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MegaMillions States MegaMillions Results

The Mega Millions Lottery is available to players in 46 out of all the States and Jurisdictions that make up the U.S.A. and its associated territories.

A very common question that is asked by USA Lottery players is...

Can I play Mega Millions & get the Megamillions Results where I live?


Do I live in the Mega Millions States that show Megamillions Results?

To answer this question we have decided to put together this page that is dedicated to the MegaMillions States that we hope will provide a simple, at-a-glance overview on which USA MegaMillions States there are from which you can buy Mega Millions tickets, play Mega Millions games and check the MegaMillions Results.

As you will see – this covers the vast majority of the United States of America and will allow nearly all US Lottery players to take part in the Mega Millions Lottery.

With a grand total of 46 State Lottery companies participating in the Mega Millions lotto there are only 7 US States and Territories from where you will be unable to check the MegaMillions results and buy Mega Millions tickets on the streets.

The Mega Millions States

The map below shows the individual USA Mega Millions States - the States that participate in the Mega Millions game and from where you can play Mega Millions and find the latest MegaMillions results.

If you can see the name of your State on the map above, you can buy Mega Millions tickets and check the MegaMillions results in that State.

The only US Territory not included on the map that you can also play MegaMillions in is the US Virgin Islands.

Mega Millions States History The Big Game

The MegaMillions game first began back on August 31st 1996 and was called the Big Game by the consortium of USA Lottery companies who ran and organized it.

At the outset there were 6 State Lottery companies involved – these were the Georgia Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Maryland Lottery, Massachusetts Lottery, Michigan Lottery and the Virginia Lottery companies.

So, at the beginning only players from the above States were able participate and buy tickets for the Big Game.

Whilst the MegaMillions Lottery was still known as the Big Game a seventh US Lottery organization joined in May 1999 – the New Jersey Lottery company.

Now US Lottery players from a total of 7 States could buy lottery tickets for the Big Game as part of the Big Game Consortium.

Mega Millions States The Big Game Becomes Mega Millions

Then on May 15th 2002 the Big Game changed its name to the Mega Millions amid positive changes to the game that offered players a more attractive matrix and better prize levels.

On the same day the Mega Millions lottery was born out of the Big Game – the New York Lottery and Ohio Lottery began to sell Mega Millions tickets and show the latest MegaMillions Results.

This now meant that players from a total of 9 US State Lottery companies could buy Mega Millions tickets, play MegaMillions games and get the latest MegasMillions results – the number of Mega Millions States was beginning to grow.

Mega Millions States Expand Even Further

Later that same year the Washington State Lottery joined the USA Mega Millions Consortium of State Lotteries in September 2002 and began to offer its players Mega Millions Tickets.

The Texas Lottery was the next to join the MegaMillions States and began selling Mega Millions tickets on December 3rd 2003. The Texas State Lottery also introduced the Megaplier feature that enables players to boost their winnings by 2, 3 or 4 times on non-jackpot prizes – it was the only company to offer this enhancement until 2010.

The California Lottery became the next member to join the Mega Millions Lottery Consortium when it began selling tickets for the Mega Millions in June 2005 – meaning that there were now a grand total of 12 Mega Millions States where players could buy Mega Million tickets, play Mega Millions games and check the very latest MegaMillions Results.

Mega Millions States Initial Cross-Sell Expansion

An historic agreement took place in October 2009 between the Mega Millions Consortium and its biggest rival – the Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL) who operate Powerball – the other huge US Multi State Lottery.

This agreement was to allow the cross-selling of Mega Millions tickets and Powerball tickets between Mega Millions States and Powerball States.

Simply put this meant that Mega Millions States could now offer its players Powerball Tickets and Powerball States could now offer its players Mega Millions Tickets.

The result of all this was that on January 31st 201023 further State Lotteries began to sell Mega Millions tickets tickets and broadcast the MegaMillions results across the U.S.A. meaning that the total number of Mega Millions States was now 35.

The 23 new companies to join in selling Mega Millions tickets at this time were the Arkansas Lottery, Connecticut Lottery, Delaware Lottery, Idaho Lottery, Indiana (Hoosier Lottery), Iowa Lottery, Kansas Lottery, Kentucky Lottery, Minnesota Lottery, Missouri Lottery, New Hampshire Lottery, New Mexico Lottery, North Carolina Lottery, North Dakota Lottery, Oklahoma Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Rhode Island Lottery, South Carolina Lottery, Tennessee Lottery, Vermont Lottery, Washington DC Lottery, West Virginia Lottery and Wisconsin Lottery.

Mega Millions States Further Cross-Sell Expansion

Between the first influx of new Mega Millions States in January 2010 and May 2010 a further 7 US State Lottery companies would also begin to sell Mega Millions tickets in keeping with the cross-selling expansion agreement.

Next to become one of the Mega Millions States was the Montana Lottery who started offering the MegaMillions Lottery to its players on March 1st 2010.

Not far behind was the Nebraska Lottery who joined in the sales of Mega Millions tickets on March 20th 2010.

The 38th of the US State Lotteries to begin offering the Mega Millions game was the Oregon Lottery who began Mega Millions sales on March 28th 2010.

The Arizona Lottery then joined in the Mega Millions / Powerball cross-selling expansion program on April 18th 2010 when it first offered its players the chance to Buy Mega Millions Tickets.

The Maine State Lottery was the next to join in selling Mega Millions tickets on May 9th 2010.

May 16th 2010 saw both the Colorado Lottery and South Dakota Lottery companies begin to offer the Mega Millions lotto – becoming the 41st and 42nd MegaMillions States.

The 43rd USA Lottery company to become one of the MegaMillions States was the Virgin Islands Lottery company on October 4th 2010 when it first offered its lotto players the chance to Play MegaMillions games.

The Louisiana Lottery began selling Mega millions tickets on November 16th 2011 making it the 44th of the Mega Millions States and the long awaited arrival of the Florida Lottery took place on May 15th 2013. The Wyoming Lottery followed suit on August 24th 2014 in offering the Mega Millions game.

So there we have it – a grand total of 46 US State Lottery and Jurisdictional Lottery companies that currently offer the Mega Millions game and show the latest MegaMillions results – one of the two largest Multi State Lottery games across the United States of America.

Arizona Louisiana Ohio
Arkansas Maine Oklahoma
California Maryland Oregon
Colorado Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Connecticut Michigan Rhode Island
Delaware Minnesota South Carolina
Dist.of Columbia Missouri South Dakota
Florida Montana Tennessee
Georgia Nebraska Texas
Idaho New Hampshire Vermont
Illinois New Jersey Virginia
Indiana New Mexico Virgin Islands
Iowa New York Washington
Kansas North Carolina West Virginia
Kentucky North Dakota Wisconsin

Which are the NON Mega Millions States?

The US States that are NON Mega Millions States and therefore do not offer the sale of Mega Millions tickets nor broadcast the MegaMillions results are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah – none of whom sell lottery official tickets of any description at the present time.

Another US Territory – Puerto Rico which has its own Puerto Rico Lottery – also has no current plans to join in offering tickets for the Mega Millions but has offered Powerball tickets since 2014.

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