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Lottery Sweden Sweden Lotto Svenska Spel

 Sweden Lottery games go back as far as 1896 when Lotteriexpeditionen was formed. The very first Sweden lottery game was introduced in 1897 and the company’s name was eventually changed to Penninglotteriet.

Moving forward to 1934, a new Sweden Lottery company called Ltd. Tipstjanst was created which became primarily owned by the Swedish State in 1943.

The Sweden Lottery is one of the most popular lottery games in Europe and is today, run by Svenska Spel, the largest gaming operator in Sweden, who – under license from the Swedish government who own it completely – control over half the market in the country.

There are numerous games offered by Svenskaspel including the multi-national Viking Lotto and Euro Jackpot lotteries“Sports Games” such as Langen, Bomben, Stryktipset football pools and Topptipset, “Instant Win Games” such as Triss, Slot machines, Poker, Casino Gaming with casino Cosmopol and Bingo Live – and “Number Games”, which make up their largest product group, including Bingo, Keno plus the flagship game that we will be looking at here – the Sweden Lotto

Sweden Lotto Overview

The Sweden Lotto 7/35 is a traditional jackpot, draw-style, lotto game and is the flagship game offered by Svenska Spel, the national lottery and gaming company in Sweden.

It was back in 1980 that the Sweden Lotto was first launched by Tipstjanst and is still going very strong today in Sweden being operated by Svenskaspel.

Svenska Spel draw the Sweden Lotto twice every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and these Lottery Sweden draws are known as Lotto 1 and Lotto 2.

You can enhance your winnings when entering this game by playing the Sweden Lotto with “Joker” too. If you win the Sweden  Lotto playing withJoker”, the amount you win will be dramatically increased. This is called the “Drömvinsten” or “Dream Profit”.

The prize for the “Drömvinsten” or “Dream Profit” starts off at a massive SEK 75 Million and grows every week by approximately SEK 1.5 Million until it is won. There is no limit at all as to how high the “Dromvisten” can “rollover”. When it is eventually won, it restarts at SEK 75 Million.

To win the Sweden Lottery “Dromvisten” by playing with “Joker”, you will need to correctly match the 7 main numbers drawn plus at least 2 correctly on “Joker”.

Sweden Lottery draws take place twice each week on Wednesdays at 6.25pm and Saturdays at 7.55pm CET.

We are pleased that we have taken a very close look at the popular Sweden Lottery 7/35 game and would highly recommend taking a more detailed look at how it works below…

Sweden Lotto How It Works

The Sweden Lotto from Svenska Spel uses what’s called a 7/35 matrix which means that when playing this Sweden Lottery, you will first need to select your 7 numbers out of a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 35. This is one of the lowest ranges of numbers from which you need to choose in most lottery games from anywhere in the world.

If you match all 7 of the main numbers drawn then you will be the winner of a first division prize – the Sweden Lotto jackpot.

Apart from the 7 main numbers, an Additional Number is also used for 2nd division prizes.

In addition to the jackpot prize itself, there are 4 other ways in which you can win on the Sweden Lottery, which means that are a great number of prizes to be won twice per week for anyone who plays this great game from Svenskaspel.

A “QuickPick” facility is available when you are playing the Sweden Lottery which is called “HuxFlux”. This is the same as the “Lucky Dip” option that is used in the UK National Lottery or Europe’s EuroMillions or nearly all USA lottery games – which means that you can ask the lottery retailer or computer to randomly select all your Svenska Spel Lotto numbers for you.

So, playing the Sweden Lottery is simple…just select your own numbers or ask for them to be randomly selected for you by choosing the “HuxFlux” option.

The cost of each entry into the Sweden Lotto is SEK 3 per play so if you played on both Wednesday and Saturday – Lotto 1 and Lotto 2 – that would cost you SEK 6.

Sweden Lotto Who Can Play?

Like most worldwide lottery games, in the past only people living in Sweden itself were allowed to play in any of the Sweden Lottery games from Svenska Spel including the Sweden Lotto – you used to have to purchase your Sweden Lottery tickets from an authorized retailer situated within Sweden itself.

Today, though, this is not a concern as there are a good number of online lottery ticket sales companies such as TheLotter who are both fully authorized and genuine – you are able to select your Sweden Lotto numbers online and purchase your tickets no matter where in the world you live.

This is great news of course if you live outside of Sweden and want to play the Sweden Lotto and ensure your entry into the next lotto draw or simply wish to have the ease and convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online.

Once you have entered into the Sweden Lotto draw, you can then easily check the Svenska Spel Sweden Lotto Results online to see how you have done and to find out if you have become one of the lucky Lotto winners.

You will need to be 18 years of age to be eligible to purchase a ticket for any of the Svenskaspel Lottery games including the Sweden Lotto.

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Information and Background

In 2007 alone, Svenska Spel created 292 millionaires and paid out SEK 11.90 Billion in prize money.

Each year, the Sweden Lottery from Svenskaspel incredibly produces in excess of 100 new millionaires.

In 1984, the Sweden Lotto added the “Joker” feature to its game in order to boost jackpot winnings.

The Sweden Lottery introduced a second weekly draw for its Lotto game in 1989 when it began draws on Wednesdays each week in addition to the Saturday draw.

In 1993, Svenska Spel and the Sweden Lottery joined forces with the national lottery operations from Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Estonia to launch the Viking Lotto, (also known as Onsdags Lotto, Víkingalottó and Vikingu Loto), a pan-Scandinavian lottery with draws on Wednesday each week.

Drömvinsten – Dream Profit – was introduced by Svenskaspel back on February 9th 2005 and has produced some massive wins which we shall write more about in the record jackpots paragraph.

At a recent conference of the World Lottery Association in Rhodes, Greece, Svenska Spel was named the leading gaming company in the world in the area of “responsible gaming”.

In fact, Svenskaspel takes this so seriously, that they even train their employees and agents in this field and provide a diploma in “Responsible Gaming” for all those who complete the interactive training program.

The Lottery Sweden portfolio of games was increased further on January 28th 2013 when Svenska Spel began offering the EuroJackpot multi-national lottery which was launched in March 2012. The Euro Jackpot is a huge European Lottery spanning 14 countries across Scandinavia and Europe and a serious rival to the already well established EuroMillions.

Sweden Lotto Odds of Winning

The odds of winning on the Sweden Lottery from Svenska Spel are very competitive when compared to many worldwide lotteries and with 5 different ways in which you can win, this means there’s a lot of prizes to be won on the Sweden Lotto twice every week.

The chances of winning a Sweden Lotto jackpot by successfully matching all 7 of the main numbers are 1 in 6.72 million – for these odds you could be one of the Svenskaspel Sweden Lottery jackpot winners.

For a Sweden Lotto prize on the 2nd level, the odds come right down to 1 in 240,161 for matching 6 of the main numbers plus an Additional Number.

The chances of winning a 3rd division prize comes in at a respectable 1 in 40,027 for matching 6 of the main numbers and for a 4th division prize the odds are 1 in 847 for successfully matching 5 of the main numbers.

For a prize on the 5th and final division, the odds of you winning on the Sweden Lotto are 1 in just 59 for correctly matching only 4 of the main numbers drawn.

Sweden Lotto Record Jackpots

The biggest prizes to have been won on the Sweden Lotto are those won when a lucky player has matched all 7 of the main winning Lotto numbers plus a minimum of 2 with the Joker producing the Dream Profits – or Drömvinstenprize.

The record Sweden Lotto win to date occurred on April 20th 2013 by a player from Norrköping, eastern Sweden who won a massive Lotto Drömvinsten prize of SEK 237.67 MILLION.

The 2nd biggest win so far was won on March 27th 2010 by a man from Helsingborg who claimed a huge SEK 214 595 981 on the Sweden Lotto! This record breaking winner at the time correctly matched the Lotto winning numbers of 7, 10, 16, 23, 26, 27, 35 plus 3, 5, 0, 0, 2, 9, 2 with the Joker.

The 3rd largest Drömvinsten prize won has been an amazing win of SEK 134 703 155 on May 7th 2008 by a resident of Saltsjöbaden.

February 19th 2011 saw the 4th largest Drömvinsten prize to date won when a Helsingborg resident won SEK 123 900 556.

A resident of Visby claimed the 5th largest Sweden Lotto Drömvinsten prize so far when won a huge SEK 122 860 699 on October 8th 2005.

There have been many other Drömvinsten – Dream Profits – prizes of between SEK 82 Million and SEK 122 Million won on the Sweden Lotto plus Joker since the Drömvinsten was launched in February 2005.

Sweden Lotto Where the Money Goes

All proceeds from Svenska Spel and the Sweden Lottery go to the state Treasury and to various good causes that benefit the people of Sweden, whether you buy lottery tickets online through TheLotter or buy lottery tickets on the streets in Sweden.

Apart from the Treasury itself, major beneficiaries in recent years have been the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs.

With the area of sport being close to the heart of the Svenskaspel vision, money here is used to contribute towards the funding of sports related activities for young people and children in Sweden.

Svenska Spel is, in fact, the biggest sponsor of sporting related activities throughout Sweden and is proud to be making a continued and valuable contribution in this arena.

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