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Random Number Generator for World Lotteries
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Lottery Number Generator

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computational device designed to generate a sequence of numbers completely at random and without any kind of pattern.

Various methods of RNG have actually existed for centuries including the likes of dice and flipping coins and shuffling cards. All of these and many other methods of lottery number picker are used the world over by players trying to select winning lottery numbers.

Today’s modern methods of Random Number Generation usually involve some sort of computer technology and are popular amongst many National Lottery companies – being used in conjunction with traditional lottery ball, draw type machines.

The use of these automatic number generators is applicable in various different areas including in gambling, statistical sampling, computer simulation and cryptography where the generation of a random number can used for producing unpredictable results.

RNGs & Lotteries…

Today, many lottery games and government run lotteries use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make their draws instead of the traditional way of using lottery balls to determine the winning lottery numbers.

Random Number Generators are also used by Lottery Players who use an automatic lottery number picker option when they buy lottery tickets that will select their lottery numbers for them.

This lotto number picker facility can be known by various names such as “Quick Pick”, “Auto Pick”, “Quick 6”, or “Lucky Dip”, and “Easy Pick”, and is used mainly for the speed and convenience of selecting your lottery numbers.

Lotto number generators are one of the simplest and straightforward lottery systems available to use when playing any lottery around the world, whether you buy lottery tickets online or from the local shop.

The Global Lottery Review -
Random Number Generator

At Global Lottery Review, we have developed our own Random Number Generators (RNGs) that you can use when playing any of the world’s lotteries.

You can use these as your very own “Quick Pick” or “Lucky Dip” facility when you play lottery online and are selecting your lucky lottery numbers to play with.

They will work with ANY lottery around the world and help you make your lottery predictions no matter what matrix the lottery uses.

Your “Quick Pick” - “Lucky Dip” Options…

For use with the UK National Lottery, UK Thunderball and EuroMillions...

All you need to do is...

1. Hit the button for the lottery you wish to generate numbers for…

2. Your lucky lotto numbers will appear in a small window.

For use with ANY LOTTERY around the world...

Just type:

1. The amount of numbers you need to select in the 1st box &…

2. The amount of numbers you need to select FROM in the 2nd box.

3. Hit “Quick Pick” to automatically generate the random lotto numbers for your chosen lottery.

World Lotteries - Random Number Generator

Play out of balls / numbers

Use it for any combination of numbers lottery game. The output is sorted in ascending order. Example: For US Powerball, first enter "5" out of "53", then "1" out of "42" for the Power Ball.

http://www.global-lottery-review.com Wishes You Good luck!

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Winning the lottery is a dream that most of us have and a lot of people put a fair amount of effort into trying to pick winning lottery numbers using many different methods – birthdays, house numbers, etc. – trying to figure out the best way of how to win the lottery.

Sometimes we can expend too much energy into actually trying to choose which lottery ticket numbers to use. By the very nature of the game… it is a “lottery”…and the numbers will be drawn randomly…so why not use a lotto numbers generator to select varied and different lottery picks for us each time we play?

In today’s busy world, lottery number generators save players time when purchasing their lottery tickets and trying to select their winning lottery numbers.

It can save you time and effort when picking lottery numbers not having to put too much thought into the process – so using a lottery picker like this to select random lottery numbers for you is one of the ideal lottery strategies to use.

If you buy lottery tickets online from genuine and authorized lottery ticket sales companies that are fully accredited - such as TheLotter - OzLotteries - LotteryShop.com - Coral Eurobet or TheBigBigLotto - the RNG can be incredibly useful in helping you to come up with a selection that you are happy with, when you are trying to pick those winning lottery numbers.

We hope you have fun with the Random Number Generators here and manage to successfully pick the winning lotto numbers for your chosen lottery game. We’d always love to hear success stories so if you become one of the many lottery winners, do let us know via our “Contact Us” page.

Download Your OWN Random Number Generator…

Global Lottery Review is giving you the chance to have your own free Lottery Number Generator to use on your own pc.

For this free lottery software, all you need to do is Right Click Here to save the lotto number generator to your desktop.

Once you have downloaded the lottery software program to your desktop you will be able to unzip the folder with “winzip” and open the lottery numbers generator in the internet browser you normally use.

You can then use your own random number generator any time you like to pick your free lottery numbers. You don't even have to be online – your internet browser will work offline.

We hope you enjoy this free software download and that it brings you lots of lottery luck.

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