 24 hours a day – 7 days per week.

Play wherever and whenever you have internet access.

Get FREE lottery games courtesy of Ozlotteries.

You have a full record of all your lottery ticket purchases.

Get email confirmation of all your lottery ticket purchases.

Get the lottery results of your games emailed to you.

Get latest jackpots and rollover alerts emailed to you.

Enjoy full online security with the Oz Lottery 128 bit SSL encrypted connection.

Who Can Play?

As with most lottery games around the world, you would normally have needed to live in the country concerned to actually take part in any of its games.

Now, however, with the welcome presence of authentic and authorized online lottery ticket agents such as OzLotteries, you are able to play most lotteries from the comfort of your own home no matter where in the world you live.

This applies to nearly all of the NSW Lottery games and you can pick your NSW Lottery numbers online and purchase your tickets whether you live in Australia or anywhere else in the world.

This is excellent news, of course, if you live outside of Australia and want to play with NSWLotteries and guarantee your entry into the next draw of your chosen game or just simply wish to enjoy the convenience and simplicity of being able to buy lottery tickets online.

The age limit at which you can purchase tickets for any of the NSW Lotteries products is 18 years of age.

NSW Lottery Results…

All Australian lottery results are normally available within 10 to 15 minutes of the draw taking place.

There are numerous ways that you can check your chosen Australian Lotto results to find out whether you have become one of the lucky lottery winners.

You can find the Oz Lotto results and results for the other NSW Lottery games at any NSWLotteries retail agency, in most Sydney newspapers, on the television where certain games – Lotto, Lotto Strike, Powerball and Oz Lotto are drawn live) – on the NSWLotteries website and the Oz Lotteries website.

You can also subscribe to the free lottery results service that is provided by both NSWLotteries themselves and also OzLotteries.

Past NSW Lottery Results…

If you have some old NSW Lottery tickets that you wish to check back on you can use the Past Lottery Results service that NSW Lotteries provides…

There can be many reasons why you may want to check up on historical lottery results – you may want to check out if one of your old lottery tickets was a winner or it could simply be to help you with your own future lottery predictions and your quest to pick those winning lottery numbers.

NSW Lotteries provide results for the Lotto that date back as far as 1979, for the 6 From 38 Pools from 1991, for OzLotto from 1994, for Lotto Strike from 1995, for the Powerball from 1996 and for the Saturday Lotto from 2000.

This is an awesome collection of past lottery results that you can call upon if you need to and they can be found simply by going to the “Lookup Results” section of the NSWLotteries website.

How Are Winnings Paid?

All Australian Lottery prizes – including those offered by NSW Lotteries and those purchased through Oz Lotteries are paid as tax free cash lump sums.

If you play lottery online with OzLotteries.com, your prize will be credited to your account the day following the draw if your prize is less than AUS $1,000.

If you have won more than AUS $1,000, your prize will be credited to your account after 14 days and in the case of high value prizes, a representative of NSWLotteries will contact you to arrange direct payment.

Where The Money Goes…

NSW Lotteries began operating Australian lottery games with the aim of raising money for much needed community projects throughout New South Wales and that fact is as relevant today as it was in 1931.

As well as helping to fund acute and fundamental areas of life in NSW such as the state’s hospitals – NSWLotteries has played in big part in funding such well known and landmark projects like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

NSW Lotteries – History

It was decided by the NSW government in the second half of 1930, to begin a lottery in New South Wales to help fund hospitals through New South Wales which were experiencing very tough financial times.

On June 22nd 1931, the Lotteries Act was passed and the very first NSWLotteries draw was held on August 20th that same year.

This inaugural draw of the NSW Lottery caused so much excitement that pavements were crowded as people queued outside the NSW Lottery – State Lottery – Office in order to take part in the first draw. Queues to buy lottery tickets spread out over 3 blocks.

The venue for this initial lottery draw in New South Wales was to be Her Majesty’s Theatre in Pitt which had been hired for the occasion.

The total number of prizes in this first NSWLotteries draw numbered 814 and ranged from £5,000 to £5 with the lucky winner of the jackpot prize being a Mrs. Eileen Morton from Manly.

In 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened and 3 lotteries were introduced in New South Wales during February and March to honour the occasion.

In December 1954 the £1 Mammoth Lottery was introduced by NSWLotteries and had a jackpot prize of £30,000.

It was in November of 1979 that the first draw of Lotto took place on Monday 5th November with a lottery jackpot of AUS $384,975 up for grabs.

On March 17th 1980, NSWLotteries created its first millionaire when Sam Fabio won AUS $1,185,872 on the Monday Lotto.

In May 1982, the method of drawing Australian lotto games run by NSWLotteries changed from the marbles that had been historically used since the beginning, to a brand new Australian made Random Number Generator.

Instant Scratchies were first offered for sale by New South Wales Lotteries in November 1982 and offered a top prize of AUS $10,000.

In May 1989, NSW Lottery began offering The Pools – Soccer Pools – in New South Wales. Here it is known as the 6 From 38 Pools and is run by syndication.

February 1994 saw the launch of the first ever country-wide Australian Lottery game – Oz Lotto. The OzLotto is not run in New South Wales but is offered by NSWLotteries under syndication.

NSWLotteries brought out its own in-house game – Lotto Strike – in November 1995 which is still going strong today.

In May of 1996, NSWLotteries was able to offer another nationwide Australian Lotto game – Powerball – which had just been launched and is offered through syndication from another Australian Lottery company.

As part of the Lotto branding, Saturday Lotto was launched by NSWLotteries in December of 2000.

One of the NSW Lottery in-house games – the Lucky Lottery $2 Jackpot Lottery – was revamped in April 2002 with the number of tickets in each draw increasing from 180,000 to 200,000 and the jackpot increment increasing from AUS $50,000 to AUS $75,000 per draw.

July 2003 saw the largest ever prize won in any Australian Draw Lottery game when AUS $13.7 million was won on the Lucky Lotteries – $2 Jackpot Lottery.

In December 2003, NSWLotteries saw its biggest ever lottery win when a lottery ticket purchased in Yamba, NSW, won an Australian Powerball jackpot worth AUS $30 million.

The Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto games underwent a slight matrix change in April 2004 when and extra ball was added – giving them a 6 from 45 configuration – the same as the Saturday Lotto.

Another matrix change – this time to the OzLotto – was applied in October 2005 giving the game a 7 from 45 configuration. The aim here was to deliver larger Oz Lotto jackpots and more frequently.

June 2008 saw the biggest ever lottery jackpot won in any Australian Lottery game when a massive AUS $58.7 million was won on the Powerball game by a single entry.

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