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Current Jackpot $ 970,000,000

Mega Millions Lottery MegaMillions Jackpot

Most jackpot lottery games increase in size when they are not won by way of a Rollover until such time that the winning lottery numbers are selected.

Having said that – some lotteries Rollover more times and much more quickly than others and have much bigger incremental increases each time the top prize is not won – thus producing some absolutely huge – sometimes mind-boggling jackpots.

This is just what makes the Mega Millions jackpot stand out among the vast majority of world lotteries – the size that its jackpot often reaches.

Mega Millions Jackpot Overview

The Mega Millions jackpot figure is eagerly awaited twice every week after the draw has taken place every Tuesday and Friday evening.

The majority of lottery jackpots around the world tend to peak at anywhere between US$ 5 MILLION & US$ 15 MILLION and this, of course, would be a wonderful sum of money to win.

Since it began as The Big Game back in 1996 – the MegaMillions jackpot has produced an AVERAGE top prize of approximately US$ 49.37 MILLION and – now this is the really exciting bit – the Mega Millions Results will very regularly produce jackpots that Rollover to amounts that are very much larger than this.

You will see that – more often than not – the Mega Millions jackpot is being advertised at anything upwards of US$ 50 MILLION or even U$ 100 MILLION to US$ 200 MILLION making it among the TOP 2 World Lottery games in the whole of the lottery industry and certainly one of the richest lotteries available.

Every now & then the MegaMillions jackpot will quickly rise to even greater heights of over US$ 300 MILLION and occasionally even US$ 400 MILLION or more by which time the whole of the lottery playing world will be sitting up and taking notice.

This is what makes the Mega Millions Lottery such a firm favourite with so many millions of USA Lottery players right across America and the rest of the world.

Mega Millions Jackpot Rollover

The size of the Mega Millions jackpot figures mentioned above are frequent and most other world lotteries are quite simply not capable of producing lottery jackpots so high – the reasons for this we will explain shortly.

Most world lottery jackpot games that increase in size when the top prize is not won have a limit on how many times they can rollover before they roll down with the prize then being shared among the next level of prize winners.

With the Mega Millions – there is no limit at all as to how many times the MegaMillions jackpot can rollover when no-one correctly picks the Mega Millions winning numbers.

The fact that the Mega Millions lottery can rollover an unlimited number of times is one of the main reasons why the MegaMillions jackpot can reach such high levels.

To check out the size of the LATEST Mega Millions Jackpot...

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Mega Millions Jackpot Record

As we have seen – the MegaMillions lottery regularly produces some truly massive jackpots – the biggest Mega Millions jackpot to date being an incredible US$ 656 MILLION.

This record jackpot was won on March 30th 2012 by 3 Mega Millions winners from Maryland, Kansas and Illinois and stands as the 2nd largest lottery jackpot ever to have been won in the world to date.

The MegaMillions winning numbers for this record win were as follows… 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the Mega Ball was 23.

Apart from this amazing Mega Millions jackpot there have been numerous others in excess of US$ 300 MILLION.

The 2nd biggest MegaMillions jackpot to have been produced to date has been the US$ 648 MILLION won by 2 winning tickets from California and Georgia on December 17th 2013.

A previous record jackpot of US$ 390 MILLION was achieved on March 6th 2007 by 2 winners from Georgia and New Jersey and stood at the time as the largest lottery jackpot ever to have been won in lottery history.

The lucky Mega Millions winners concerned were Harold and Elaine Messner from Cape May County, New Jersey and Eddie Eugene Nabors from Rocky Face, Georgia.

A near record breaking Mega Millions jackpot was won on January 4th 2011 by 2 winners from Idaho and Washington who between them scooped a whopping US$ 380 MILLION.

August 28th 2009 saw the MegaMillions jackpot reach a fantastic US$ 336 MILLION which was shared between 2 winners from California and New York who correctly picked that draw's winning Mega Millions numbers.

4 lucky MegaMillions winners split the top prize on August 31st 2007 when a US$ 330 MILLION Mega Millions jackpot was won in Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia.

There was just 1 lucky Mega Millions winner from California who correctly predicted the Mega Millions lottery numbers for the draw on November 15th 2005 to take home US$ 315 MILLION.

A MegaMillions jackpot of US$ 312 MILLION was also won on Friday 25th March 2011 when a lucky Mega Millions winner from New York correctly predicted the Mega Millions winning numbers.

Mega Millions – Multi State Lottery...

Another of the main reasons that the Mega Millions lotto can easily produce such incredibly huge jackpot figures is that it is very much a Multi State lottery. So many of the State Lottery companies across the USA participate in the Mega Millions game and each of these 46 different States and Jurisdictions has a large proportion of lottery players that play Mega Millions and help to make up the vast Mega Millions prize pool.

With more and more States having joined in offering the MegaMillions game this can only mean one thing for the lucky MegaMillions winner – even bigger jackpot figures due to an ever increasing number of players contributing to the Mega Millions prize fund.

In addition to all the US Lottery players taking part – now that anyone from around the world can Play Mega Millions Online – there are so many players from outside the USA also trying to become Mega Millions winners that you can rest assured that the average size of the Mega Millions jackpot will only be going in one direction – upwards...

Mega Millions Jackpot Summary

It is now very easy to see how the Mega Millions game regularly offers some of the biggest and most exciting lottery jackpots in the world to play for.

The Mega Millions Lottery results speak for themselves – I’m sure we would all like to take advantage of the relevant and readily available Mega Millions Statistics to help us pick those winning Mega Millions numbers.

However you may purchase your Mega Millions Tickets – whether you play MegaMillions online or buy Mega Millions entries from your local store – you could certainly make your dreams come true and become a Mega Millions winner by taking part in the one of the biggest lottery games in the world.

See below for further details on how to play Mega Millions online and where to find the Mega Millions results including the very latest MegaMillions result and even past Mega Millions results.

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