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LotWin – Free Lotto Software Trial

With numerous Lotto Software programs available that can help us to increase our chances of winning the lottery – we have searched the web with the aim of recommending what we feel to be the best Lottery Programs out there.

This is our second Lottery Software review which will tell you about a highly respected Professional Lotto Software Program that is offered by LotWin.

LotWin 2011 really is a great Lottery Software Program that offers you a completely FREE TRIAL and is great value for money – it could well prove to be a worthwhile lottery strategy to use when you are trying to pick winning lottery numbers.

Using this revolutionary Lottery Software from LotWin you will have all the tools you need to create your own unique lottery strategy – having complete control over your lottery entries – highly recommended when aiming to win the lottery.

With the FREE Lottery Software evaluation copy available you are able to see just how the LotWin lotto software works before you decide to use it.

Lotto Software – LotWin 2011

LotWin Lottery Analyser – Increase Your Chances

Having spent a good deal of time researching numerous lottery software options we believe that the LotWin 2011 Pro Lotto Software Program is one of the best lottery software programs around and a lottery system very much worth giving a go.

Much better than the average lottery program that will allow you to generate your entries from a limited set of lottery numbers – the LotWin lotto software uses every possible entry and then narrows them down according to your own criteria giving you complete control.

Using statistical analysis of past lottery results from any lottery – you will be able to spot trends, identify lottery numbers that are due to appear and predict potential winning lottery numbers for nearly all world lotteries.

Using special filters the LotWin 2011 lottery software uses criteria to narrow down your selection of lottery numbers and has a massive database of lottery statistics that tells you how likely it is for either single numbers or groups of numbers to appear.

There is no need to use a lottery wheeling system with the LotWin 2011 lotto software program as the winning filters, winning lottery numbers analysis and many other powerful tools available provide all you need to create your own lottery system.

The LotWin 2011 lottery program works with all 5 and 6 ball lottery games including lotteries with a bonus number like the Powerball and Mega Millions as well as lotteries with 2 bonus numbers such as the EuroMillions.

The LotWin lotto software analyses lottery statistics and gives you odds of a particular number being drawn based on how many times or how few times it has been drawn in the past.

Having established which lottery numbers are statistically most likely to appear – LotWin has nearly 30 special filters that you can then use to narrow down your entries using your preferred criteria.

Once you have let the lotto software analyse the lottery statistics and create a list of entries using its special filters – you can then use the real-time LotWin “Entry Reduction” feature to reduce the number of entries to those that are most likely to contain a combination of winning lottery numbers.

The lotto software package offered by LotWin also provides you with tools that allow you to print your lottery tickets and alter your lottery numbers in whichever way you choose.

FREE Lotto Software – LotWin 2011

It is not very often that you will see a FREE lotto software program available on the internet but with LotWin 2011 that’s exactly what you get – the download of a FREE evaluation copy of lottery software that actually does what it says.

You can see just how the features of this revolutionary Pro Lottery Software package from LotWin works without being under any obligation to purchase it.

This free lottery software download will allow you to test and examine the features and benefits of the full LotWin lotto software package and will help you to decide whether you wish to use it as one of your own lottery strategies.

So why not give it a try – with the FREE Lotto Software Package from LotWin you will be able to see just how it can help you to pick those winning lottery numbers.

LotWin – FREE Lottery Syndicate Entries

Another great benefit of having the Lottery Software provided by LotWin is that they will give you FREE entries into a lottery syndicate for some of the biggest lotteries in the world.

These lotteries will vary but include the likes of the popular UK Lotto from the
UK National Lottery – in which case you would have completely FREE entries into a UK Lottery syndicate.

If you play in one of these free lottery syndicates – LotWin will select the lotto syndicate numbers using a specific version of its own Lottery Line Builder.

Occasionally if there is a rollover when lottery jackpot isn’t won LotWin will give free lottery syndicate entries to a number of randomly chosen users.

Simply click of the link that reads “Our Lotto Syndicate” on the left hand side of the LotWin lotto software home page to find out further details of the FREE lottery syndicate places available.

Why LotWin 2011 Pro Lottery Software?

The LotWin 2011 Pro Lotto Software program can provide you with a serious lottery strategy when you come to choosing your lottery numbers – here are some of the reasons why we recommend this lotto software as one of the best available…

  • LotWin lotto software can be used to analyse past lottery results from lotteries all over the world.
  • Predict potential winning numbers for almost any lottery in the world.
  • Identify lottery numbers that are due to appear.
  • LotWin lotto software works with all 5 and 6 ball lottery games.
  • LotWin works with lotteries that have up to 2 Bonus Numbers.
  • LotWin lotto software has 5 Lottery Results analysis techniques.
  • LotWin lotto software has 5 Lottery Statistics analysis techniques.
  • LotWin lotto software has 29 group and number lottery filters.
  • LotWin lotto software has 2 real-time lottery entry reduction tools.
  • Study the lottery results from the previous 100+ draws.
  • Create and store your own criteria with LotWin lotto software.
  • Choose your own odds with LotWin lotto software.
  • Save and edit lines of lottery numbers using the LotWin Line Editor.
  • Print multiple lottery entries using Lotto Coupon printing.
  • It offers a RISK FREE TRIAL. You can download a FREE TRIAL of the LotWin 2011 lottery software program without any obligation at all.
  • An invaluable database of past lottery results for most world lotteries.
  • Unique LotWin filters – criteria that you use to narrow down your selection of lottery numbers using the special lotto software.
  • FREE lottery syndicate entries into some of the world’s biggest lotteries.

LotWin Lottery Software

LotWin 2011 Pro Lotto Software – The Lotteries…

The Lotto Software from LotWin 2011 works perfectly for most lottery games from around the world.

Below is a complete list of the world lotteries that LotWin 2011 will help you to pick the best lottery numbers for – using its lotto software and lotto programs available. Is the lottery game that YOU play here?

For all of the world lottery games listed here you will find statistical analysis that will provide you with the following information:

  • A history of the lottery results for each game.
  • Details of which lottery numbers have appeared most and least frequently.
  • Details of how often each Group Filter has applied to previous draws.
  • The best lottery number “sets” to play for your chosen lottery game.

USA – Multi State Lottery Games
Hot Lotto (5/39 + 1/19)
Mega Millions (5/56 + 1/46)
Powerball (5/59 + 1/39)
Tri State Megabucks PLUS (5/41 + Bonus Number)

USA – State Lotteries

Arizona Lottery – The Pick (6/44)
Arizona Lottery – Fantasy 5 (5/41)

California Lottery – Super Lotto Plus (5/47 + 1/27)
California Lottery – Fantasy 5 (5/39)

Colorado Lottery – Colorado Lotto (6/42)
Colorado Lottery – Cash 5 (5/32)

Connecticut Lottery – Classic Lotto (6/44)
Connecticut Lottery – Cash 5 (5/35)

Delaware Lottery – Multi Win Lotto (6/35)

District of Columbia
DC Daily 6 Lottery (6/39 + Bonus Number)

Florida Lottery – Florida Lotto (6/53)
Florida Lottery – Fantasy 5 (5/36)

Georgia Lottery – Fantasy 5 (5/39)

Illinois Lottery – Illinois Lotto (6/52)
Illinois Lottery – Illinois Little Lotto (5/39)

Indiana Lottery – Hoosier Lotto (6/48)
Indiana Lottery – Lucky 5 (5/36)

Iowa Lottery – $100,000 Cash Game (5/35)

Kansas Lottery – Super Kansas Cash (5/32 + 1/25)

Louisiana Lottery – Louisiana Lotto (6/40)

Maine State Lottery – Tri State Megabucks PLUS (5/41 + Bonus Number)

Maryland Lottery – Multi Match Lotto (6/43)
Maryland Lottery – Bonus Match 5 (5/39 + Bonus Number)

Mass Lottery – Mass Megabucks (6/42)
Mass Lottery – Mass Ca$hWinFall (6/46)
Mass Lottery – Mass Cash (5/35)

Michigan Lottery – Classic Lotto 47 (6/47)
Michigan Lottery – Fantasy 5 (5/39)

Minnesota Lottery – Northstar Cash (5/31)

Missouri Lottery – Missouri Lotto (6/44)
Missouri Lottery – Missouri Show Me Cash (5/44)

Montana Lottery – Montana Cash (5/37)

Nebraska Lottery – Nebraska Pick 5 (5/38)

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Lottery – Tri State Megabucks PLUS (5/41 + Bonus Number)

New Jersey
NJ Lottery – Pick 6 Lotto (6/49)
NJ Lottery – Jersey Cash 5 (5/40)

New Mexico
New Mexico Lottery – Roadrunner Cash (5/34 + Bonus Numnber)

New York
New York Lottery – New York Lotto (6/59 + Bonus Number)
New York Lottery – Sweet Million (6/40)
New York Lottery – Take 5 (5/39)

Ohio Lottery – Classic Lotto (6/49)

Oregon Lottery – Oregon Megabucks (6/48)

PA Lottery – Pennsylvania Cash 5 (5/43)

Texas Lottery – Lotto Texas (6/54)
Texas Lottery – Texas Cash Five (5/37)

Vermont Lottery – Tri State Megabucks PLUS (5/41 + Bonus Number)

Virginia Lottery – Virginia Win For Life (6/42 + Bonus Number)

Washington State Lottery – Washington Lotto (6/49)
Washington State Lottery – Hit 5 Lotto (5/39)

West Virginia
WV Lottery – Cash 25 (6/25)

Wisconsin Lottery – Wisconsin Megabucks (6/49)
Wisconsin Lottery – Badger 5 Lotto (5/31)
Wisconsin Lottery – SuperCash Lotto (6/39)

Canada – Multi Provincial Lottery Games
Lotto 649 (6/49 + Bonus Number)
Atlantic Lottery Bucko (5/41)
Western 649 (6/49 + Bonus Number)

Canada – Provincial Lotteries
BC Lottery – BC49 (6/49 + Bonus Number)
Ontario Lottery – Ontario 49 (6/49 + Bonus Number)
Ontario Lottery – Ontario Lottario (6/45 + Bonus Number)
Loto Quebec – Quebec 49 (6/49 + Bonus Number)
Loto Quebec – Jour de paye (6/36 + Bonus Number)

Australian Lottery – Oz Powerball (5/45 + 1/45)
Australian Lottery – Saturday Lotto – Tattslotto (6/45 + 2 Bonus Numbers)
Australian Lottery – Monday Lotto (6/45 + 2 Bonus Numbers)
Australian Lottery – Wednesday Lotto (6/45 + 2 Bonus Numbers)
Australian Lottery – Wednesday Gold Lotto (6/45 + 2 Bonus Numbers)
Australian Lottery – The Pools – 6From38 Pools (6/38 + Bonus Number)

Austrian Lotto (6/45 + Bonus Number)

Belgium Lottery – Belgian Lotto – Loterie Nationale (6/42 + Bonus Number)

Brazil Lottery – Mega Sena (6/60)
Brazil Lottery – Dupla Sena Loterias (6/50)

China Lottery – Double Chromosphere (6/33 + 1/16)

Colombia Lottery – BaLoto 6/45 Lotto

Croatia Lotto (6/45 + Bonus Number)

Danske Spil – Viking Lotto (6/48 + 2 Bonus Numbers)

Eesti Loto – Viking Lotto (6/48 + 2 Bonus Numbers)

European Lottery – EuroMillions (5/50 + 2/9)

Veikkaus – Viking Lotto (6/48 + 2 Bonus Numbers)

French Lottery – Loto Francaise (6/49 + Bonus Number)

German Lottery – Lotto 6aus49 (6/49 + Bonus Number)

Ghana Lottery – Ghana Lotto (6/40 + Bonus Number)

Greece Lottery – OPAP Greek Lotto (6/49 + Bonus Number)
Greece Lottery – Greek Lotto Joker (5/45 + 1/20)
Greece Lottery – Greek Lotto Extra (5/35)

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Lottery – Hong Kong Mark Six (6/49 + Bonus Number)

Islensk Getspa – Viking Lotto (6/48 + 2 Bonus Numbers)

Indian Lottery – India Thunderball PlayWin (5/42 + 1/15)
Indian Lottery – India Super Lotto PlayWin Saturday (6/49)
Indian Lottery – India Super Lotto PlayWin Thursday (6/49)

Irish Lottery – Irish Lotto (6/45 + Bonus Number)
Irish Lottery – Irish Lotto Plus 1 (6/45 + Bonus Number)
Irish Lottery – Irish Lotto Plus 2 (6/45 + Bonus Number)
Irish Lottery – Irish Monday Million (6/39 + Bonus Number)

Israeli Lottery – Israel New Lotto (6/37 + 1/10)

Jamaica Lottery (6/37 + Bonus Number)

Lebanon Lottery – Lebanon Loto Libanais (6/42 + Bonus Number)

Liechtenstein Lottery – Plus Lotto Golotto (6/49 + Bonus Number)

Lottery Malaysia – Malaysia Lottery – Malaysia Supreme Toto (6/58)
Lottery Malaysia – Malaysia Lottery – Malaysia Power Toto (6/55)
Lottery Malaysia – Malaysia Lottery – Malaysia Mega Toto (6/52)

Mauritius Lottery – Mauritius Loto Loterie Nationale (6/40)

Mexico Lottery – Mexico Melate Lotto (6/56 + Bonus Number)
Mexico Lottery – Mexico Revancha Lotto (6/56)
Mexico Lottery – Mexico Chispazo Loteria (5/28)

New Zealand
New Zealand Lottery – New Zealand Lotto (6/40 + 2 Bonus Numbers)
New Zealand Lottery – Big Wednesday (6/45)

Lottery Norway – Viking Lotto (6/48 + 2 Bonus Numbers)

Philippines Lottery – PCSO – Mega Lotto (6/45)
Philippines Lottery – PCSO – Super Lotto (6/49)
Philippines Lottery – PCSO – Luzon and Vismin Lotto (6/42)

Poland Lottery – Polish Lotto – Duzy Lotek (6/49)

Portugal Lottery – Portugal Totoloto (5/49 + 1/13)
Portugal Lottery – Portugal Loteria Loto2 (6/49 + Bonus Number)
Portugal Lottery – Portugal Loto (6/49)

Loteria Romana – Romanian Lottery (6/49)
Romana Superloto 5 din 40 (5/40 + Bonus Number)

Viking Lotto (6/48 + 2 Bonus Numbers)

Singapore Lottery – Singapore Pools Toto (6/45)

South Africa
South African Lottery – South African Lotto (6/49 + Bonus Number)
South African Lottery – South African Lotto PLUS (6/49 + Bonus Number)
South African Lottery – South African Powerball (5/45 + 1/20)

South Korea
South Korea Lottery – South Korea Lotto (6/45 + Bonus Number)

Spanish Lotto – La Primitiva – Loteria Primitiva (6/49 + Bonus Number)

Svenska Spel – Viking Lotto (6/48 + 2 Bonus Numbers)

Switzerland Lottery – Swiss Lotto (6/45 + Bonus Number)

Taiwan Lottery – Taiwan Big Lotto Lucky Number 6/49 + Bonus Number)
Taiwan Lottery – Taiwan Daily Cash Lottery (5/39)

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Lottery – CashPot Lottery (5/25)
Trinidad and Tobago Lottery – Lotto Plus (5/36 + 1/10)

Turkish Lottery – Milli Piyango – Loto Sayisal (6/49)
Turkish Lottery – Milli Piyango – Super Loto (6/54)
Turkish Lottery – Milli Piyango – Sans Topu (5/34 + 1/14)

United Kingdom
UK National Lottery – UK Lotto (6/49 + Bonus Number)
UK National Lottery – Thunderball (5/39 + 1/14)
UK Vernons Bookies 49's 6-Ball

Other Lotto Software – Windows Lotto Pro 2011

Another very good lottery software program out there that we would also recommend looking at is Windows Lotto Pro 2011.

The lottery software in Windows Lotto Pro 2011 selects the best lottery numbers to play based upon statistical analysis of past lottery results from previous lottery draws and is an award winning lotto software program.

Nearly all of the major world lottery games are covered by the Windows Lotto Pro 2011 lottery software which will select the best lottery numbers to play based upon statistical analysis of past lottery results from previous lottery draws.

We have written about the Windows Lotto Pro 2011 lotto software and lottery system in much greater detail on another page. In the meantime, if you’d like to take a more detailed look at what Windows Lotto Pro can offer you just
Click Here.

Click Here to Find Out much more about LotWin Lotto Software

LotWin Lottery Software

Click Here to Read more about Windows Lotto Pro 2011

Click Here to Download the FREE Trial Version of Lotto Pro 2011

Click Here to Purchase Lotto Pro 2011 Now

Click Here to View the Illustrated Lotto Pro 2011 Users Manual - pdf

Click Here to Read about Other Lottery Strategies

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