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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Especial
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Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Mexico Lottery

Mexico Lottery Games can trace their history as far back as 1770 when on August 7th it was stated that the “New Spain” would have its own lottery – the first in Latin America and one of the oldest in the world.

The very first Mexico Lotto draw took place on May 13th 1771 and was known as the Real Lotería General de la Nueva España. Lottery profits were directed towards an orphanage which paved the way for modern lottery funding in Mexico to be channelled in the direction of Public Assistance.

There followed numerous Mexico Lotto games including one for the Capital and one for the States and for a brief time between 1915 and 1920 Lottery Mexico games were suspended.
By the turn of the 20th Century – Mexico Lottery games were known under the general banner of Loteria Nacional de Mexico (National Lottery of Mexico).

In 1920 the Mexico Lottery was called Lotería Nacional para la Beneficencia Pública (National Lottery for Public Welfare) and in 1940 its name was changed to Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública (National Lottery for Public Assistance) – Lotenal – the name that we are familiar with today.

Lotenal – Loteria Nacional de Mexico

The organization that is responsible for running and operating Mexico Lottery games now is Lotenal – otherwise known as the Loteria Nacional de Mexico or the National Lottery of Mexico.

Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública – the full Lotenal title – is run by the Mexican government to organize Mexico Lottery and raffle games with the aim of raising funds for numerous beneficiaries throughout Mexico.

Through its website – lotenal.gob.mx and retail outlets throughout Mexico – Lotenal offer and promote various highly popular Sorteos that are widely played by the Mexican population both at home and abroad including the Sorteo Especial which we shall now look at in detail…

Sorteo Especial – Overview

The Sorteo Especial is a Sweepstake Lottery organized by Loteria Nacional de Mexico which takes place once every month and offers the biggest prize fund out of all the Mexico Lottery games.

As a Lottery Sweepstake Raffle game – the Sorteo Especial differs from jackpot lotto style games in that there is no fixed matrix from which to pick lottery numbers. Instead lottery tickets for the Sorteo Especial are sold with pre-printed numbers in the same manner as the well known Spanish Lotto – El Gordo – Loteria de Navidad.

Otherwise known as a Millionaire Raffle – the Sorteo Especial from Loteria Nacional de Mexico offers a monthly guaranteed jackpot of Mex$ 25 MILLION in 2 series.

For the January draw – the Sorteo Especial jackpot is increased by a further Mex$ 12.5 MILLION to give an even bigger jackpot prize of Mex$ 37.5 MILLION in 3 series.

There are a huge number of prizes available to be won each month on the Sorteo Especial – 25,792 separate prizes over the 2 Series.

The Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Sorteo Especial – is one of the most popular Mexico Lottery games available and it offers players great odds of just 1 in 5 of winning any cash prize.

We are pleased to have looked at the Sorteo Especial from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico in great detail and recommend taking a closer look below at just how it works…

Sorteo Especial – How It Works

As already mentioned – the Sorteo Especial is a Millionaire Raffle and as such each lottery ticket is sold with a pre-determined number already printed on it.

In total there are 120,000 tickets issued for each Sorteo Especial draw – 2 Series of 60,000 tickets. Each of these 2 Series will have lottery tickets numbered from 00001 to 60,000.

Each of these separate Mexico Lottery tickets is then divided further into 20 Shares – or Fractions. When playing the Sorteo Especial you can choose to buy either a whole ticket or any number of the 20 individual shares (fractions) of a ticket. Naturally the more shares or whole tickets you buy the more you can win.

You can choose the lottery ticket numbers you would like your Sorteo Especial ticket to contain (if they haven't already been taken) or have the computer’s own random number generator pick them for you.

2 x 5 figure numbers are drawn for the 1st and 2nd prizes. Prizes range from the jackpot of Mex$ 12.5 MILLION x 2 to 2nd prizes of Mex$ 1 MILLION x 2 right down to the lowest prizes – which are either another ticket or a refund of the ticket cost – for matching just the last digit of either the 1st or 2nd prize winning number.

So – playing the Sorteo Especial from the Loteria Nacional de Mexico is quite simple – you just need to choose the total number of whole tickets or individual Shares / Fractions (1/20ths) that you want and either pick your ticket numbers or let the computer’s lotto number picker select them for you.

Sorteo Especial – Who Can Play?

Up until very recently all Mexico Lottery Games from Loteria Nacional de Mexico including the Sorteo Especial could only be played from within Mexico itself.

This changed for the better in late 2012 when Loteria Nacional de Mexico and Lotenal partnered with one of the most respected online lottery ticket sales companies – WinTrillions – and began offering players outside Mexico the opportunity to buy online lottery tickets.

So now it is possible for anyone from anywhere in the world to easily buy lottery tickets online for the Sorteo Especial plus numerous other popular Mexico Lottery games.

This has proved very good news for Mexico Lotto players who live abroad, for those who don’t live near a Lottery Mexico retailer and for the vast population of Loteria Mexicana players across the globe who aren’t able to purchase a ticket in person but would still like to take part in these popular Millionaire Raffle games.

As with most lottery games around the world – Loteria Nacional de Mexico require that you be a minimum of 18 years of age to buy lottery tickets for any Lotenal Mexico Lottery game including the Sorteo Especial.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Especial

Sorteo Especial – Odds of Winning

There are so many prizes to be won each month on the Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Sorteo Especial – that the odds of winning are some of the best in the world of lottery games.

The odds of you winning one of the Sorteo Especial jackpot prizes are 1 in 60,000 whilst the odds of the winning any cash prize on the Sorteo Especial are some of the lowest in the lottery industry at just 1 in 5.

These great odds of winning the lottery as well as the high jackpots and great number of prizes are what makes this such a popular game among Mexico Lottery players.

Sorteo Especial Results

The Sorteo Especial is drawn once every month on selected dates at 8pm Mexico time by the Loteria Nacional de Mexico.

The very latest Mexico Lottery Results for the Sorteo Especial will be published soon after the draw on the official website of the Mexico Lottery – Lotenal – lotenal.gob.mx.

You can check the latest resultados Loteria Nacional Mexicana – Mexico Lottery Results – in various ways to see if you have been fortunate with the Mexico Lottery winning numbers drawn.

A list of winning lottery numbers will be displayed at all Loteria Nacional de Mexico retail outlets and also published in various Mexican National newspapers.

 You can also check the very latest Mexico Lottery Results here at Global Lottery Review where you will find a list of Mexico Lottery winning numbers plus any PAST Mexico Lottery Results that you may wish to see.

Sorteo Especial – How Prizes are Paid

Any prizes that you win on the Loteria Nacional de Mexico – Sorteo Especial – will be paid to you in the form of a cash lump sum minus any local taxes that are applicable.

You should be able to claim your Loteria Nacional Mexicana prize from any retail outlet of the Loteria Nacional de Mexico. This will depend upon the amount you have won and if the retailer holds sufficient funds to pay your winnings.

If you have had a substantial lottery win and the retailer does not have the required funds to pay your winnings they will advise you to claim your prize directly from the Loteria Nacional Mexicana HQ in Mexico City.

If your win is up to Mex$ 5,000 – your winnings will be paid either in cash or by cheque. If your winnings are more than Mex$ 5,000 – your winnings will most likely be paid in the form of a cheque.

If you play lottery online you will not have any of these details to worry about as your fully authorized lottery ticket sales company – such as WinTrillions – will contact you and pay your winnings quickly and directly to you.

Sorteo Especial – Where the Money Goes

Right from the earliest days of Loteria Nacional de Mexico games – lottery profits were designed to go towards helping the local population.

The very name of the organization – Lotería Nacional para la Asistencia Pública (National Lottery for Public Assistance) – tells the story and today proceeds from the sale of Loteria Nacional de Mexico tickets goes towards a variety of good causes.

Beneficiaries in the past have been as varied as orphanages, aid-workers, construction and school breakfasts.

Today Loteria Nacional Mexicana funding goes towards important areas like public health, ecological protection and health center equipment.

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Loteria Nacional de Mexico Sorteo Especial

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