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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Gordito
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Mexico Lottery – Loteria Nacional de Mexico

Lottery games in Mexico are amongst the oldest in the world dating right back as far as 1770 when the very first Latin American Lottery was created.

Mexico’s inaugural lottery draw occurred on May 13th 1771 and was then called the Real Lotería General de la Nueva España. Within 10 years of beginning the profits from these earliest of  Mexico Lottery Games were being directed towards homes for orphaned children.

Before the National Lottery of Mexico – Loteria Nacional de Mexico – came into being around the early 1900s, there were various other Mexico Lottery games throughout the years including lotteries for the States and lotteries for the Capital.

Loteria Nacional Mexicana games incurred a brief period of suspension between the years of 1915 to 1920 and in 1920 became known as Lotería Nacional para la Beneficencia Pública which translates to National Lottery for Public Welfare.

In 1940 this body was renamed as the Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública – which means the Mexico National Lottery for Public Assistance – a name that all Mexico Lottery players know today under the abbreviation Lotenal.

Lotenal – Loteria Nacional Mexico

The company that deals with the operation of Mexico Lotto games today is the Loteria Nacional de Mexico – a government run organization that is commonly known by its abbreviated name – Lotenal.

The aim of Lotenal is to operate the best of Mexico Lottery and Lottery Raffle games whilst at the same time providing valuable funding for various good causes that benefit the people of Mexico.

This is apparent when we take a look at the full name of the Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública – which literally means the National Lottery for Public Assistance.

The official website of the Loteria Nacional Mexicana and Lotenal is through which it offers lottery players the opportunity to take part in numerous highly popular Sorteos / Raffle Lottery games including the Sorteo Gordito which we will now take a close look at…

Sorteo El Gordito – Overview

The Sorteo El Gordito – Sorteo Gordito – is one of the most popular games run by the Mexico Lottery company Loteria Nacional de Mexico. The game is drawn every week on a Wednesday at 8pm and there are substantial jackpot prizes to be won.

The Sorteo Gordito is a Millionaire Raffle or Lottery Sweepstake which is a little different to the typical jackpot lottery style games as the jackpot does not rollover when it is not won and the lottery tickets all have pre-determined numbers printed on them just like the huge Spanish Lottery – El Gordo – Loteria Navidad.

The Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Sorteo Gordito – has a weekly guaranteed jackpot of Mex$ 10 MILLION to play for over 2 series. This means that there are sure to be 2 winners of a Mex$ 5 MILLION prize every single week.

The total prize fund offered each week by the Sorteo El Gordito is in excess of Mex$ 12.2 MILLION and you can win up to 14 prizes on a single ticket.

There are a staggering amount of prizes to be won every Wednesday on the Sorteo Gordito – 47,080 prizes in total over the 2 series.

The great odds of winning the lottery with this game make the Sorteo El Gordito an extremely popular Mexico Lottery to play – with just a 1 in 4 chance to win any of the tens of thousands of prizes on offer.

We are happy to have studied the Sorteo Gordito from the Loteria Nacional Mexicana and would suggest taking a more detailed look below at how it works…

Sorteo El Gordito – How It Works

The Sorteo Gordito works like a Sweepstake Lottery Raffle game and all lottery tickets will have a pre-defined number printed by Loteria Nacional de Mexico.

For every draw there are 200,000 Sorteo Gordito tickets produced in 2 separate series – 100,000 in each series. Lotto sweepstake tickets are numbered from 00001 to 100,000 in each of the series.

The Mexico Lottery tickets in both of these 2 series are then split into 20 Fractions – or Shares. This gives you the choice when you play the Sorteo El Gordito of being able to purchase a whole raffle lottery ticket or 1 or more of the 20 separate fractions (shares) of a complete ticket. You will win more, of course, the more fractions or whole tickets that you purchase.

Even though the Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Sorteo Gordito – tickets have pre-selected numbers you can still decide to choose your own lotto ticket numbers providing that those particular numbers have not already been sold for that draw. Otherwise you can ask the computer’s lotto number picker to select them for you at random.

The 1st and 2nd prizes are decided by 2 x 5 digit numbers drawn. Prizes on the Sorteo El Gordito range from the jackpot itself which is 2 x Mex$ 5 MILLION and 2nd prizes of 2 x Mex$ 350,000. You will even win something for matching just the last digit of either the 1st or 2nd prize winning lottery number – a refund of the cost of your ticket or a new ticket to play in the next Sorteo Gordito draw.

We think that playing the Loteria Nacional de Mexico – Sorteo El Gorditois very easy. After choosing the number of individual Fractions / Shares (1/20ths) or whole tickets that you wish to play with – you just need to pick lottery numbers for your tickets or ask the retailer or computer to use the random number generator to select them for you.

Sorteo El Gordito – Who Can Play?

You used to have to be a resident in Mexico to be able to take part in any Mexico Lotto games from Loteria Nacional de Mexico including the Sorteo Gordito.

In the latter part of 2012 the playing field was widened when WinTrillions – one of the internet’s leading lottery ticket sales specialists – joined with Lotenal and the Loteria Nacional Mexicana to allow players from outside Mexico to buy lottery tickets online for Mexico Lotto games.

Therefore today you can buy online lottery tickets from anywhere across the planet no matter where you live – for the Sorteo Gordito and also for various other widely played Mexico Lottery Games.

This is, of course, great news those lotto players who wish to play any of the Millionaire Raffle lottery games from Lottery Mexico but who don’t actually live in the country or who can’t very easily access a Loteria Nacional Mexicana retailer.

You will need to be at least 18 years of age to buy lotto tickets for any of the Loteria Nacional de Mexico games – including the Sorteo El Gordito raffle lottery.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Gordito

Sorteo El Gordito – Odds of Winning

The odds of you being able to win the lottery on the Sorteo El Gordito from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico are definitely some of the most attractive there are – and with 47,080 different prizes to be won every Wednesday it is no wonder that this is such a widely-played Mexico Lottery game.

You have a spectacular 1 in 4 chance of winning any cash prize on the Sorteo El Gordito and to win the jackpot itself – the lottery odds are 1 in 100,000 – much better than in most national lottery games around the world.

So there we have it – one quarter of all Sorteo Gordito players will win a cash prize each week and with all the hundreds of separate prize levels over the 2 series this is a great one to watch out for in the Latin American lottery world.

Sorteo El Gordito – Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico

The Sorteo Gordito draw takes place once each week on a Wednesday at 8pm Mexico time and is conducted by Loteria Nacional de Mexico – Lotenal.

The latest Mexico Lottery Results for the Sorteo Gordito will be published by Loteria Nacional Mexicana on its Lotenal website – – very shortly after the draw has taken place on Wednesday evening.

There are many different methods you can use to find the most up to date Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico – Mexico Lottery Results – so that you can check your El Gordito ticket and see if you have won a prize.

In addition to the Lotenal website – – Loteria Mexicana will display the latest Resultados Loteria Nacional – Mexico National Lottery Results – at all Mexico Loteria Nacional retailers and in many Mexico National newspapers.

You can also bookmark the page here at any time and return to Global Lottery Review whenever you wish to check up on the very latest Mexico Lottery Results where you will find a full set of Mexico Lotto winning numbers – Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexicana – for the Sorteo El Gordito.

If you would like to check any PAST Mexico Lottery ResultsPasado Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico – or are looking for a particular Resultado Loteria Nacional – this is also easy to do and a full list of previous winning lottery numbers for that Sorteo Gordito draw will be displayed.

Sorteo El Gordito – How Prizes are Paid

All prizes that you have won on the Sorteo Gordito will be paid to you by Loteria Nacional de Mexico in the form of cash less any tax that may apply.

Depending on the size of the lottery prize that you win – this should be able to be claimed from any Loteria Nacional Mexicana retailer – assuming that they hold the required amount of cash to pay your winnings.

Should the Loteria Nacional Mexicana retail outlet not carry sufficient monies to honour your prize claim – they will ask you to make your claim at the Loteria Nacional de Mexico Headquarters in Mexico City.

Your Sorteo El Gordito winnings will be paid to you by cash or cheque if your win is not more than Mex$ 5,000. If you are lucky enough to have won more than  Mex$ 5,000 your Mexico Lottery winnings will probably be paid to you by cheque.

You will not need to worry about this if you play lottery online with a recognized lottery ticket sales organization like WinTrillions as they will be in touch with you straight away in the event of you winning and will pay your winnings direct.

Sorteo El Gordito – Where Does the Money Go?

From their beginnings back in 1770 right up to date – Lotto Mexico games were designed to raise funds to help local people.

Today the proceeds from the sale of all Loteria Nacional Mexicana games – including Lottery Raffle games such as the Sorteo El Gordito – is directed towards causes such as public health, equipment for health centers and protection of the ecology

Previous recipients of funding from Mexico Loteria Nacional games have been aid workers, school breakfasts, construction and in the earliest days – orphanages.

The organization’s name actually gives the game away – Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública – which means, of course, the National Lottery for Public Assistance and true to form profits find their ways to many different good causes.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Gordito

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