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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Mayor
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Loteria Nacional de Mexico – Loteria Mexicana

The Mexico Lottery industry can proudly claim to be one of the longest standing in the entire lottery world – with games being offered to players since the late 18th Century.

Right from the very outset – all Mexico Lottery Games were designed with the primary purpose in mind of fundraising for local, worthwhile causes – with the earliest beneficiaries being hospices for children

The lottos and sweepstakes of Lottery Mexico were to take numerous forms and incarnations over the years until the early 1900s when they ceased to operate for a period of 5 years from 1915.

1920 saw Lotería Nacional para la Beneficencia Pública as the new name for the Mexico Lottery before finally becoming Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública in 1940 – the title that lotto players throughout Mexico know well in conjunction with its abridged name Lotenal.

Lotenal – Loteria Nacional Mexicana

Lotenal is the well known name of Loteria Nacional de Mexico the institution that today organizes the Mexico National Lottery. Lotenal is overseen by the Mexican government and runs all the popular lottery raffle games in the country.

Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública is the official name of the Lotenal organization and as its name suggests – its purpose and mission are to assist in raising monies for causes important to the well-being of the Mexican population via the ticket sales of exciting and innovative Mexico Lotto games.

Numerous highly popular Sorteos – Lottery Raffle games – are available from Lotenal and Loteria Nacional Mexicana via its hundreds of retailers throughout Mexico and on its own internet site

One of the biggest of these Mexico Lotto sweepstake games is the Sorteo Mayor – the game that we are making an in-depth study of in this section…

Sorteo Mayor – Lotenal – Overview

The Sorteo Mayor is a Raffle Lottery (Lottery Sweepstake) type game operated by Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Lotenal. The draw occurs once every week on Tuesdays at 8pm Mexico time and it is one of the most widely-played Mexico Lotto games.

Differing slightly from the average lottery jackpot style game – as a Raffle Lottery the Sorteo Mayor jackpot does not experience a rollover when not won. With pre-defined numbers on all lotto tickets – this popular Lotenal game operates in a very similar fashion to the El Gordo – Loteria Navidad – from the Spain Lottery.

Loteria Nacional de Mexico offers a weekly jackpot prize pool of Mex$ 18 MILLION guaranteed on the Sorteo Mayor. Divided between 3 Series this means that you have 3 jackpots of Mex$ 6 MILLION to aim for every Tuesday.

There are a total of 56,280 separate prizes to be won each week throughout the 3 Series and you can win up to 7 prizes on a single ticket. In fact – you can win up to Mex$ 300,000 for every Mex$ 25 you play with.

Apart from the vast number of prizes available – one of the main reasons for this being such an attractive Mexico Lottery to take part in – is the very favourable odds of winning the lottery which are a great 1 in 7 chance of winning any cash prize.

We have looked in great depth at the Loteria Nacional de Mexico – Sorteo Mayor – and are glad to have done so. It would be a great idea to have an even closer look now at how it works…

Sorteo Mayor – Lotenal – How It Works

The Sorteo Mayor from the Mexico Lottery and Lotenal is – as we have said – a Lottery Raffle or Sweepstake Lottery and all lottery tickets are pre-printed with numbers already allocated.

A fixed number of 180,000 tickets are issued for each draw of the Sorteo Mayor which are divided into 3 separate Series – each of these Series containing 60,000 tickets. These 3 Series all have lotto tickets numbered from 00001 to 60,000.

All Sorteo Mayor tickets are further split into 20 separate Shares (or Fractions) and when you play the lottery you can decide to purchase either an entire raffle ticket or between 1 and 19 separate Fractions (Shares). You will win more, of course, the more Shares or Fractions that you take.

You have 2 choices when you pick lottery numbers for the Sorteo Mayor. You can either choose your own numbers or ask the retailer or computer terminal to use its random number generatorlottery number picker – to choose them for you.

As all tickets have pre-determined numbers printed on them – if the numbers you choose have already been sold you will be given an alternative choice of numbers.

The jackpot plus 2nd and 3rd prizes are all determined by 3 x 5 figure numbers that are drawn by Loteria Nacional de Mexico. Sorteo Mayor prizes range from the jackpot pool which is a cool Mex$ 18 MILLIONMex$ 6 MILLION x3 – to 2nd prizes which are Mex$ ½ MILLION x3 then 3rd prizes of Mex$ ¼ MILLION x3 right down to the hundreds of lower prize levels.

You will even win a refund of your lottery ticket price or a replacement ticket by correctly matching just the last digit of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize winning lottery numbers. So, you even win when you successfully select just 1 winning lottery number.

It couldn’t be easier to play the Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Sorteo Mayor – simply decide upon the amount of tickets or Shares (Fractions / 1/20ths) that you would like to have and then either choose your own lotto ticket numbers or ask the computer or retailer to use their lottery number selector to choose them for you.

Sorteo Mayor – Lotenal – Who Can Play?

From its earliest days until recent times you needed to be a Mexican National living within Mexico to be eligible to play any Loteria Nacional Mexicana games which would include the Sorteo Mayor.

During late 2012, however, the net was cast further afield when Lotenal and the Loteria Nacional de Mexico joined forces with Wintrillions – an authorized and prominent specialist in the sales of lottery tickets online – to introduce the sales of Mexico Lottery tickets to a truly global audience.

This means quite simply that all lottery players from absolutely anywhere on the planet are now able to play Mexico Lottery games from the comfort of their own homes for these much loved raffle lottery games and buy lottery tickets online.

Fantastic news, of course, for players and potential players of Lottery Mexico offerings – who can now easily take part in these great Millionaire Raffle games whilst not even living in Mexico. There are, naturally many Mexico ex-pats living abroad who will be very pleased to learn this news.

It is necessary for you to be a minimum of 18 years of age in order to participate in any Loteria Nacional de Mexico games from Lotenal including the Sorteo Mayor.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Mayor

Sorteo Mayor – Lotenal – Odds of Winning

One of the chief reasons for the popularity of the Sorteo Mayor from Loteria Nacional Mexico is not only the vast number of prizes and sizeable treble jackpot on offer but the great odds of actually winning the lottery.

The lottery odds of you being able to win one of the jackpot prizes of Mex$ 6 MILLION on the Sorteo Mayor are 1 in 60,000 and the odds of winning any of the cash prizes are a really good 1 in 7.

With some of the best odds of winning the jackpot in the lottery world it’s no small wonder that this has proved time and again to be one of the most widely played lottos in the Latin American lottery sector.

Sorteo Mayor – Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico

The draw for the Sorteo Mayor from Lotenal – the Loteria Nacional de Mexico – is carried out once every week on a Tuesday at 8pm Mexico time.

Every Tuesday evening soon after the draw has been made the very latest Resultados Loteria Nacional – National Lottery results – for the Sorteo Mayor will be displayed by Loteria Nacional de Mexico on the website of Lotenal –

It is very easy to check the Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico – Mexico National Lottery results – which are available in numerous forms to help you discover whether you have struck lucky with the Mexico Lotto winning numbers drawn.

The winning lottery numbers for the Sorteo Mayor will be displayed each week by Loteria Mexicana at all of its Lotenal retailers and in national newspapers throughout Mexico as well as on its website.

You can simply save the page here at Global Lottery Review to enjoy access to the latest Resultado Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Mexican National Lottery result – at any time.

In addition to the latest Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico you can also look at Pasado Resultados Loteria Nacional MexicoPast Mexico Lottery Results to help you check an old lottery ticket or find a certain resultado Loteria Nacional Mexicana from a previous draw.

Sorteo Mayor – Lotenal – How Prizes are Paid

Loteria Nacional de Mexico will pay all winnings from Sorteo Mayor prizes to you as cash lump sums having first deducted any applicable tax that you may have to pay.

You can collect your Mexico Lottery prize from all retail outlets of the Loteria Nacional de Mexico – if, of course, the retailer is carrying enough monies at that time to honour your lottery winnings.

You will need to claim your winnings from the Headquarters of the Loteria Nacional Mexicana in Mexico City if the retailer does not hold enough cash to be able to pay you your prize money.

You will receive your Sorteo Mayor prize money either as cash or as a cheque if you have won anything up to Mex$ 5,000. For all prizes in excess of Mex$ 5,000 it is more probable that you will be paid your winnings by cheque.

These are details that you will not have to be concerned about if you Play Lottery Online with an accredited and fully authorized lottery ticket sales concierge service like WinTrillions. They will not only inform you of the latest Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico but will pay your winnings promptly and directly to you.

Sorteo Mayor – Where Does the Money Go?

It was the intention from the very start – all those years ago back in the late 18th Century – to run Mexico Lottery games that would create proceeds aimed at assisting the resident population of Mexico.
The full title of Lotenal is a give-away as to the purposes of the Mexico Lottery funding program – Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública meaning quite literally – the National Lottery for Public Assistance indicating what happens to Mexico Lottery profits.

Numerous aspects of everyday life in Mexico benefit directly from the profits generated by the sale of Mexico Lottery tickets including equipment for health centers, ecological conservation and the public health sector in general.

Children’s hospices, workers in the aid sector, breakfasts in schools and the construction industry have all also benefited over the years from monies generated by the Loteria Nacional de Mexico.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Mayor

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