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Current Jackpot € 65,000,000 / £ 77,000,000

Euro Million Prizes EuroMillions Prizes

The most popular European Lottery game – EuroMillions – offers players some of the truly greatest lottery prizes available in the world of lottery today.

EuroMillions prizes are very much anticipated after every Euro Millions draw has taken place on Tuesday and Friday evenings – everyone, of course, is hoping to win the EuroMillions jackpot prize but it should not be forgotten that there will also be many thousands of separate Euro Millions prizes up for grabs twice every week.

Just how many different Euro Millions prizes are you able to win every time that you Play Euro Millions and how much are they worth?

What are the odds of the Euro Millions lottery results working in my favour and becoming a Euro Millions winner and being able to take home some of these valuable Euro Millions prizes?

All of these questions about the Euro Millions lottery results will be answered for you in this section...

Some exciting changes to the EUROMILLIONS took place on Sept. 24th 2016.

  • The starting jackpot has been increased to €17 Million / £14 Million

  • Euro Millions "Lucky Stars" now drawn from 1 to 12 and not 1 to 11

  • More frequent rollover draws producing a BIGGER EuroMillions Jackpot

  • EuroMillions jackpot cap can remain at €190 Million for up to 5 draws

  • EuroMillions Superdraw starting jackpot increased to €130 Million

  • 2 Extra UK Millionaire Maker draws per week meaning 4 per week in total

  • €1 Million "The Million" EuroMillions Raffle introduced in Spain on Fridays

  • EuroMillions Millionaire draw several times per year with 25 x €1 Million

13 Different Ways to Win EuroMillions

Well, there are more categories in which you can win the lottery with the Euro Lottery game than in most other world lotteries.

In fact there are now 13 separate ways in which you can win the lottery when you play EuroMillions – giving you an excellent chance of winning at least one of the many Euro Millions prizes on offer.

Simply put – this means that you have more chances of the Euro Millions lottery results working for you and thus winning the lottery when you Play Euro Millions than you do with the majority of other world lotto games.

The categories of Euro Millions prizes range from matching ALL 5 of the MAIN EuroMillions numbers PLUS the 2 "Lucky Star" numbers right down to correctly matching just 2 of the MAIN Euro Millions numbers PLUS 1 "Lucky Star" or even ONLY 1 MAIN number PLUS the 2 "Lucky Stars".

The table below shows you the 13 different categories of Euro Millions prizes to be won with an approximate value for each of the prize tiers as well as some important Euro Millions Statistics – the odds of winning in each of the 13 different levels of EuroMillions prizes.

How the Euro Millions PRIZES & ODDS Are Calculated

MAIN Euro Millions Numbers


EuroMillions Win (Estimated)

Odds of Winning




1 in 139,838,160




1 in 6,991,908




1 in 3,107,514




1 in 621,502




1 in 31,075




1 in 13,811




1 in 14,125




1 in 706




1 in 313




1 in 985




1 in 49




1 in 21




1 in 187

Overall odds of winning ANY EuroMillions Prize is 1 in 13

How are EuroMillions Prizes Calculated?

The size of the Euro Millions jackpot and all of the other Euro Millions prizes on the various levels depends entirely upon how many EuroMillions Tickets have been sold in the week prior to the EuroMillions draw.

Basically, the more EuroMillions tickets that have been sold across Europe and the world – the higher the EuroMillions jackpot will be and the higher the other EuroMillions prizes will be.

So, the above table is based on Euro Millions lottery results averages but with the Euro Millions lottery being played right across Europe and even the rest of the world – you can be assured that the Euro Millions prizes will be some of the richest in the world of lotteries.

EuroMillions Rollover

One thing that sets the Euro Lotto apart from the majority of other world lotteries is the Euro Millions rollover jackpot.

The EuroMillions Rollover can occur each time the EuroMillions jackpot is not won right up until it reaches its jackpot cap limit of €190 Million – a fantastically high level that it can remain at for up to 5 draws.

At this point if the Euro Millions lottery results still have not produced a jackpot win then the jackpot will “roll down” to those players who have the correct Euro Millions Numbers on the next winning prize level.

Whilst most other jackpot lottery games around the world do rollover in the same way as the Euro Million game – it is in fact the actual huge SIZE of the increases in Euro Millions prizes when the Euro Millions lottery results produce a Rollover that makes the Euro Lotto stand out from the rest.

These large Euro Millions jackpot increases are simply due to the VAST number of players that the Euro Million game has across Europe and the rest of the world.

EuroMillions Jackpot Prizes

The majority of world lottery jackpots tend to PEAK at somewhere between US$5 Million & US$15 Million (€3 Million to €10 Million or £2¾ Million to £9 Million) and this, of course, would be a wonderful sum of money to win.

The EuroMillion Jackpot, however, will BEGIN at €17 Million (£14 MillionUS$19 Million) and – this is the exciting bit – the EuroMillions will very regularly Rollover to sums very much larger than this making for some very interesting Euro Millions lottery results.

You will see that – more often than not – the Euro Millions jackpot is being advertised at anything from between €40 Million up to €80 Million (£36 Million to £72 MillionUS$45 Million to US$90 Million) or even more, making it certainly among the top 2 Euro Lotto games and indeed one of the richest lotteries in the entire lottery playing world.

Quite often the EuroMillions jackpot will rise to even greater even levels of well over €100 Million (£90 MillionUS$112 Million) by which time most of the lottery world will be looking on in anticipation of just who will be the big Euro Millions winner.

Record Euro Millions Prizes

The Euro Millions lottery results produced a long standing record holder for the Euro Millions jackpot in Dolores McNamara from Ireland who scooped a whopping €115,436,126 when she won an 11 week Euro Millions rollover jackpot back on July 29th 2005 – this was the largest EuroMillions win on a single ticket.

Dolores McNamara bought her EuroMillions tickets just a mile from her home in Ireland using the "Lucky Dip" – Quick Pick method so she didn’t even choose her own numbers – instead letting a Random Number Generator or Lotto Number Picker do the work.

Dolores' Euro Millions jackpot record was broken yet again when a woman from Spain won an huge €126 Million on May 8th 2009 after the Euro Millions lottery results went in her favour. This is currently the biggest single ticket win on the EuroMillions lottery.

She decided to Play EuroMillions Online and ended up changing her life all for the price of a cup of coffee.

This huge Spanish win has been superceded numerous times since with EuroMillions wins such as the €129,618,406 jackpot win of February 12th 2010 by 1 UK and 1 Spanish winner.

Also on October 8th 2010 a win of €129,818,431 (£113,019,926) was claimed by 1 UK EuroMillions player, September 13th 2011 saw one lucky French EuroMillions player win a jackpot of €162,256,622 and on November 13th 2012 another player from France won the staggering amount of €169,837,010.

Some of the overall biggest jackpots produced by the Euro Millions lottery results have been the incredible €183 Million win back on February 3rd 2006 which was shared by 3 lucky winners – 2 from France and 1 from Portugal and the November 17th 2006 win of €183 Million won by 20 separate people.

The 2nd largest EuroMillions Jackpot win so far, however, goes to the July 12th 2011 win of €185,000,000 (£161,653,000) won by Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in Scotland.

The overall biggest EuroMillions jackpot wins to date are the €190,000,000 (£148,656,00) win of August 10th 2012 by Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Suffolk in the UK and the €190,000,000 (£149,758,000.00) win of October 24th 2014 which was won by an single anonymous ticket holder from Castelo Branco in Portugal.

Odds of Winning Euro Millions Prizes

As you can see from the Euro Millions prize and odds table above – the odds of you winning the Euro Millions range from a more distant 1 in 139.83 million to win the Euro Millions jackpot right down to just 1 in 21 for matching 2 of the MAIN Euro Millions numbers.

The actual overall odds of winning ANY of the thousands of EuroMillions prizes on offer are a very respectable 1 in 13.

There are also numerous proven ways and methods in which we can increase chances of winning lottery games such as the EuroMillions – let’s take a quick look at that now...

Increase Chances of Winning Lottery EuroMillions

All you need to do to encourage the Euro Millions lottery results to work better for you – instead of buying more EuroMillions tickets – is to join together with a group of like-minded EuroMillion players and pool your resources when you play Euro Millions.

This not only lets you share the cost of playing but also gives you many more lines in the EuroMillions draw and also, therefore, many more chances of being able to win the lottery.

The way to do this is by joining a lottery syndicate – and the trick here is to find the right EuroMillions syndicate for you – or even the best Euro Millions syndicate to produce the best Euro Millions lottery results.

Love My Lotto Lottery Syndicate

EuroMillions Syndicate

It’s hard to believe really that a lottery system or lottery syndicate can honestly give you so many more entries for your money – but it’s true – there is a particular Euro Lottery syndicate that gives you between 16 and 80 separate entries every 4 weeks...

...the world’s very first Multi Lottery Syndicate from Love My Lotto

In addition to your EuroMillions entries – this Euro Millions syndicate also gives you entries into 4 other games – the EuroMillions UK add-on EuroMillions Raffle, the UK Lotto plus the UK Lotto Raffle draw and the £1 Million Daily Millions.

In fact you would get between 32 & 160 separate entries into the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle, between 16 and 80 separate entries into the UK Lotto and between 16 and 80 separate entries into 1 UK Lotto Raffle draw for £1 Million and 20 £20,000 draws. You would also get between 8 and 28 separate entries into the £1 Million Daily Millions draw.

In total – by playing the EuroMillions as part of a Love My Lotto syndicate you would get between 72 and 320 different chances to win a jackpot prize every single month!

Take a look for yourself at the Euro Millions lotto syndicate options that are available from Love My Lotto and the LoveMyLotto parent company – The Jackpot Store Ltd.

When you Play Euro Millions as part of a Love My Lotto EuroMillions syndicate you get so many more entries for your money.

This – coupled with the Multi Lottery aspect of the syndicate system – means that you not only increase chances of winning lottery games such as the EuroMillions but you should win more than you would normally every time you do have a win.

Euro Millions Lottery Results Summary...

The Euro Millions lottery results produce some of the richest lottery prizes in the world and have more prize categories available to be won than most other lottery games can offer.

You can check the very latest Euro Millions lottery results right after the draws each Tuesday and Friday in various ways – either by visiting the Euro Millions Lottery Results page from Global Lottery Review or watching the draw live where it is televised – such as on BBC1 in the UK at 11.35pm on Fridays.

When will the Euro Millions lottery results produce a brand new record jackpot? Only time will tell – as well as the frequent rollovers there is always another EuroMillions Superdraw that is not far away that will be just waiting to be won.

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