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"The NEW EuroJackpot Lottery – launched on March 23rd 2012"

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Current Jackpot € 47,000,000

Euro Jackpot EuroJackpot Lottery

EuroJackpot is the most recent Multi National Lottery to be launched across Europe – now played in 16 different countries – thus making it a particularly great Pan European Lottery.

On March 23rd 2012 the Euro Jackpot was drawn for the very first time – making it the 3rd Multi-National Euro Lottery game following in the footsteps of the massive EuroMillions and the world's first Multi-National Lottery – the popular Viking Lotto.

The launch of the Euro Jackpot Lottery made for some very exciting times in the European Lottery world – with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of € 10 MILLION to be won that can climb right up to € 90 MILLION every week of the year.

The great thing is that it will not only be lottery players within the 16 participating European countries that can take part in the EuroJackpot Lottery – but anyone from anywhere in the world will easily be able to play EuroJackpot every week if they wish to buy lottery tickets online with a reputable lottery ticket sales company such as TheLotter.

EuroJackpot tickets were first put on sale on March 17th 2012 but the world’s leading online lottery ticket sales agency – TheLotter – offered everyone the first chance to get their Euro Jackpot tickets ahead of the game and with a special 10% discount.

Now that the game is in full swing you can still purchase your EuroJackpot tickets and get a great deal – using the ongoing Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion offered by TheLotter.

EuroJackpot – Overview

The introduction of Euro Jackpot looked likely to go ahead when an agreement was signed in Helsinki, Finland on June 7th 2011 by 20 Lottery companies from 8 different countries – Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Estonia and Slovenia.

The creation of the EuroJackpot Lottery was subsequently rubber-stamped in November 2011 when delegates from various European Lottery companies met in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to make a decision upon whether the creation of a brand new European Lottery was really going to proceed.

So at the beginning – the German Lottery, the Italian Lottery Sisal, Netherlands Lotto DE Lotto, Veikkaus Finland Lottery, Danske Spil, Denmark Lottery and Loterija Slovenije Slovenia Lottery companies agreed at the Amsterdam meeting to go ahead with the new Euro Lottery which saw Eesti Loto the Estonia Lottery also joining in time for the inaugural draw and the Spanish Lotto coming on board soon after on June 30th 2012.

Within less than a year after witnessing the early success of the Euro Jackpot – the number of participating countries grew further when Norsk Tipping the Norway Lottery, Svenska Spel Sweden Lottery, Islensk Getspa Iceland Lottery, Hrvatska Lutrija Croatia Lottery, Loto Latvia Latvia Lottery and Olifeja Lottery Lithuania also decided to join forces on February 1st 2013 making a new total of 14 countries that participated in the EuroJackpot.

October 10th 2014 saw further expansion with Szerencsejáték, Lotto Hungary and Sazka, the Czech Lottery joining forces which means that the EuroJackpot is now spread across 16 nations throughout Europe and has a wider reach than EuroMillions.

In October 2015 Slovakia became the 17th country to begin selling EuroJackpot tickets through Tipos and in September 2017 Poland became the 18th nation to participate in the Euro Jackpot.

EuroJackpot – How It Works

The EuroJackpot Lottery works in a very similar way to the other great Euro Lottery – EuroMillions – and uses a double matrix which offers a number range of 5/50 + 2/10.

Every time the Euro Jackpot draw is conducted – 5 numbers will firstly be drawn out of range of numbers from 1 to 50 followed by 2 numbers – the Lucky Star Numbers or Euro Numbers – which will be drawn out of a range of numbers from 1 to 10.

The twin matrix of the Euro Jackpot means that when you play Euro Jackpot you will first need to select your 5 main numbers from the 1 to 50 primary pick range and then make your choice of 2 Lucky Star NumbersEuro Numbers from 1 to 10.

If you correctly match the 5 main winning lottery numbers plus the 2 Lucky Star Numbers you will be the winner of the Euro Jackpot 1st prize – or jackpot prize.

There are a total of 12 different prize categories on the Euro Jackpot game – including the jackpot itself – giving you thousands of different opportunities to win the lottery every week when you Play Euro Jackpot.

A Quick Pick facility will be available when you play Euro Jackpot meaning that you can have your Euro Jackpot numbers chosen for you by the computer or random number generator. This is the same as the Lucky Dip option used when people play EuroMillions or the UK National Lottery and the Quick Pick / Easy Pick that is available on nearly all USA Lottery games.

So – to play Euro Jackpot is very simple indeed. Just pick your own 5 main lottery numbers plus 2 Euro Numbers or ask the computer to choose them for you using its own lottery number generator.

EuroJackpot – Who Can Play?

As we have mentioned already – the Euro Jackpot is available in 18 participating countries across Europe. These are Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

So for starters, of course – anyone who lives in any of these countries can easily play Euro Jackpot games and enjoy in the excitement of this latest addition to the range of Multi National European Lottery games..

The really exciting thing though is that it is not only residents of the Euro Jackpot participating countries that can take part – but anyone from anywhere around the world is able to play Euro Jackpot each week.

That's right – with the online presence of official and fully authorised lottery ticket sales companies such as TheLotter you can Play Euro Jackpot from wherever you are based – no matter which country you live in.

This is great news, of course, if you live outside of the Euro Jackpot participating countries but still wish to play Euro Jackpot – or even if you simply want to enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online.

You will need to be 18 years of age to be eligible to buy lottery tickets for the Euro Jackpot game. This applies whichever country you are living in.

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EuroJackpot Results

The EuroJackpot Lottery is drawn once every week on Fridays at 8.00pm from Helsinki, Finland.

You can find out the very latest Euro Jackpot Results in various different ways to check your ticket and see if you have been lucky with the Euro Jackpot winning numbers drawn.

You can check the latest Euro Jackpot Results at any time by clicking the link here or by watching the Euro Jackpot draw live on the various TV channels in the participating countries that will broadcast the draw on Fridays.

In addition to this the EuroJackpot results will be published on the official websites of all participating countries as follows... (Croatia), (Denmark), (Estonia), (Finland), (Germany), (Iceland), (Italy), (Latvia), (Lithuania), (Netherlands), (Norway), (Slovenia), (Spain), (Sweden), (Czech Republic), (Hungary), (Slovakia) and (Poland).

The Euro Jackpot results will also be published in various Newspapers and broadcast on Radio stations throughout the participating countries.

You can also easily find out any Past Euro Jackpot Results by clicking the link here – results will be updated after every draw.

EuroJackpot – Odds of Winning

The odds of winning the Euro Jackpot Lottery are actually a lot better than for its close competitor – the EuroMillions – and with a grand total of 12 different Euro Jackpot prize categories to be won that means there’s a great chance of you winning one of the many thousands of prizes every week.

The chances of you winning the EuroJackpot top prize are a competitive 1 in 95,344,200 for correctly matching the 5 main Euro Jackpot Lottery numbers plus the 2 Lucky Stars. This compares to odds of 1 in 139,838,160 to win the EuroMillions.

To win one of the 2nd division prizes the Euro Jackpot odds come right down to 1 in 5,959,012 for correctly matching 5 of the main Euro Jackpot numbers plus 1 of the Euro Numbers.

Chances of winning a 3rd division prize are 1 in 3,405,150 on the Euro Jackpot for correctly selecting the 5 main Euro Jackpot numbers and 4th division odds are 1 in 423,752 for matching 4 of the main lotto numbers plus the 2 Euro Numbers.

To win a prize in the 5th division you have odds of 1 in 26,485 for picking 4 of the main EuroJackpot Numbers plus 1 of the Euro Numbers and 6th division prize odds are 1 in 15,134 for correctly matching 4 of the main lottery numbers drawn.

For EuroJackpot prizes on the 7th level – odds are 1 in 9,631 for matching 3 of the main Euro Jackpot numbers plus the 2 Euro Numbers and for all prizes on the 8th level – odds are 1 in 602 for matching 3 of the main numbers plus 1 of the Euro Nmbers.

9th division odds are 1 in 344 for correctly selecting 3 of the main Euro Jackpot winning numbers whilst odds for a 10th division prize are 1 in 672 for matching 2 of the main Euro Jackpot winning numbers plus the 2 Euro Numbers.

With so many prizes to be won on the Euro Jackpot Lottery there are even prizes to be had on levels 11 and 12. Odds for an 11th division win are the best at 1 in just 42 for matching only 2 of the main Euro Jackpot numbers plus 1 Euro Number and the 12th and final division has odds of 1 in 128 for matching only 1 of the main EuroJackpot numbers plus the 2 Euro Numbers.

EuroJackpot – Record Prizes

The Euro Jackpot has been created especially to produce some of the biggest Lottery prizes in Europe and indeed the world – whilst at the same time providing many different prize levels giving everyone a good chance of winning the lottery.

Something that will excite Lottery players all over the world is that the jackpot itself for the Euro Jackpot Lottery will start off at an impressive € 10 MILLION and increase in size each time it is not won by way of a rollover.

Each Friday when no-one correctly matches all of the EuroJackpot winning numbers – the jackpot will rise and rise. This can occur up to a maximum of 12 times meaning that the top prize can reach right up to a fantastic € 90 MILLION!

It is believed that if the Jackpot rolls over for a 13th time – the top prize will then roll down and be shared amongst the winners of the next Euro Jackpot prize category.

To date – the EuroJackpot top prize has reached its jackpot cap of € 90 MILLION on 3 separate occasions. 

On May 15th 2015 a lucky winner from the Czech Republic became the first € 90 MILLION winner of a Euro Jackpot top prize.

The following year on October 14th 2016 the Euro Jackpot again reached its maximum of € 90 MILLION and was won by a ticket from Germany.

January 26th 2018 saw the Euro Jackpot reach € 90 MILLION for the 3rd time and we are still waiting for a winner to emerge.

The 2nd largest jackpot won on the Euro Jackpot has been a huge € 86.97 MILLION that was won on April 14th 2017 by a ticket holder from Finland.

The 3rd biggest Euro Jackpot top prize to have been won so far has been a cool € 84.77 MILLION won on Friday July 29th 2017 by a ticket holder from Germany.

EuroJackpot – Where the Money Goes

Proceeds from the Euro Jackpot Lottery will be going to various good causes with the participating countries.

As yet – with the Euro Jackpot being such a new Lottery game – it has not been made public as to exactly what these good causes are.

However – as soon as we become aware of the particular charitable causes to which profits of the Euro Jackpot Lotto will be divided between - we will be sure to document it right here.

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