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"Sorteo Extraordinario de El Nino -

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Sorteo Extraordinario de El Nino

The El-Nino draw from the Spanish National Lottery - Loteria Nacional - is one of the HUGE Spanish Lotto Superdraws that take place throughout the year.

It was first drawn back in 1941 and offers one of the RICHEST prize pools among world lottery games.

Loteria Nacional host 11 of these Superdraws in total - taking place every month except for August - and they are known in Spanish Lottery terminology as either the Sorteo Extraordinario or Sorteo Especial depending upon the size of their prize pool.

The El-Nino - Sorteo Extraordinario de El Nino is the FIRST of these massive Spanish Lotto Superdraws to take place in the year and happens not long after the largest of them all - the El Gordo which will have been drawn in December.

After the El Gordo - El-Nino is the second biggest Spanish Lottery in the calendar and takes place every year on January 6th - on the date of the Feast of the Epiphany - it is otherwise known as the Spanish Winter Lottery.

El Nino - A Favourite in Spain…

After the world’s RICHEST lottery - the El Gordo has been drawn just before Christmas each year on December 22nd - the El-Nino is most definitely the second most important draw in the Spanish National Lottery portfolio.

In Spain, the population view the Sorteo Extraordinario de El-Nino as a fantastic SECOND CHANCE that they have of winning the lottery in a big way - should they have been not so fortunate 2 weeks earlier in the Loteria de Navidad - El Gordo - draw.

Most El Gordo players in Spain will then - quite rightly - make the statement that “Good health is the most important thing to have” - but you can be sure that they will be looking forward to the El Nino lottery in January when they will once again be trying to win the lottery in a big way.

In fact, around 93% of people who decided to buy lottery tickets for the El Gordo draw, also then buy lottery tickets for the Loteria de El Nino.

Whereas El Gordo actually means “The First Prize” or literally “The FAT One” or even more accurately “The BIG One” - the literal translation of El-Nino is “The Little One” or “The Small One”.

This translation is rather deceptive because - whilst it is indeed smaller than the El Gordo - Loteria de Navidad draw - the El-Nino prize pool is still one of the biggest in the world at €840 MILLION which means that really it is actually anything but small.

El Nino - The Draw…

One of the reasons that the Sorteo Extraordinario de El-Nino is so popular among Spanish Lottery players is that it offers such great odds of winning the lottery.

If you play the Spanish El-Nino lotto you will enjoy an incredible 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize - actually the odds are even slightly better than 1 in 3.

The odds of winning a first prize are - on average - 139 times better than the majority of weekly lottery games around the world.

The Sorteo Extraordinario de El-Nino has more than 2 MILLION individual cash prize to be won and you can win up to 8 times on a single lottery ticket.

El Nino - The Ticket System…

Similar to El Gordo but different from the majority of jackpot lotteries including other Spanish Lotto games such as La Primitiva - Loteria Primitiva - and the Sunday game El Gordo de la Primitiva - the El-Nino Spanish Sweepstake Lottery is run more like a giant raffle.

Using tickets that are already printed with 5 digit numbers on - means that you don’t need to try to pick the winning lottery numbers yourself - you get the numbers that are on the ticket.

The other Spanish Lotto game that operates this way is the main Spanish National Lottery weekly game - Loteria Nacional.

Firstly - a set number of tickets are printed each year and ticket numbers range from 0 to 99,999 but these numbers are available more than once as you will see in a second.

As the Loteria El-Nino is such a huge game, the numbers printed on each of the lottery tickets are all available multiple times and are broken down from “Series” to “Billettes and then down to “Decimos” - which can sound quite confusing.

Let us explain…

Each El-Nino lottery ticket number is available multiple times meaning that multiple lots of tickets with the same numbers will be printed. Each of these “multiples” is called a “Serie”.

Each of these multiple “Series” is then broken down into whole tickets - called “Billettes” - and as these are fairly expensive the “Billettes” are broken down further into 10 smaller tickets called “Decimos”.

So anyone playing the El-Nino lotto can purchase either a whole ticket - a “Billette” - or as many “Decimos” - tenths of tickets - as they like.

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El Nino - Ticket Prices…

Ticket prices for the El-Nino Spanish Sweepstake Lottery can vary considerably dependant on where you buy lottery tickets for the game from.

If you buy lottery tickets for the El-Nino from an outlet in Spain itself the cost of a whole ticket - “Billette” - is €200 and the cost of a “Decimo” - a tenth of a ticket - is €20.

If you buy lottery tickets online these prices tend to rise sharply in most places and you would typically be paying anything from €200 to €500 for a whole “Billette” and from €20 to €50 for a “Decimo”.

As these can be fairly hefty sums for the average lottery players to pay, it is normal for whole families, offices or even entire villages in Spain to pool their resources and buy whole “Billettes” together as a group.

El Nino - Sharing The Cost…

There are other ways in which you can easily participate in the El-Nino Spanish Sweepstake Lottery without having to “break the bank”…

Playing as part of a lottery syndicate in a similar manner to that mentioned above is an ideal way to share the cost of playing whilst at the same time being able to increase chances of winning lottery games such as the Spanish El-Nino due to the much enhanced buying power that the syndicate provides.

El Nino Online…

The best place we have found to join one of these fully accredited lottery syndicates is to play El-Nino online with one of the El-Nino syndicates offered by Big Fat Lottos.

You can play the Sorteo Extraordinario de El Nino - El-Nino - at a fraction of the normal cost and team up with a 35 strong syndicate who are playing to win shares in one of the RICHEST lottery pools in the world.

Big Fat Lottos and their patent company Annexio GUARANTEE that every syndicate will match certain numbers in the El-Nino draw and that every member of the syndicate will win at least 1 cash prize.

If you would like to learn more about these El Nino syndicates that are available from Big Fat Lottos and Annexio just Click Here.

Other Spanish Lotto - Loteria Nacional - Superdraws..

The El-Nino lottery in January is just one of 11 special Spanish Lotto Superdraws - Sorteo Extraordinario or Sorteo Especial - that the Spanish National Lottery - Loteria Nacional - offers each year.

El-Nino is the second biggest - after the El Gordo - but the other draws are themselves massive and attract a lot of attention from the Spanish Lottery playing public and millions abroad each and every year.

The 3 truly massive Spanish National Lottery draws in the calendar are known as Sorteo Extraordinario draws.

The first one, of course, is the Spanish El-Nino Lottery- Sorteo Extraordinario de El-Nino - which we have been looking at in detail here and takes place on January 6th with a prize fund of €840 MILLILION.

The second Sorteo Extraordinario of the year is the San Ildefonso - Sorteo Extraordinario de San Ildefonso - which takes place in July and has a prize pool of €150 MILLION. This is also known as the Summer El Gordo.

The third and largest of the Spanish National Lottery Superdraws is the massive El Gordo - Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad - which takes place on December 22nd each year and has the world’s richest lottery prize pool - a massive €2.32 BILLION in 2009.

The other 8 monthly Spanish Lotto Superdraws take place every month except the 3 months mentioned above (apart from August) and are known as Sorteo Especial draws. They each have prize pools of €84 MILLION.

Here is a monthly breakdown of the Superdraws held by the Loteria National - Spanish National Lottery…


Draw Type

Draw Name

Prize Pool


Sorteo Extraordinario


€840 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Febrero

€84 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Marzo

€84 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Abril

€84 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Mayo

€84 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Junio

€84 Million


Sorteo Extraordinario

San Ildefonso

€150 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Septiembre

€84 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Octubre

€84 Million


Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial de Noviembre

€84 Million


Sorteo Extraordinario

El Gordo

€2.52 Billion

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