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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Superior
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Mexico Lottery – Loteria Nacional Mexicana

The original Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Mexican National Lottery – first began operations in the late 1700s making it one of the earliest lotteries to be operated anywhere in the world.

The debut draw for the fledgling Mexico lottery happened in 1771 and – setting the precedent for the modern day Loteria Nacional de Mexico – its proceeds were earmarked for worthy purposes from the beginning with the revenues being donated to children’s homes.

Prior to a 5 year interval until 1920 when all Mexico Lotteries were temporarily discontinued – Mexican sweepstake and raffle lottery games then operated with various configurations and appearances – having already become collectively known under the title of the Loteria Nacional de Mexico by the start of the 20th century.

The Lotería Nacional para la Beneficencia Pública was official the name that was applied to the Loteria Nacional Mexicana in 1920 before it then experienced yet a further change of name to the Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública in 1940 – the name that everyone will recognize today along with its abbreviated title – Lotenal

Loteria Nacional de Mexico – Lotenal

The National Lottery of Mexico – Loteria Mexicana – is the government led authority that presides over the co-ordination and regulation of all Mexico Lottery games and is often referred to by its truncated name of Lotenal.

The formal Lotenal title is Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública – meaning the National Lottery for Public Assistance – giving a good hint at its true reason for existence which is to generate revenue for charitable purposes that aid the lives of Mexican citizens by marketing popular Loteria Mexicana games.

These well known lottery raffle and sweepstake lottery games are available to players both in Mexico itself from Loteria Nacional de Mexico retail outlets and around the world from the Lotenal website –

Among the most popular of these Loteria Mexicana sorteos is the Sorteo Superior – the Mexico Lotto that we will be looking at more closely below…

Sorteo Superior – Loteria Mexicana Overview

The Sorteo Superior is a Lottery Raffle, Lotto Sweepstake, style of game that is conducted by the Mexico National Lottery – Loteria Nacional de Mexico – who make the draw once per week on Fridays at 8pm Mexico time.

In contrast to the standard lotto jackpot type of game played around the world – the Sorteo Superior varies slightly and operates more like a Raffle Lottery as does the world’s largest lotto game – the Christmas El Gordo from Lottery Spain.

Unlike the ordinary National Lottery games the Loteria Mexicana – Sorteo Superior – has no set matrix from which to pick lotto numbers and the jackpot does not rise in size or rollover when there has not been a 1st prize winner.

Instead each lottery ticket for the Sorteo Superior is issued with a pre-selected number and every one of these tickets will be allocated a set lottery prize from the jackpot right down to the lower prize levels.

You have a guaranteed jackpot of Mex$ 15 MILLION to try for over 2 Series in the Sorteo Superior meaning that this great game from Loteria Nacional de Mexico will create 2 Mex$ 7.5 MILLION winners each Friday.

The total prize pool for the Sorteo Superior is Mex$ 45.6 MILLION and every week across the 2 Series of tickets there are a massive number of 25,792 different prizes that you can win.

How would you like to have a 1 in 5 chance of winning the lottery? Well, with the Sorteo Superior you certainly can as these are the fantastic odds of you winning any of the many thousands of cash prizes available. This is just one reason why the Sorteo Mayor is one of the most sought after Loteria Mexicana games.

As you can see, we have made a very detailed study here of the Sorteo Superior from the Loteria Mexicana and before deciding to play – here is a comprehensive account of how it functions…

Sorteo Superior – Loteria Mexicana How It Works

As we have said – the Sorteo Superior from the Loteria Mexicana does not have winning lottery numbers that have been drawn from a particular matrix – but instead has pre-selected numbers printed onto each of its lotto tickets.

120,000 separate Sorteo Superior tickets are published in total for every draw over 2 Series. These 2 Series will both contain 60,000 tickets with numbers ranging from 00001 to 60,000.

Every whole lottery ticket for the Sorteo Superior is separated again into 20 Fractions (Shares) and when you take part in the game you can buy a full lottery ticket or choose to have one of the separate Shares (Fractions) – any number of them from 1 to 19. A higher number of Fractions (1/20ths) of a ticket will of course result in higher winnings.

Having pre-selected numbers on the tickets means that you can choose your own lottery numbers from those available at the time either by making your own selection or by requesting that the computer or retail outlet choose them for you randomly with the help of its lottery number selector.

Lottery ticket numbers for the Sorteo Superior are all allocated with set prizes when the draw is made by Loteria Nacional Mexicana and the jackpots along with the 2nd prizes will be established by the drawing of 2 x 5 digit numbers.

The Sorteo Superior jackpot will be 2 x Mex$ 7.5 MILLION and the 2nd prizes are 2 x Mex$ 600,000. Tens of thousands of other prizes are also available to be won including a money back or substitute ticket option for successfully selecting just the final digit of the jackpot or 2nd prize winning lottery number. 

In summarising – to play the Sorteo Superior from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico is fun and effortless. All you need to do is agree how many complete tickets or fractions (1/20th shares of tickets) that you wish to purchase and select your own lotto numbers or request that the random number generator from the retailer or website decides them on your behalf.

Sorteo Superior – Who Can Play?

All Loteria Nacional Mexicana games – the Sorteo Superior being no exception – could only be played by citizens of Mexico who actually resided in Mexico up until a short while ago.

Towards the end of 2012, though, the Mexico Lottery company Lotenal entered into a revolutionary collaborative partnership with one of the chief proponents of online lotto ticket sales – WinTrillions / Trillonario – to give players other than just Mexican citizens the chance to buy online lotto tickets for Loteria Mexicana games.

As a result of this affiliation between Loteria Nacional de Mexico and WinTrillions / Trillonario – it is now possible for all lotto players from around the globe to buy lottery tickets online for the Sorteo Superior in addition to all the other games offered by Lottery Mexico.

This is an exciting prospect for all fans of Loteria Nacional Mexicana who can today play all of these great Mexico Lottery Millionaire Raffle games no matter whether they reside within Mexico itself or live elsewhere around the world.

It is a requirement of the Loteria Nacional de Mexico that all players must be no less than 18 years old before they play Mexico Lottery games – this, of course, includes the Sorteo Superior.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Superior

Sorteo Superior – Odds of Winning

Among the many reasons that the Sorteo Superior is so popular is the fact that the odds of winning the lottery are so favourable when compared to many National Lotto games across the world.

The lotto odds of you being able to win any of the cash prizes on the Sorteo Superior are a fantastic 1 in 5. This means that 20% of all players will actually win something on this popular Millionaire Raffle Lottery.

For one of the 2 x Mex$ 7.5 MILLION jackpot prizes on the Sorteo Superior the odds of winning are 1 in 60,000. Those great jackpot odds coupled with the fact that there are 25,792 different prizes each Friday that you can win – are what helps this Loteria Mexicana game to really stand out from the crowd.

Sorteo Superior – Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico

Loteria Nacional de Mexico and Lotenal make the drawing for the Sorteo Superior every week on a Friday at 20.00 hrs Mexico time.

Finding the most up to date Mexico Lottery Results for the Sorteo Superior is quite simple as they will be announced on the recognised Loteria Nacional Mexicana website – – following the Friday evening draw.

There are plenty of places where you are able to see the current Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico – Mexico Lottery results – to ascertain whether you are due one of the thousands of Sorteo Superior prizes.

The Sorteo Superior winning lotto numbers will also be announced across the entire network of Loteria Mexicana street vendors in addition to numerous newspaper publications throughout Mexico.

As well as on – you can simply save this page on Global Lottery Review as one of your “favourites” and come back to it when you like to find out the latest Mexico Lottery results – Resultado Loteria Nacional Mexicana – for the Sorteo Superior.

You may also wish to see certain PAST Mexico Lottery ResultsPasado Resultados Loteria Nacional Mexico or a specific Resultado Loteria Nacional. Just click the link here and you will be taken to a page where a complete rundown of Sorteo Superior winning lottery numbers is shown.

Sorteo Superior – How Prizes are Paid

All Sorteo Superior prizes that you win will be reimbursed to you as cash after all relevant local taxation has first been taken off by the Loteria Mexicana.

All Loteria Nacional de Mexico street vendors can pay you your lottery winnings on site providing that they are in possession of the necessary amount of currency at the time of your claim.

In the event that the Loteria Nacional Mexicana street vendor is not carrying the requisite amount of money to settle your winning lottery claim – you will be directed to the HQ of the Loteria Nacional de Mexico in Mexico City in order to collect your lottery win.

All Sorteo Superior winnings of less than Mex$ 5,000 will be reimbursed to you in the form of cash or as a cheque. For all prize monies of over Mex$ 5,000 in all likelihood your prize will be given to you as a cheque payment.

There will be no need for you to consider these technicalities, however, if you Play Lottery Online with an approved and preferred online lottery ticket purchasing company such as WinTrillions / Trillonario who will be more than happy to approve your claim without delay and send your winnings to you.

Sorteo Superior – Where Does the Money Go?

The main objective of the Mexico Lottery when it first began in the late 1700s was to create popular lottery raffle type games that would generate income to improve the lives of Mexican citizens.

Things are no different today and the aims and objectives of Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública are much the same as they were all those years ago – creating revenue to enable the inhabitants of Mexico to lead better lives.

Income generated by the purchase of tickets from Loteria Mexicana games these days is channelled in the direction of areas such as health center facilities, care of the environment and public health.

Areas that have formerly received financial assistance from Mexico Lottery proceeds have been as diverse as children’s homes, the building sector, aid workers and meals for schools.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Superior

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