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A very warm welcome to the "Latest Lottery Results" section of Global Lottery Review which contains a comprehensive list of the most up to date winning lotto numbers from around the world.

As well as writing about the main world lottery games we felt we also needed to provide a full lottery game results service. You will find the winning lottery numbers and lotto results right here for many of the world's biggest lotteries.

All of these lotteries, we have already reviewed in detail – and you can read about them via the World Lotteries page as well as look up your chosen lotto result.

You will now be able to check your lottery tickets and see the lottery winning numbers at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to see if you have picked the winning lotto numbers for your favourite game.

You will find that you are able to buy lottery tickets online for all of these lottery games from a number of genuine lottery ticket sales organizations that are fully accredited and authorized, such as Thelotter, OzLotteries, WinTrillions and CongaLotto.

If there is a particular lottery result that you would like to see published here that we have not yet covered, please let us know using our “Contact Us” page and we will do our best to cover it here on our lottery winning numbers section.

If you bookmark this lotto winning numbers page you will no longer have to wait any length of time to find out if YOUR lottery numbers have been lucky and if you may have become one of the thousands of lottery winners around the world each week.

You can also check up on the PAST Lottery Results from over 80 of the world's biggest lottery games and as time goes by we will be adding further lottery games to both this latest lotto results section and the section covering previous lottery numbers.

Global Lottery Review wishes you the very best of good fortune when you pick lottery numbers and play your favourite online lottery games and if you should pick the lotto winning numbers for your chosen game, please let us know – we always love to hear lottery winners success stories and will be happy to publish such accounts along with the lotto results that made you a lottery winner.


90 World Lotto Results...

The VERY LATEST Lotto Results from all around the world...

01 Arizona - The Pick 46 Kansas - Super Kansas Cash
02 Australia - Oz Lotto 47 Louisiana - Louisiana Lotto
03 Australia - Oz Powerball 48 Massachusetts - Megabucks
04 Australia - TattsLotto 49 Mexico - Melate
05 Australia - Weds Lotto 50 Mexico - Melate Retro
06 Australia - Monday Lotto 51 Michigan - Claasic Lotto 47
07 Australia - The Pools 52 Missouri - Missouri Lotto
08 Australia -Super Jackpot 53 New Jersey - Pick 6 XTRA
09 Australia - Mega Jackpot 54 New York - New York Lotto
10 Australia - Gold Lotto 55 New York - Sweet Million
11 Austria - Austrian Lotto 56 New York - Cash4Life
12 Belgium - Belgium Lotto 57 New Zealand - Powerball NZ
13 Brazil - Mega Sena 58 Ohio - Classic Lotto
14 Brazil - Dupla Sena 59 Ontario - Lottario
15 Brazil - Quina 60 Ontario - Ontario 49
16 British Columbia - BC49 61 Oregon - Oregon Megabucks
17 California - Super Lotto 62 Poland - Polish Lottery
18 Canada - Lotto 649 63 Quebec - Quebec 49
19 Canada - Western 649 64 Romania - Loto 6 49
20 Canada - Lotto Max 65 Russia - GosLoto 645
21 Colorado - CO Lotto 66 Russia - GosLoto 749
22 Connecticut - CT Lottery 67 South Africa - SA Lotto
23 Europe - EuroMillions 68 South Africa - SA Powerball
24 Europe - EuroJackpot 69 Spain - EL GORDO
25 Finland - Veikkaus Lotto 70 Spain - El Gordo Primitiva
26 Finland - Viking Lotto 71 Spain - La Primitiva
27 Florida - Florida Lotto 72 Spain - Monthly Superdraws
28 Florida - Lucky Money 73 Spain - BonoLoto
29 Florida - Mega Money 74 Spain - Loteria Nacional
30 France - France Lotto 75 Sweden - Sweden Lotto
31 Germany - Lotto 6 aus 49 76 Switzerland - SwissLotto
32 Greece - Greece Joker 77 Turkey - Sayisal Loto 6 49
33 Greece - Greece Lotto 78 Turkey - Super Loto 6 54
34 Hong Kong -Mark Six 79 Ukraine - Megalot
35 Hungary - Otos Lotto 80 Ukraine - SuperLoto
36 Hungary - Hatos Lotto 81 UK - UK Lotto
37 Illinois - Illinois Lotto 82 UK- Thunderball
38 Indiana - Hoosier Lotto 83 UK - Lotto Hotpicks
39 Ireland - Irish Lotto 84 UK - EuroMillions UK
40 Israel - New Lotto 85 USA - Powerball
41 Israel - Double Lotto 86 USA - Mega Millions
42 Italy - SuperEnalotto 87 USA - Hot Lotto
43 Italy - SuperStar 88 USA - Tri-State Megabucks
44 Italy - SiVinceTutto 89 Washington - WA Lotto
45 Japan - Loto 6 90 Wisconsin - WI Lottery


All you need to do to find the latest lotto results and winning lottery numbers for your particular game is to select the lottery from the above list and you will be taken to a separate page that will give you a full breakdown of the latest lottery result for that draw.

You can then check the lotto results against either your paper ticket or e-ticket if you play lottery online – and see if you have been successful with the winning lotto numbers drawn.

When you come to pick lotto numbers for your next game you may also want to look at certain past lottery numbers to see if there have been any patterns of numbers which could help you decide on your selection.

You can do this easily by looking at the past lotto results page which will give you a rundown of all the previous lottery numbers for your favourite game over the last few years.

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Friday 19th August 2022
Italy – SuperEnalotto
€ 257,200,000
Italy – SuperStar
€ 257,200,000
USA – Mega Millions
US$ 99,000,000
USA – Powerball
US$ 80,000,000
UK – EuroMillions
£ 65,000,000
Spain – EuroMillions
€ 77,000,000
Austria – EuroMillions
€ 77,000,000
France – EuroMillions
€ 77,000,000
Spain – La Primitiva
€ 24,000,000
USA – Lotto America
US$ 19,250,000


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