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Lotteria Italia Italian Lotto Games

Sisal – the company that runs games of Lotteria Italia – offers some of the most celebrated and widely known lotteries across the whole of Europe and is one of the biggest industry players.   

Lotto enthusiasts from right around the world will have either played or at least know about the SuperEnalottothe premier Italy Lottery game that has boasted some of the biggest jackpots in European Lottery history often challenging for the top spot.

Fortunately – participation in these games is not confined to players who are resident in Italy for whom playing Italian Lotto games is a part of their lifestyle. Today the availability of online lottery ticket sales companies like TheLotter & WinTrillions allows people from across the world to share in the magic of taking part in some of the biggest lotteries on offer – enabling them to freely buy lottery tickets online from wherever they live.

You will find all you may need to know on each of these primary Sisal Lotteria Italia games on their own individual pages which you can easily find below or by going to the World Lotteries area of Global Lottery Review which also covers almost all other national lottery games that are in operation around the globe.

     In this section we have listed the main Italian Lotto games that are offered by Sisal including the SuperEnalotto, SiVinceTutto the SuperEnalotto SuperStar and the EuroJackpot. Just choose which one you would like to read about and you will find much more detailed information about each game.

Sisal SuperEnalotto – SuperStar SiVinceTutto – EuroJackpot

SuperEnalotto – Lotteria Italia – Sisal

Sisal SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto from Sisal – the company that operates games from Lotteria Italia – is one of the biggest and most widely played European Lottery games. Super Enalotto was first launched by Sisal in December 1997 and has become a deep rooted part of the Italian culture attracting thousands of players not only at home but from right around the planet. Sisal SuperEnalotto is drawn 3 times every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and the biggest jackpot ever to have been won on the game so far has been a massive € 177.72 MILLION on October 30th 2010.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar – Lotteria Italia – Sisal

The SuperEnalotto SuperStar was created by Sisal as an add-on to the main game of SuperEnalotto with the first draw being held in March 2006. The chief aim of the SuperEnalotto SuperStar is to allow you to increase your winnings on all levels of the SuperEnalotto prize struture. Playing the Sisal SuperEnalotto with the SuperStar additional number will increase the jackpot prize by € 2 MILLION, the 2nd prize by € 1 MILLION and all other prizes by between 25 and 100 times or a fixed sum. You can even win on the SuperEnalotto SuperStar without having matched any of the main SuperEnalotto numbers – numeri SuperEnalotto.

SiVinceTutto – Lotteria Italia – Sisal


Sisal introduced the SiVinceTutto into the Italian Lotto portfolio of games in April 2011 as a sister lottery to the SuperEnalotto which was already a national institution. Prizes on the Si Vince Tutto must be won on the night and with no rollover – the top prize rolls down to secondary prize levels if there is not a jackpot winner. The draws for the Sisal SuperEnalotto SiVinceTutto occur on the last Wednesday of each month and a € 2 MILLION jackpot is always on offer plus you can win by picking just 2 correct numbers.

EuroJackpot – Lotteria Italia – Sisal

EuroJackpot Sisal

Eurojackpot is the latest huge, multi-national European Lottery launched in March 2012 as a rival to the existing EuroMillions game. The Italian Lotto company – Sisal – was one of the 7 original members to offer the Euro Jackpot game which is now made up of 16 separate countries. The EuroJackpot top prize begins at € 10 MILLION and can rollover as high as € 90 MILLION. The biggest prize that has been won on the EuroJackpot to date was the huge € 61.17 MILLION jackpot on September 12th 2014. Italy's largest win achieved on the Sisal EuroJackpot thus far has been the € 13.25 MILLION won on August 16th 2013. The Euro Jackpot is drawn twice every week on a Tuesday and Friday and is one of the biggest and most exciting Euro Lottery games.

By clicking on any of the above links you will be able to visit the main page relating to your own favourite lottery from Lotteria Italia and Sisal from which you can learn all you need to know about it.

In time to come we shall take a look at further Sisal Italian Lotto games and when we have done so – they will be included in this section containing brief details on each of the lotteries.

In the meantime – we hope that you will gain some helpful insights into each of the principal Italy Lottery games and enjoy seeing the latest Risultati SuperEnalotto and Risultati SiVinceTutto.

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