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Super Loto jackpot 4,700,000 UAH Megalot jackpot 9,700,000 UAH


Two separate organisations run some of the most popular lottery games available today throughout the whole of the CIS – the former Soviet Union – both are Ukrainian Lottery companies providing a full range of exciting and widely played Ukraine Lottery games.

Firstly the UNL – or УНЛ as it is known in Ukrainian – operates as the Ukraine National Lottery and offers games like the Лото Тройка, Лото Максима, Секунда Удачі, Кено, Bingo Lotto plus the flagship Супер Лото (Super Loto).

Secondly is the MSL – the Molodsportloto – otherwise known in Ukrainian as МСЛ – Молодьспортлото – which operates as the
Ukraine State Lottery and has Спортліга, ХТО ТАМ, Тіп та Топ, Лото-Забава, Спортпрогноз in addition to its premier lottery called Мегалот (Megalot) amomg its range of Lottery UA games.

It is important to note that you do not have to be a resident of the Ukraine these days to participate in some of these UA Lottery games. Using an official online lotto ticket sales organisation such as TheLotter allows you to effortlessly buy lottery tickets online from anywhere around the world at any time of the day or night.

Each of these most popular Ukraine Lotto games commands its own page on which we have carried out in depth research into how the lottery works and what you need to know in order to play. You can also visit our World Lotteries page for a detailed run down of all the lotteries from around the world that you can play online.
In this section we shall simply list the principal games that are available in the Lottery UA portfolio which are the Super Loto (Супер Лото) and the Megalot (Мегалот) – you can then easily go to each of the individual pages to learn a whole lot more... 

Super Loto Суперлото Megalot Мегалот

Super LotoСуперлото – УНЛ – Ukraine National Lottery

The Super Loto – Супер Лото – is the most popular game offered by the Ukraine National Lottery – УНЛ. It was first introduced by the UNL back in 2001 and is one of the most widely played Ukraine Lottery games today. The SuperLoto – Суперлото –  jackpot has reached as high as 33.032 MILLION UAH and the game is drawn by УНЛ twice every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Full information on the Super Loto UA is available right here along with the very latest Super Loto Results – Суперлото Результаты.

Megalot – Мегалот – МСЛ – Ukraine State Lottery

The Megalot – Мегалот – is the chief game offered by the Ukraine State Lottery company – МСЛ. Launched in September 2001 – the Мегалот is yet another of the most popular Ukrainian Lottery games available and it is drawn by МСЛ on both a  Wednesday and Saturday each week. The record Megalot jackpot produced to date has been 15 MILLION UAH and the game offers a unique feature which lets you increase your chances of winning the lottery by selecting up to 10 Bonus Numbers – Мегакульки. For all you need to know about the Megalot and the latest Megalot Results – Мегалот Результаты – just click on the link above.

On each of the pages mentioned above – you will be able to discover much more information about your favourite game from the Lottery UA range.            

When we have compiled further detailed reviews on other games from the Ukraine Lottery we will include them in this section.

In the meantime we hope that you will enjoy reading about the biggest Ukraine Lotto games and seeing the Super Loto Results – Результаты Суперлото – and also the Megalot Results – Результаты Мегалот.

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Sunday 18th April 2021
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