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LoveMyLotto – UK Lottery Syndicate

Playing the UK Lotto in a Love My Lotto syndicate from the Jackpot Store Ltd is a unique way of playing the premier game from the UK National Lottery – very much a lottery syndicate with a difference.

Love My Lotto provide you with the ONLY Multi Lottery Syndicate system that exists today in the world.

We will have a more detailed look here at how the Love My Lotto syndicate system works when playing the UK Lotto as part of a UK Lottery Syndicate.

Once this “Multi-Lottery” syndicate system is fully understood, it becomes clear why this is our top-rated lottery syndicate and enjoys such a high success rate.

Lottery players from right across the world are able to take part in the UK National Lottery by playing in one of these lottery syndicates, whereas normally only citizens from the UK itself are able to play.

UK Lottery – UK Lotto

This UK Lotto is played with 6 main numbers plus a “bonus ball” which is drawn twice a week after the 6 main numbers.

To win the Jackpot, players need to match 6 main numbers from the 49 numbers drawn which are numbered from 1 to 49.

Apart from the Jackpot itself, there are many other prizes to be won for matching either 3, 4 or 5 numbers or 5 numbers plus the “bonus ball”.

UK Lotto – How It Works...

When you play the UK Lotto with Love My Lotto, you join a 21 strong team of fellow players in a UK Lottery Syndicate.

Your lottery syndicate will then play in each UK Lotto draw on Wednesdays and Fridays every week for as long as you choose to play.

As this is a Multi Lottery Syndicate – you will also be entered into the massive Euro Lottery – EuroMillions – every Friday as well as the Euro Millions Millionaire Raffle draw plus 2 other special draws.

Your UK National Lottery syndicate will get between 16 and 80 separate entries into the UK National Lotto draw each month – depending upon which membership you choose.

By playing in a Love My Lotto UK Lottery Syndicate you are automatically entitled to take part in the EuroMillions for which your lotto syndicate will receive between 8 and 24 separate entries.

In addition to this your lottery syndicate will get between 8 and 24 separate entries into the Euro Millions Millionaire Raffle draws each month – depending upon which membership you choose.

Your lottery syndicate will also receive between 8 and 28 separate entries every month into the £1 Million Daily Draw. The Daily Draw is a based on the highly popular 49s game from the Irish Lottery and gives your lotto syndicate 7 chances every week to win the daily £1 Million jackpot on offer.

On top of all this – as a member of a UK National Lottery Syndicate – Love My Lotto will automatically enter you into one of their Bonus Lottery Syndicates where you will get a number of entries into the monthly Premium Bonds draw which offers a jackpot of £1 Million plus millions of other smaller prizes.

UK Lotto – Much Better Odds…

It is a well-known fact that 1 in 4 jackpots are won by lottery syndicates – a fact that is upheld by Camelot – organisers of the UK National Lottery and EuroMillions.

This in itself helps you increase chances of winning lottery games by a vast margin and provides you with much better odds of winning the lottery.

Being part of a Lottery Syndicate also means that you are sharing the cost when you buy lottery tickets online and with Love My Lotto you are part of a Lotto Syndicate that is only 21 in number.

So whilst having much greater winning power by being part of a 21 strong Love My Lotto syndicate you are – at the same time – not having to share your winnings with too many people when you actually do win the lottery.

A good all round balance, we’re sure you’ll agree…

All in all – having taken a good long look at the Lottery Syndicate system that is offered by Love My Lotto we feel that it provides great value for money and believe that any lottery system that seriously improves your odds of winning – especially in so many different games – has to be taken very seriously.

Love My Lotto Lottery Syndicate

UK Lotto – Value For Money

The cost of playing the UK Lotto and EuroMillions on your own with the UK National Lottery each week would be £4.00 or £16.00 every four weeks for your 12 single entries.

For £6.00 LESS than this – with Love My Lotto – you can enjoy the multiple benefits of playing in a UK Lottery & EuroMillions syndicate that gets 24 separate entries PLUS 8 entries into the £1 Million Daily Draw and 10 entries into the Premium Bonds draw.

You can also – as you will see in the table below – get up to 200 entries per syndicate if you choose.

The power gained by purchasing in bulk is very evident here...

Value For Money in the UK Lotto @ LoveMyLotto
Examples cover a
4 Week Cycle with
costs averaged
Love My Lotto
Love My Lotto
Love My Lotto
On Your Own
with the
UK Lotto Entries 80 40 16 8
EuroMillions Entries 24 12 8 4
Millionaire Raffle
24 12 8 4
£1 Million
Daily Draw Entries
28 16 8 4
Premium Bond
Draw Entries
40 15 10 0
Average Number of
Draws per Month
45 33 25 20
Average Number of
Chances per Month
200 100 50 34
Cost Per Chance 17pence 19pence 20pence UK lotto entries
£1 each
UK Lotto Daily Play entries £1 each
EuroMillions entries £2 each and include
Millionaire Raffle

We will soon be putting up a short but concise video that shows just how playing as part of a UK Lotto syndicate with Love My Lotto can be a really good move for you......

UK Lotto Syndicate – 4 Week Trial Offer…

Love My Lotto also offers players a special 4 week no obligation trial to play as part of one of their Multi Lottery syndicate systems.

In this 4 week trial you would receive 40 separate UK Lotto syndicate entries, 12 separate EuroMillions syndicate entries, 12 separate Millionaire Raffle syndicate entries and 16 separate entries into the £1 Million Daily Draw.

That’s 80 separate chances to win the lottery!

Take Advantage of the No Obligation Love My Lotto 4 Week Trial Offer

Summary of Benefits – Why Love My Lotto?

• Odds of a UK Lotto jackpot win much better by playing as part of a lottery syndicate
• Odds of winning lower level UK Lottery prizes vastly increased by playing in a syndicate
• More lines for your money – between 16 and 80 entries into the UK Lotto every month
• More lines for your money – between 8 and 24 entries into EuroMillions every month
• More lines for your money – between 8 and 24 entries into Millionaire Raffle every month
• More lines for your money – between 8 and 28 entries into the £1 Million Daily Draw each mth.
• More lines for your money – between 10 and 40 entries into the Premium Bonds draw each mth.
• Players from right around the world can join a UK Lottery syndicate with Love My Lotto
• Tickets purchased for you in advance of each draw every week by Love My Lotto
• Winnings automatically distributed to all syndicate members by
• Empty syndicate places automatically filled by Love My Lotto
• All Lottery Results instantly available at the click of a button on the Love My Lotto website
• Your own account where you can monitor your lottery winnings
• The whole process is fully managed & automated by
• Full Love My Lotto company support by office, telephone and email
• No having to spend time to buy lottery tickets for the UK National Lottery yourself
• No having to form, co-ordinate and run a lottery syndicate manually yourself
• No UK Lottery syndicate agreement legalities to worry about yourself
• Hassle free, simple, convenient and fun
• No more forgetting to purchase your UK Lottery tickets
• No concern about losing your UK Lottery tickets
• No concern about mis-checking your numbers
• No last minute panics when there is a big lottery jackpot rollover
• No having to collect your lottery winnings in person from a shop
• No deductions from your UK Lottery winnings by Love My Lotto
• 4 week no obligation trial period
• Comfort knowing that Love My Lotto is office based in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
• “No Publicity” option for Love My Lotto lottery syndicate members who achieve a big win
• All Lottery Syndicate systems and processes checked by accountants Grant Thornton

Make Your Entries Count…

1 in 4 National Lottery Jackpots are won by Syndicates…

Up to 45 draws & 200 chances to win every single month for each
Love My Lotto syndicate.

This works out at from just 17 pence per chance …

More Balls For Your Money…

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