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EuroMillions Winners EuroMillions Winner

In this section we take a look at some Euro Millions Winner facts, figures and stories that have lit up the world of lotteries over the years.

We will be looking at the stories of some of the biggest and most lucrative Euro Millions Prizes since the Euro Lotto began back in February 2004.

Some of these jackpots really are the biggest to be won in the history of any European lottery games – and dwarf most of the prizes available in most other lotteries around the world.

These EuroMillions winner stories are inspiring to say the least and just goes to show what can happen when the EuroMillions results go in your favour and you are playing one of the world’s richest lottery games – the EuroMillions.

BIGGEST EVER Wins in UK Lottery History

The biggest lottery wins in the history of UK Lottery games go to the following 2 massive Euro Millions Jackpot wins that occured in 2011 and 2012 the EuroMillions results on both occasions producing truly mind-boggling jackpots.

Firstly there was the massive Euro Millions jackpot win of €185,000,000 (£161,653,000) that was claimed by one lucky couple from Largs in Ayrshire, Scotland – Colin and Chris Weir – on Tuesday July 12th 2011.

The Weir's struck lucky with their monumental Euro jackpot win when they correctly picked the winning Euro Millions Numbers which were 17, 19, 38, 42, 45 and the Lucky Stars 09 and 10.

Next came the €190,000,000 (£148,656,000) Euro Millions jackpot win on August 10th 2012 again going to UK EuroMillions players – Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Haverhill in Suffolk – who found fortune with the numbers 11, 17, 21, 48, 50 and the Lucky Stars, coincidentally, 09 and 10.

So, as you can see, the EuroMillions jackpot DOES reach the lofty heights of €190 MILLIONthe Bayford's win in 2012 being the biggest ever win in Euros whilst the Weir's 2011 win is the biggest ever so far in Pounds Sterling due to the differences in the exchange rate at the time.

The EuroMillions jackpot limit of €190 MILLION was also reached a couple of years later when an anonymous tickt holder from Castelo Branco in Portugal won the record equalling jackpot on October 24th 2014. The equivalent in sterling on this historic occasion was £149,758,000.

PREVIOUS Biggest Win in UK Lotto History

The first EuroMillions winner story that we will talk about in detail is the reasonably recent Euro Millions jackpot win that took place on Friday 7th November 2009.

There were 2 EuroMillions tickets that week which matched the correct Euro Millions numbers and they were both purchased in the U.K.

The EuroMillions draw that took place that week created a whopping Euro Millions jackpot of €102 Million (£91 Million) after rolling over for a number of weeks producing the biggest lottery win in British lottery history and paying out the largest ever lottery prizes in the U.K.

So, £91 Million was shared between the holders of 2 EuroMillions tickets in the U.K. – a 7 strong EuroMillions syndicate from Merseyside and a husband and wife from Newport in Wales.

Each lucky Euro Millions winner scooped an amazing £45,570,835.50 – the Euro Millions syndicate members each receiving over £6.5 Million each.

The winners in Wales were Mr. Les Scadding & his wife Samantha who live in Caerleon and they have well overtaken the previous UK lotto record for the biggest individual lottery win held by Angela Kelly who won £35.4 Million in 2007.

Angela Kelly was more than happy to congratulate the new EuroMillions record holders – saying – "I want to congratulate the lucky winners on taking my National Lottery title. My win has enabled me to bring a great deal of happiness to my friends and family, which has in turn made me very happy. I wish the new winner the best of luck."

The 7 Euro Millions syndicate members were Emma Cartwright, 23, Donna Rhodes, 39, Sean Connor 32, James Bennett 28, Ceri Scullion 35, the youngest member Alex Parry 19 and the syndicate leader John Walsh 57.

They are all work (or maybe DID work!) for Hewlett Packard carrying out IT work for British Telecom and actually thought they were just about to be made redundant when they received the call telling them that they had won the EuroMillions jackpot!

The EuroMillions results produced the following combination of winning Euro Millions numbers for them which were drawn as follows: 11, 19, 34, 43, 45 and the 2 Lucky Stars were 5 and 9.

Some exciting changes to the EUROMILLIONS took place on Sept. 24th 2016.

  • The starting jackpot has been increased to €17 Million / £14 Million

  • Euro Millions "Lucky Stars" now drawn from 1 to 12 and not 1 to 11

  • More frequent rollover draws producing a BIGGER EuroMillions Jackpot

  • EuroMillions jackpot cap can remain at €190 Million for up to 5 draws

  • EuroMillions Superdraw starting jackpot increased to €130 Million

  • 2 Extra UK Millionaire Maker draws per week meaning 4 per week in total

  • €1 Million "The Million" EuroMillions Raffle introduced in Spain on Fridays

  • EuroMillions Millionaire draw several times per year with 25 x €1 Million

Euro Millions Winner How Does it Feel?

Here is what each of the Euro Millions Syndicate members had to say about achieving the correct EuroMillions results and each becoming a record Euro Millions winner...

John Walsh“I couldn’t sleep on Sunday morning so ended up checking the numbers on teletext at 3 am. I couldn’t believe it when all our numbers came up I had to wake up my wife, son and daughter so they could double check i wasn’t dreaming! We are now looking forward to a fabulous Christmas, hopefully starting with a family trip to New York which is one of our favourite places, for a spot of Christmas shopping.”

Emma Cartwright“My Dad, Barry, was made redundant from his job with General Motors earlier this year so this couldn’t have come at a better time for us. I’ll be helping out my family and also paying off my mortgage. It’s just the best early Christmas present I could’ve hoped for.”

Donna Rhodes“I didn’t have any holidays left and was due to work all over Christmas so the best news is i won’t have to any more – instead i can hand in my notice. My Gladys is in her 70s and is the sole carer for my Brother who suffers from MS so we are hoping to buy a big house so they can come and live with us and we can help look after him as well. We’d also love a little holiday home in Malta. Ms. Rhodes got the good news when she was attending a Remembrance Sunday parade – and said “I shouted with joy and started dancing down the street – I think everybody thought I had gone completely loopy! It is such an amazing feeling.”

Sean Connor“When i saw John (Walsh) was calling me on a Sunday I really feared the worst & thought it must be to tell me that we had been made redundant. Instead he told me that we had won the lottery. I couldn’t believe it – it has always been my dream to travel to South America so i’m planning a trip there as soon as possible.”

James Bennett“I honestly can’t remember how I felt when I heard the news that we had won – it’s a complete blank. I have never owned a house and always rented so our first priority is to buy our own place. We have already been searching on the internet and it is the most amazing feeling to be able to click the button which says ‘no maximum price’. It’s hard to believe that these dream homes we’re looking at are now in our price range. The best thing is knowing I can now support my children for the rest of their lives – there is simply no better feeling than that.”

Ceri Scullion“My Mother passed away earlier this year and she loved to do the lottery so i’m convinced she had something to do with me winning. It’s very sad that I can’t share this with her but i know she would have been happy for me and the family. I was in the beautician’s having a manicure when John called me with the news – the whole salon was jumping around celebrating with me – it was amazing. The salon owner (even) called me up afterwards and asked me if i wanted to buy her business from her. I want to give money to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital because they have been very good to my children – both have medical issues.”

Alex Parry – The youngest Euro Millions syndicate member Miss Parry, has promised to make sure her family “all have a nice Christmas”. Her Sister – who works in the same office but was not a member of the EuroMillions syndicate said “Oh my God – you’ve got all that money” and Alex has said “I’ve told her i’ll give her some but she’s a bit gutted and jealous.”

It is interesting to note that only around 25% of Euro Millions lottery jackpot winners – indeed all lotto jackpot winners – tend to opt for publicity when the EuroMillions results go in their favour. So we are very fortunate to be able to read and hear the thoughts of those lucky enough to be blessed with winning such a prize as a truly enormous Euro Millions rollover jackpot. We wish them all the very best for their futures.

It is also interesting to note that when the EuroMillions results produce such a huge EuroMillions lottery prize which is won and shared by more than one ticket – it is actually highly unusual for these separate winning EuroMillions tickets to come from the very same country – in this case the U.K.

Another Record Euro Millions Winner

The largest ever Euro Millions jackpot to have been won by the holder of a single EuroMillions lottery ticket at the time – was the incredible amount of €126 million (£110 million) which was won by a woman from Spain when the EuroMillions results were announced back in May 2009.

No further information is available on this lucky Spanish EuroMillions winner as she opted for the ‘privacy’ option when she realised that she had correctly correctly predicted the EuroMillions results that week.

On this occasion the Euro Millions experienced a Rollover that occurred 6 times before being won – the EuroMillions results here were 4, 23, 24, 29, 31 & the 2 Lucky Stars were 8 and 9.

This huge Euro Lottery win is also believed to have been the largest amount ever paid out to a single ticket lottery winner in a single lump sum having taken over from the previous EuroMillion record holder from Ireland – Dolores McNamara – whom we shall look at next...

A Previous Record Euro Millions Winner

From back in July 2005 until the big EuroMillions win in Spain in May 2009 – Dolores McNamara, 45, held the record for being the biggest single ticket Euro Millions winner – when she claimed an astonishing €115 million (£77 million).

This time the EuroMillions results produced a 9 times Rollover before the winning lottery numbers were selected proving Dolores McNamara to be the lucky winner of a record Euro Millions jackpot on July 29th 2005.

Dolores – a housewife and Mother of 6 from Ireland – bought her ticket in Garryowen, Limerick, Eire and used the Lucky DipQuick Pick – option. This means that Dolores hadn’t even selected her own personal Euro Millions numbers which instantly made her the 72nd richest person in Ireland as soon as the EuroMillions results were announced.

Her actual win amounted to €115,436,126 which she claimed from the Irish Lottery headquarters in Dublin having been working as a part-time cleaning lady at the Limerick Youth Centre.

For 9 months after becoming a record Euro Millions winner Dolores continued to live in her average bungalow in Limerick with her husband and children before moving to a €1.7 million hall in County Clare.

The EuroMillions results that made Dolores a record EuroMillions winner were made up of the numbers 3, 19, 26, 49, 50 and the two Lucky Star numbers 4 and 5.

The Largest Euro Millions Jackpots at the Time

The highest a Euro Millions jackpot had ever reached by early 2006 was a mind-boggling €183 Million (£134 Million) after the latest EuroMillions results produced an 11 times rollover in February 2006 and was shared by 3 Euro Millions winners who had correctly matched the jackpot numbers.

Of these 3, there were 2 winning EuroMillions Tickets from France & 1 Euro millions winner from Portugal – they each received €60 Million.

This record €183 million EuroMillions jackpot was matched yet again later the same year in November 2006 only this time there was no-one who had correctly correctly predicted the EuroMillions results and selected all of the winning Euro Millions numbers.

As the game had already rolled over 11 times and this was the 12th EuroMillions draw in the sequence – it was time for the Euro Lotto jackpot to “roll down”.

This meant that the huge jackpot was paid out to all holders of EuroMillions tickets that were winners on the next level down in the EuroMillions results – matching 5 numbers and 1 Lucky Star.

This amounted to 20 separate EuroMillions tickets with each Euro Millions winner getting 5% of the €183 Million prize pot – a total of €9.6 Million each. Of these 20 winning EuroMillions Tickets – 7 were from the U.K., 4 from France, 3 from Spain, 3 from Portugal, 2 from Ireland and 1 from Belgium.

Euro Millions Winner Summary

We look forward very much to adding to this Euro Millions Winner – EuroMillions results – section as time goes by – it will surely only be a matter of time before the existing Euro Millions winner records are overtaken and the EuroMillions results create brand new record holders.

It would be great to be able to include your name and story as a lucky EuroMillions winner of a truly enormous Euro Jackpot prize.

See below for an at-a-glance table showing you the largest and most important EuroMillions jackpot wins produced by EuroMillions results over the years...

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BIGGEST EuroMillions Jackpot WINS in DATE Order


Prize Money

Euro Millions Winner / s

EuroMillions Results - Other Info.

January 29th 2016

€132,376,632 (£100,765,091)

2 Winning Tickets - France & Ireland

Both of these ticket holders decided to remain anonymous.

November 20th 2015

€163,553,041 (£114,814,234.00)

1 Winning Ticket - Portugal

The anonymous winner purchased their ticket in Eiras, Community of Coimbra.

June 12th 2015

€129,204,405 (£93,388,943.90)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

This UK jackpot winner dcided to remain anonymous.

March 6th 2015

€100,000,000 (£72,180,000.00)

1 Winning Ticket - Portugal

Another anonymous jackpot winner. Ticket bought in Margaride, Community of Felgueiras.

October 24th 2014

€190,000,000 (£149,758,000.00)

1 Winning Ticket - Portugal

Winning ticket holder remains anonymous - from Castelo Branco.

June 13th 2014

€137,313,501 (£109,589,905)

1 Winning Ticket -Spain

Another winner wishes to remain anonymous - this time from Paria, Madrid.

March 14th 2014

€129,384,564 (£107,932,603.20)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

Neil Trotter from Coulsdon in Greater London.

January 7th 2014

€130,277,770 (£108,247,799)

2 Winning Tickets - Spain & France

Two anonymous jackpot winners who bought their tickets in Noia, Galicia, Spain and in Indre-et-Loire, France.

November 15th 2013

€100,000,000 (£83,830,000)

1 Winning Ticket - Spain

This anonymous jackpot winner bought their ticket in Almunecar in the province of Granada.

August 23rd 2013

€93,948,087 (£80,738,985)

1 Winning Ticket - Switzerland

An anonymous winner from the Siwss canton of Valais.

June 25th 2013

€187,937,614 (£159,559,034)

2 Winning Tickets - Ireland & Belgium

Both winners remained anonymous but tickets were purchased in the Dublin area & the Belgian province of Limburg.

May 28th 2013

€95,372,874 (£81,381,673.30)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

This EuroMillions UK jackpot winner decided to remain anonymous.

March 29th 2013

€132,486,744 (£112,017,541)

1 Winning Ticket - France

Another French ticket holder that remains anonymious - winning ticket sold in Seine-et-Marne.

December 21st 2012

€101,835,641 (£83,087,699)

1 Winning Ticket - France

The winning ticket was sold in Haute-Garonne but the winner wishes to remain anonymous.

November 13th 2012

€169,837,010 (£136,124,363)

1 Winning Ticket - France

Another Euro Millions jackpot winner keeps their name private here - this time from France.

September 28th 2012

€100,000,000 (£79,750,000)

1 Winning Ticket - Spain

The lucky Spanish winner of this Euro Millions jackpot took up the 'privacy' option available to keep their name/s from the public eye.

August 10th 2012

€190,000,000 (£148,656,000)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Haverhill, Suffolk in England crete a new record (in Euros) for a UK EuroMillions jackpot win.

October 7th 2011

€117,705,979 (£101,203,600.70)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

Just one winning EuroMillions ticket scooped the jackpot and was purchased by Dave and Anglea Dawes from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in England.

September 13th 2011

€162,256,622 (£141,872,754.94)

1 Winning Ticket - France

This single ticket jackpot winner came from France and elected to keep his/her name private.

July 12th 2011

€185,000,000 (£161,653,000)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

The biggest win in UK lottery history went to Colin & Chris Weir from Largs in Ayshire, Scotland.

May 13th 2011

€121,019,633 (£105,892,179)

1 Winning Ticket - Spain

Delgardo Rodríguez - a 30 year old baker from Pilas in Seville was the only jackpot winner in this draw.

October 8th 2010

€129,818,431 (£113,019,926)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

Another winner who decided to keep their identity private and once again, the biggest lottery win so far in the UK.

May 14th 2010

€100,037,101 (£84,451,321)

1 Winning Ticket - UK

The biggest win in UK lottery history to date - the winner/s decided to remain anonymous and it is not known whether it was an individual or a lotto syndicate.

February 12th 2010

€129,618,406 (£112,016,226)

2 Winning Tickets - Spain & UK

The UK EuroMillions winners were Nigel Page & Justine Laycock from Cirencester, Glos.who scooped £56,008,113.20 alongside the Spanish winners.

November 6th 2009

€102 million (£91 million)

2 Winning Tickets - both UK

2 Winners get £45.5 million each - 1 was a EuroMillions syndicate from Liverpool & the other a married couple from Newport in Wales.

September 18th 2009

€100 million (£89 million)

15 Player EuroMillions Syndicate

Each member of the winning EuroMillions Syndicate wins more than €6 million.

May 8th 2009

€126 million (£110 million)

1 Winning Ticket - Spain

Euro Lottery Record - Jackpot Rolled Over 6 times. Largest ever jackpot to be won by single ticket holder - also World record for single lump sum to single ticket winner.

March 6th 2009

€100 million

2 Winning Tickets

Two winners receive €50 million each - sharing the jackpot

September 26th 2008

€130 million

15 Winning Tickets for Superdraw

No-one matched all numbers - Superdraw jackpot paid to those with 5 numbers & 1 Lucky Star. Each received almost €9.2 million

September 5th 2008

€119 million

2 Winning Tickets

2 winners recieve almost €60 million each - sharing the jackpot

February 8th 2008

€130 million

16 Winning Tickets for Superdraw

No-one matched all numbers - Superdraw jackpot paid to those with 5 numbers & 1 Lucky Star. Each received almost €8.6 million

September 28th 2007

€130 million

14 Winning Tickets for Superdraw

No-one matched all numbers - Superdraw jackpot paid to those with 5 numbers & 1 Lucky Star. Each received almost €9.8 million

August 31st 2007

€39 million (£29.1 million)

1 Winning Ticket - France

Jackpot won by French guitarist Vaccaro Joseph (Jimmy) who resigned from his job as a statistician straight after winning

August 10th 2007

€52.6 million (£35.4 million)

1 Winning Ticket - UK, Scotland

UK Lottery record. Jackpot won by Angela Kelly, a former Royal Mail worker from East Kilbride in Scotland - the largest ever UK Lottery win

February 9th 2007

€100 million (£67.9 million)

1 Winning Ticket - Belgium

Unnamed Belgium man won with ticket bought in Tienen. Record Belgium lottery win & 3rd biggest in history of EuroMillions results

November 17th 2006

€183 million (£124 million)

20 Winning Tickets for "Roll Down" - 7 UK, 4 France, 3 Spain, 3 Portugal, 1 Belgium

No-one matched all numbers after the Euro Lotto rolled over 11 times. Jackpot shared by 20 tickets matching 5 nos. & 1 Lucky Star - each receiving €9.6 million (£7.1 million)

March 31st 2006

€75,753,123 (£56,608,222)

1 Winning Ticket - Belgium

Jackpot won by unnamed Belgian man after rolling over 6 times.

February 3rd 2006

€183 million (£134 million)

3 Winning Tickets - 2 France, 1 Portugal

3 people win jackpot after EuroMillions results produce an 11 times rollover. Each received €60 million

July 25th 2005

€115 million (£77 million)

1 Winning Ticket - Ireland

EuroMillions record. Jackpot won by Dolores McNamara - a 45 year old Irish housewife after EuroMillions results produce a 9 times rollover. Biggest individual EuroMillions win until May 2009

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