Mega Millions Prize Changes - October 2013

"New Mega Millions Prize Changes incl. BIGGER Jackpot & Minimum US$1M 2nd Prize"

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The long awaited Mega Millions changes are almost here - something that Mega Millions players have been looking forward to seeing ever since the US Powerball changed its format in January 2012.

The New Mega Millions will commence on Saturday 19th October 2013 with the aim of creating an even bigger Mega Millions jackpot and faster Mega Millions rollover amounts - having listened to the wishes of its playing population.

These exciting new Mega Millions rules mark the biggest Mega Millions changes since the January 2010 cross-sales expansion of the game.

To better understand how these important alterations to the Mega Millions game will make it an even more enticing lottery to play - here is a brief run down of the Mega Millions prize changes and other upgrades taking place after the draw on Friday 18th October 2013...

  • BIGGER Starting Jackpots
  • Minimum Rollover of US$ 5 MILLION
  • Matrix Now 5 from 75 plus 1 from 15
  • 2nd Prizes Now US$ 1 MILLION Minimum
  • MegaPlier Now up to x 5
  • Better Overall Odds of Winning - Now 1 in 15
  • Annuity Now 30 Annual Payments
  • No Price Increase

Just a quick glance at these changes to the Mega Millions rules gives us an idea of how the Mega Millions is likely to perform down the line - especially in the knowledge of how the USA Powerball grew even bigger and better after it altered its structure in 2012.

Here is a more in depth look at the changes to each of the Mega Millions rules...

Bigger Starting Jackpots

Starting with the draw on Tuesday 22nd October 2013 - the Mega Millions jackpot will enjoy a new base level of US$ 15 MILLION - up from the previous starting level of US$ 12 MILLION.

This US$ 3 MILLION increase in opening Mega Millions prize jackpots - in place each time after a Mega Millions jackpot win - will be sure to attract even more Mega Millions players who will be looking to capitalise on the 25% increase in the bare minimum jackpot available for each draw.

Minimum Mega Millions Rollover of US$ 5 MILLION

In tandem with the larger starting jackpots - a minimum rollover figure of US$ 5 MILLION is being introduced.

This means that for each draw when the jackpot is not won - the top Mega Millions prize will increase in size by at least US$ 5 MILLION - making for a much faster acceleration in the size of the jackpot figure.

These 2 Mega Millions prize changes alone will mean that jackpots should reach higher levels quicker than before - and with the number of people who play Mega Millions likely to increase as a result - this should only lead to the average jackpot becoming even bigger than before. 

Mega Millions Matrix Change

The most important of the Mega Millions changes to be aware of when playing Mega Millions - is the new Matrix that will be in place come October 19th 2013.

The new matrix will be 5 / 75 + 1 / 15.

This means that after tonight's draw - players will need to select 5 main Mega Millions numbers from a range of numbers between 1 and 75 (as opposed to from 1 to 56) and 1 Mega Ball from a range of numbers between 1 and 15 (whereas previously it was from 1 to 46).

This increase of 19 balls in the range of main numbers used and decrease of 31 balls in the range of Mega Ball numbers used will further increase the likelihood of larger Mega Millions jackpot figures as has been proved with the Powerball changes made in 2012.

2nd Prizes Now MINIMUM of US$ 1 MILLION

Another great improvement that has been made relates to the 2nd prize levels for matching the 5 main Mega Millions numbers correctly.

A 2nd prize Mega Millions win will now be worth a MINIMUM of US$ 1 MILLION - up from US$ 250,000 which means a 300% increase in size.

This huge increase in the 2nd level Mega Millions prize figure alone means that there will be many, many more Millionaire Mega Millions winners created every year.

Add to this the increase in the MegaPlier prize multiplier (below) and you will see how you can now become a Mega Millions multi-millionaire without even hitting the jackpot!

MegaPlier Now up to x 5

Players will also be very pleased to learn that the MegaPlier feature will now also be increased to prize multiples of up to 5 times the Mega Millions win amount.

The last time Mega Millions changes affected the MegaPlier was in September 2010 when it was announced that if the 5 main Mega Millions numbers were matched for a 2nd prize - the MegaPlier option would multiply the prize by 4 times to US$ 1 MILLION no matter what MegaPlier number was drawn.

That was great but this is now even better! As well as multiplying Mega Millions prizes by 2 times, 3 times and 4 times - the NEW MegaPlier can increase prizes by up to 5 times the amount won.

This means that any US$ 1 MILLION 2nd prize won will now automatically be multiplied by up to x5 - US$ 5 MILLION - when played using the MegaPlier feature. This equates to a 400% increase in the size of 2nd prizes that can now be won.

Better Mega Millions Odds of Winning

As a result of the matrix change - the odds of becoming a Mega Millions winner have also just got even better.

The Mega Millions odds of winning any prize will now be 1 in 15 as opposed to a much longer 1 in 40. So, there will be a whole lot more Mega Millions winners in every draw.

Mega Millions Annuity Now 30 Payments

The last of the Mega Millions changes to make a note of is to the annuity period for the payment of jackpot prizes in annual instalments.

In the past - a Mega Millions winner of a jackpot prize who chose to receive their winnings as an annuity - would have their prize paid to them in 26 annual instalment amounts.

This period of annuity payments has now been increased by 4 years to 30 years - meaning that jackpot winners can look forward to an extra 4 years of receiving their jackpot winnings.

No Price Increase to Mega millions Tickets

Amidst all these positive changes to the Mega Millions rules - many people would be expecting to see a price increase on their Mega Millions tickets.

The great news is that there will be NO increase in price at all - meaning that all these improvements to the game will come at no extra physical cost to players.

The cost per Mega Millions ticket will remain exactly the same at US$ 1 per line.

We can look forward to an even brighter future with this great USA Lottery and wait to see if the new Mega Millions prize changes made will produce another world record lottery jackpot - aiming, of course, to beat its own record of US$ 656 MILLION which was won in March 2012 - the biggest jackpot lottery prize in history to date.

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