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Pronosticos - Loteria Nacional Mexicana

One of the two official operators of Mexico Lottery Games along with the Loteria Nacional de Mexico is Pronosticos with a full title of Pronósticos Deportivos Pronósticos para la Asistencia Publica - literally meaning Sports Forecast Forecasts for Public Assistance - which is based in Mexico City.

Pronosticos was first established as an agency of the Mexican government on February 24th 1978 and began operating in June of that year when the football World cup finals were held in Argentina - and offered games of predicting the football scores called Progol - which is still going strong today.

The main aim of Pronosticos is to raise funds for the benefit of public assistance by way of providing games of betting to the public who can win substantial cash prizes.

1980 saw Pronosticos offer games such as Progol Marcador, Prohit, and Prohit Carrera Inicial - bringing in Progol Inicial in 1981 and Protouch and Protouch Inicial in 1982.

In 1984 the organization's title was changed to Pronósticos Deportivos a Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública on August 17th from Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública .

Also in 1984 Pronósticos introduced its first Mexico Lottery game - Melate - which is still its principal ofefering today and is the game that we shall be taking a closer look at here...

Sorteo Melate – Pronosticos – Overview

The Sorteo Melate was introduced by Pronosticos into its Mexico Lottery portfolio of games back in 1984 with the first draw being conducted on August 19th.

The Melate is a standard jackpot lotto type of game which uses a single matrix and is the principal game offered by Pronosticos and its website

In similar fashion to the majority of world lottery games - the jackpot of this popular Mexico Lottery will rollover - increasing in size every time it is not won. This regularly produces some huge Mexico Lottery jackpots.

The jackpot starts off at a minimum of Mex$ 30 MILLION and you can win a prize by correctly matching just 2 of the winning lottery numbers.

Tickets can be purchased from any of the 9,000+ authorized Pronosticos agencies throughout Mexico as well as via its website -

Pronosticos make the drawings twice every week in Mexico City on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9.15pm Mexico time.

It has been a pleasure to write about this game from Pronosticos and we would very much encourage players to take a more detailed look below at how it operates...

Sorteo Melate  Pronosticos – How It Works 

The Melate is played using a matrix of 6/56 - meaning that as a player - you will need to select 6 lottery numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 to 56.

Firstly - 6 numbers are drawn which are called the 'natural' (or main) numbers followed by a 7th number known as the 'additional number'.

You will become the winner of a Melate jackpot if you should correctly select all 6 of the main ('natural') numbers drawn. The 'additional number' is used to determine prizes on prize levels 2, 4, 6 and 8.

There are a total of 9 different prize levels - which means that as well as the much sought after jackpot - you have 8 further ways in which you can win the lottery twice every week.

Each playslip has 5 separate sections of 56 numbers from A to E allowing you to select up to 5 different combinations of numbers when you play.

You can also choose to have the computer terminal pick lottery numbers for you using its random number generator. This is the Melático option and is the same as the Quick Pick used in USA Lotteries or Lucky Dip used in some European Lotteries.

 It is therefore very easy to play - you simply select your own 6 numbers or ask for a Melático and wait for the Melate results to be announced.

The cost of playing is Mex$ 15.00 for each selection of 6 numbers - 1 play for a single game.

Revancha – A 2nd Chance to Win...

Pronosticos introduced the Revancha option on August 6th 1997 giving you a 2nd chance of winning with the same 6 numbers.

After the main draw - the 6 Revancha numbers are drawn and if you decide to include this option you will use the 6 numbers you have already played with.

Simply tick the Revancha box on the playslip and you will be playing in this 2nd draw and you can win by matching just 2 of the numbers drawn.

There is a guaranteed minimum 1st prize of of Mex$ 20 MILLION to be won on the Revancha.

The cost of adding the Revancha option is Mex$ 10.00 meaning that the overall cost of your lottery ticket will now be Mex$ 25.00 for 2 chances of winning.

Revanchita – A 3rd Chance to Win...

Pronosticos really must want you to win the lottery - having added a 3rd chance option in August 2010 called Revanchita.

Once again you would be using the same 6 numbers as you have chosen for the main draw and Revancha - and Revanchita gives you a 3rd opportunity of winning a prize.

After the main draw has been made and the Revancha numbers have been drawn - a 3rd set of 6 numbers are drawn for the Revanchita.

Just mark the Revanchita box on the playslip to be included in this 3rd draw which offers you a guaranteed minimum winnings of Mex$ 30 MILLION.

To play the Revanchita will cost a further Mex$ 5.00 meaning that your total ticket cost will be Mex$ 30.00 for 3 chances of winning.

Sorteo Melate – Pronosticos Who Can Play?

Previously - you had to visit a Mexico Lottery retail outlet to buy Melate tickets. In 2008 however - Pronosticos increased its sales scope by introducing online lottery ticket sales in addition to sales by telephone and in supermarkets.

At the current time - it is still only Mexican citizens living within Mexico itself who are able to play Mexico Lottery Games from Pronosticos.

It is easy, though, for anyone from anywhere around the world to check the very latest Mexico Lottery Results.

This can be very useful indeed - especially if you are living outside of Mexico and want to see the most up to date Mexico Lottery results - especially those of your favourite games from Pronosticos.

 The same as with all other Mexico Lotto games from Loteria Nacional Mexicana - you need to be at least of 18 years of age to purchase lottery tickets for Pronosticos games.

Click Here to see the Latest Mexico Melate Results

Sorteo Melate – Pronosticos Odds of Winning

There are many different ways that you can win this lottery from Pronosticos - which offers 9 separate prize categories and thousands of prizes to be won twice every week for correctly matching anything from just 2 up to all 6 of the main (natural) winning lottery numbers.

 The odds of winning the Melate jackpot are 1 in 32,468,436 for successfully selecting all 6 of the main (natural) numbers drawn.

For a 2nd prize - Pronosticos offer odds of 1 in 5,411,406 for choosing 5 of the main (natural) winning numbers plus the additional number.

3rd prize winning odds come right down to 110,437 for correctly picking 5 of the main (natural) winning lotto numbers whilst odds of a 4th division prize are 1 in 44,175 for selecting 4 of the main (natural) lotto winning numbers plus the additional number. 

For a prize on the 5th level - the odds of winning are 1 in 1,840 for picking 4 of the main (natural) lottery winning numbers and 6th level prize odds are 1 in 1,380 for choosing 3 of the main (natural) numbers plus the additional number.

For a 7th division prize - your winning lottery odds are 1 in 88 for correctly selecting 3 of the main (natural) numbers whilst a prize on the 8th level has odds of 1 in 117 for successfully picking 2 of the main (natural) numbers plus the additional number.

There are even prizes to be won by picking just 2 of the main (natural) winning lotto numbers drawn - and these 9th division prizes offer lottery odds of just 1 in 10.

The table underneath illustrates the odds of winning in a simple to understand format...

Melate Winning ODDS and PRIZES


Number of Matches


of Winning


6 Natural


1 in 32,468,436


5 Natural + Additional

Mex$ Variable

1 in 5,411,406


5 Natural

Mex$ Variable

1 in 110,437


4 Natural + Additional

Mex$ Variable

1 in 44,175


4 Natural

Mex$ Variable

1 in 1,840


3 Natural + Additional

Mex$ 161.29

1 in 1,380


3 Natural

Mex$ 43.01

1 in 88


2 Natural + Additional

Mex$ 43.01

1 in 117


2 Natural

Mex$ 21.50

1 in 10

Sorteo Melate – Mexico Lottery Results

Pronosticos make the drawing for the Melate lottery twice every week on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9.15pm Mexico time.

 You have a variety of options available when you want to find out the latest Resultados Melate to see if you have fortunate with the winning lotto numbers drawn.

After the draw has occured - the latest Mexico Lottery Results will be published on the official Pronosticos website -

You can also check the latest Resultados de Melate in authorized Pronosticos retail agencies, in prominent national newspapers and you are welcome to revisit Global Lottery Review any time where you can see the most up to date Mexico Lottery Results in addition to any Past Mexico Lottery Results.

Some of the drawings will also be broadcast on TV by Azteca 13, Canal 2, Canal 11, Canal 22, Megacable's Pay TV, Multimedia and Millennium IUSA TV.

Pronosticos also invites you to join them in their Mexico City offices to watch the drawings in person every Wednesday and Sunday.

Sorteo Melate – Pronosticos Record Jackpots

The Melate can produce some truly huge jackpot figures - the biggest to date having been the incredible Mex$ 639.66 MILLION won on August 4th 2013.

The 2nd biggest jackpot to have been won so far has been the massive Mex$ 406 MILLION won on May 30th 2007.

The 3rd largest jackpot to have been won so far on this Mexico Lottery was a huge Mex$ 379 MILLION won on June 27th 2010.

Sorteo Melate – How Prizes Are Paid

Any prize that you win on the Sorteo Melate from Pronosticos will be paid to you in the form of cash in Mexican currency less any local Mexican taxes that are applicable.

You will have up to 60 days from the day after the lottery drawing to claim your prize before your Mexico Lotto ticket will become invalidated.

If you have won up to Mex$ 9,999.99 - you should be able to claim your prize from any of the Pronosticos authorized agencies. 

You can also claim any prize of up to Mex$ 3,000.00 from Scotiabank branches as well as Bancomer, Banamex, Santander and Banorte throughout Mexico.

All prizes - however large the amount - can be claimed from the Pronosticos Headqaurters in Mexico City.

Pronosticos – Other Mexico Lotto Games...

There are numerous other Mexico Lottery games offered by Pronosticos including Tris which was first introuced in 1990 and Revancha which was first drawn on August 6th 1997.

Chispazo was the next game to be launched in January 1999 whilst Melate Retro joined the portfolio on June 1st 2010 - using the original format of 6/39.

In August 2010 - Pronosticos introduced Revanchita - giving players a 3rd chance to win with the same numbers used in the main game and on Revancha.

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