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The is a highly respected and well established lottery ticket sales company that has been around for some time now.

The LotteryShop is a part of Overseas Subscribers Agents – OSA – from whom people can buy lottery tickets for overseas Government, National Lottery & State Lottery games no matter where in the world they live.

OSA Lotteries have been operating globally now since 1988 and is one of the longest serving lottery ticket sales organizations selling lottery tickets worldwide, for many of the major world lottery games.

Until lottery ticket agents such as The Lottery Shop came along, people were unable to buy lottery tickets for foreign lotteries and they were certainly not able to buy lottery tickets online.

These days, you have much more choice as a lottery player though and you can easily play lottery online and buy lottery tickets for most of the primary world lotteries from the comfort of your own home.

LotteryShop Winners…

As of August 18th 2009 more than $44.62 MILLION has been paid out to lucky lottery winners who buy lottery tickets from The and OSA Lotteries since 1988.

In 2009 alone, well over $½ MILLION has been paid out to LotteryShop – OSA Lotteries – lottery winners between January and August.

Over 150,000 lottery players around the world use The LotteryShop and play lottery online with their favourite National Lottery or State Lottery game.

If you win the lottery when you have purchased your lottery ticket online with the Lottery Shop, you will be contacted by telephone immediately, if you lottery winnings are more than US$1,000.

13 World Online Lottery Games… allows you to buy lottery tickets online for 13 of the biggest and highest paying and most exciting world lottery games.

In conjunction with Overseas Subscriber Agents – OSA – the is one of the leading providers of online lottery tickets in the world.

Currently, you can buy lottery tickets online for games such as the UK National Lottery, the massive Euro Lottery – EuroMillions, the huge Multi-State lotteries in the USA – Powerball and Mega Millions, the exciting Italian Lottery - SuperEnalotto, the richest lottery in Asia – the Japanese Lottery – Japan Jumbo Draw and the world’s richest lottery game – the Spanish Lottery – El Gordo.

Excellent Service Provided…

When you buy lottery tickets online through the you are assured an efficient and reliable service at all times.

The LotteryShop website is dynamic and exciting and along with its sister websites – InterLotto, Winalot, EuroMillions Jackpot and LottoShop – you can be assured of an easy and stress-free time when you play lottery online and buy lottery tickets through them.

You simply try and pick the winning lottery numbers for you chosen lottery and the does all the rest.

The LotteryShop buy lottery tickets for you from lottery ticket sales agents fully authorized by the Government of the country where the lottery game is held.

They process your entry and send you your lottery winnings in full without any hidden charges or commissions – if you win the lottery…you keep it all. . They also provide you with a full lottery results service and notify you of any big rollover and big lottery jackpot games on offer at the moment.

When you win the lottery after you play lottery online with LotteryShop, OSA Lotteries will send you a prize notification telling you which world lottery game you have won, which draw, the prize division and the lottery prize amount you have won.

Help and Support…

You should never encounter any problems when you play lotto online with the LotteryShop – but occasionally you may have a question or two. has a full behind-the-scenes support team that can answer any questions that you have at any time either by telephone or email.

They are there for you when you need them. Having said that, you probably won’t, as you are bound to have a more exciting and problem-free time than if you were to buy lottery tickets from a lottery ticket sales agent in the street.

When you buy lottery tickets online through the, you can be satisfied in the knowledge that all of your information will be kept strictly confidential and secure.


Whichever of the huge world lottery games that you wish to play in, this is one of the premier places on the internet to buy lottery tickets online from. Take a quick look at the games on offer from the LotteryShop below…

The current list of world lotteries that you can buy your online lotto ticket for through the are…

UK National Lottery – National Lottery Online

Euro Millions – EuroMillions Online

Irish Lottery – Irish Lotto

Mega Millions


Italian Lottery – SuperEnalotto

Japan JumboDraw

Spanish Lottery – El Gordo

Australian Lotto 6/45

Australian Lottery – Superdraws

Mega Millions JACKPOT ONLY games – US$50 MILLION +

Powerball JACKPOT ONLY games – US$50 MILLION +

Spanish Lottery – El Gordo – Group Play

EuroMillions – Group Play

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