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UK Millionaire Maker No. drawn Tue.16th August 2022


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Current Jackpot € 65,000,000 / £ 77,000,000

EuroMillions UK – Euro Millions Raffle

We are sure that you are very familiar with the EuroMillions – the huge EuroMillions Lottery – one of Europe’s largest lottery games and indeed, one of the richest lotteries in the entire world.

From November 7th 2009 the EuroMillions game in the United Kingdom – EuroMillions UK introduced an “add-on” game to its Euro Millions offering...the Millionaire Raffle which initially produced 1 extra millionaire every week every Friday.

As you will be aware, the Euro Lotto stretches across most of Europe and there are many countries with their National Lottery games involved in its participation – the UK National Lottery is just one of them.

The EuroMillions Raffle – Millionaire Raffle – is only applicable to players with Euro Lottery tickets that have been purchased in the UK and is now known as the UK Millionaire Maker.

EuroMillions Raffle Overview

Lottery tickets for the Euro Millions Lottery including the Millionaire Raffle game first went on sale in the United Kingdom on Saturday 7th November 2009 with the first EuroMillions draw – including the £1 MILLION RAFFLE – taking place back on Friday 13th November 2009.

The idea behind this new Euro Lottery game was to create at least one new Millionaire every week – TWO new Millionaires each week once the Tuesday draw was introduced on May 10th 2011.

With effect from October 2014 – the Millionaire Raffle was renamed the UK Millionaire Maker and was revamped yet again under the EuroMillions rule changes of September 24th 2016 with an extra 2 Millionaires being created each week.

This means that every week now – there will be 2 UK Millionaire Maker draws on a Tuesday and 2 more on a Friday producing an additional 4 UK Millionaires on top of the main EuroMillions draw.

This makes the EuroMillions game even more exciting for everyone who plays – because even if the Euro Millions Results have not worked in your favour and you have not been lucky enough to select the correct Euro Millions Numbers to win the jackpot or even any of the lesser EuroMillions prizes – you still have the chance of becoming a Euro Millions winner and becoming £1 MILLION better off 4 times every week.

To compensate for this extra £4 MILLION that the UK EuroMillions is giving away each week – the UK National Lottery and Camelot the organisers – increased the price of all EuroMillions Tickets (purchased in the UK only) to £2.50.

Some exciting changes to the EUROMILLIONS took place on Sept. 24th 2016.

  • The starting jackpot has been increased to €17 Million / £14 Million

  • Euro Millions "Lucky Stars" now drawn from 1 to 12 and not 1 to 11

  • More frequent rollover draws producing a BIGGER EuroMillions Jackpot

  • EuroMillions jackpot cap can remain at €190 Million for up to 5 draws

  • EuroMillions Superdraw starting jackpot increased to €130 Million

  • 2 Extra UK Millionaire Maker draws per week meaning 4 per week in total

  • €1 Million "The Million" EuroMillions Raffle introduced in Spain on Fridays

  • EuroMillions Millionaire draw several times per year with 25 x €1 Million

EuroMillions Raffle How it Works

As explained, the UK Millionaire Maker or EuroMillions Raffle is an additional game to the EuroMillions Lottery and if you buy EuroMillions in the UK you will automatically be entered into this Millionaire Raffle draw TWICE at absolutely no extra cost to the standard price of your EuroMillions tickets.

This means that every time you Play EuroMillions you will get 2 extra chances of becoming a millionaire.

All EuroMillions tickets sold in the UK will have 2 special and unique Millionaire Raffle numbers printed on them that will be made up of 4 letters and 5 numbers (for example... DEFG456781).

These numbers are unique to each player and will be randomly generated for each line of Euro Millions UK that you purchase.

The draw for the UK Millionaire Maker EuroMillions Raffle will take place immediately after the main EuroMillions results are drawn on Tuesday and Friday evenings and will be broadcast in the UK on BBC1 at approximately 11.35pm GMT.

The winning lottery numbers for Raffle will be drawn by an ADM – Automatic Draw Machine (or Random Number Generator).

EuroMillions Raffle Odds of Winning

The odds you can enjoy for the UK Millionaire Maker Millionaire Raffle game are estimated at 1 in 3.5 million on Tuesday drawings and 1 in 9.2 million on Friday drawings. The actual odds of winning one of the two guaranteed £1 Million prizes in eacn draw will depend upon how many EuroMillions tickets have been purchased in the UK for that particular EuroMillions draw.

This is not bad at all when you consider that you will not be paying anything extra to enter the EuroMillions Raffle game – it will be a free lottery game for all those who buy entries into the EuroMillions UK – whether you buy lottery tickets online or play from your local shop.

If you play Euro Millions on the internet as many people do today it is strongly advisable that you use a fully authorised and accredited lottery ticket sales company such as or WinTrillions.

Extra £4 MILLION Guaranteed Every Week

The UK Millionaire Maker Millionaire Raffle from the EuroMillions UK MUST be won – it cannot rollover and therefore will be a guaranteed £4 MILLION which will be won every single week – over and above the EuroMillions jackpot and thousands of other Euro Millions prizes.

That's an extra 2 x £1 Million prizes every Tuesday evening plus an extra  2 x £1 Million prizes every Friday evening.

EuroMillions Raffle What You Need To Do

To play the Millionaire Raffle you do not need to do anything other than to play Euro Millions UK in your normal way.

Then simply look for the unique EuroMillions Raffle number that is printed on your EuroMillions Tickets.

Once you have done this just check the EuroMillions Results either online or watch the EuroMillions draw take place live on BBC1 on Tuesday and Friday evenings to see if you have become a EuroMillions winner and have one of the winning EuroMillions Raffle numbers drawn – if you have one of the two UK Millionaire Maker numbers printed on your EuroMillions ticket – you will be £1 MILLION better off immediately.

EuroMillions Online EuroMillions Raffle

If you buy lottery tickets for the UK EuroMillions Online you will also be entered into the UK Millionaire Maker Millionaire Raffle draw automatically when you play EuroMillions just the same as someone who decides to buy EuroMillions entries from their local shop.

This is great news as your lottery ticket sales agency will take care of this for you when you play the Euro Lottery online – your online lottery tickets for the UK EuroMillions game will all have a special number that is allocated to them for your EuroMillions UK Raffle participation.

So, whichever way you decide to play Euro Lottery games it does not matter – whether you buy lottery tickets online or not – you will enjoy 2 extra chances to win £1 MILLION every time you play.

EuroMillions Raffle Summary

The addition to the EuroMillion game of the UK Millionaire Maker EuroMillions Raffle now means that each and every year – at least 208 EXTRA MILLIONAIRES will be created throughout the UK in this great European lottery.

This will be over and above all the normal Euro Millions jackpot winnings and the many thousands of other Euro Millions prizes that will be won each week.

Good luck in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker – EuroMillions Raffle...

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Please note that the EuroMillions UK – Millionaire Raffle – is not to be confused with the game of the same name that is offered by some other world lotteries.

Other National Lottery and State Lotteries that offer a Millionaire Raffle game are:- The Irish Lottery, Florida Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Michigan Lottery, Arizona Lottery, Kansas Lottery and Pennsylvania Lottery.

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