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Free Lotto Results - Lottery Results by Email
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Lottery Results by Email – Free Lotto Results

Global Lottery Review has sourced various lottery results by email services that will enable you to receive the very latest lottery results sent directly to your email inbox after each draw – completely free lottery results for you.

With these free lotto results services you are now able to directly receive the weekly lottery results of more at least 21 major world lottery games – a very convenient way of keeping a check on your own lottery numbers.

Also available as part of the free lottery results by email service are those important free jackpot notifications for you. This means that whatever the latest lottery jackpot is for your favourite game – you will not have to search to find out what it is – you will have the latest jackpot figures emailed straight to you.

These services are offered free for most of the world’s largest, tax free, lump sum lottery games that have millions of players around the world.

Every week, many millions of lottery players will be searching for their ticket, hoping to catch their lottery result either on the TV or checking their lottery numbers in a newspaper to see if they have picked those correct winning lottery numbers.



With these latest free lotto results services, you will never have to be concerned again about how you find out your chosen lottery result – simply login and check your emails as normal and as soon as any of these top world lottery games have been drawn, the results will be emailed directly to you.

There really couldn’t be a simpler and easier way for you to get the very latest lottery results for all of these major world lotteries. With these results safely stored in your email account you will also be able to check up at any time on any past lotto results too.

So – from now on you need never be worried about missing the latest lottery results on the TV, radio or from your local newspaper – all you will need to be is near a computer and you will have the lotto results at your fingertips.

Similarly with the lottery jackpot rollover figures – when you go to your email inbox you will find the latest jackpot rollover for the next draw waiting for you.

All you need to do to receive these free lottery results by email is to...

Click on either of the following links…



The two top lottery ticket sales companies that provide these services are:.

1. WinTrillions – Who provide free lotto results direct to you for 15 of the major world lottery games including the EuroMillions Results, Lottery Results UK, Mega Millions Results, Powerball Results and SuperEnalotto Results.

Simply fill in your name and email address on the box entitled “Receive Results and Jackpots by email” half way down the right hand side of the page.

2. OzLotteries – Who provide free lotto results direct to you for 8 of the top Australian Lottery games. These Australian Lotto Results include the Oz Lotto Results and Oz Powerball Results.

Simply go to the “Email Results” tab in the “Stay Updated” bar at the bottom of the page and sign up as a completely free New Member.

There are no charges whatsoever for either of these online lottery results services – they are offered purely for your own convenience.

Never miss your favourite lottery result again. You never know when your own lottery numbers may be the lucky winning lottery numbers!

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