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Current Jackpot US$ 135,000,000

South Dakota Lottery Powerball

The South Dakota Lottery is 1 of 47 US State Lotteries & District Lotteries that offer the Powerball game – in this case the South Dakota Powerball – as part of its overall portfolio of lottery games.

Powerball is a Multi-State USA Lottery that is run by the Multi State Lottery Association – MUSLand is one of the largest lottery games in the world having produced a record jackpot of an incredible US$ 1.58 BILLION in January 2016. This is the biggest jackpot ever to have been won so far in the history of world jackpot lotteries – more than doubling the existing Mega Millions record jackpot of US$ 656 MILLION from March 2012.

The very first Powerball draw took place on April 22nd 1992 with 16 USA Lottery companies – who were all members of the MUSL – taking part when the game changed its format and name from Lotto America which had started on February 13th 1988.

The SD Powerball began operations on April 22nd 1992 when the Powerball was launched – as the South Dakota Lottery was already a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) – having already become the 14th state to join back on November 15th 1990.

SD Powerball How it Works

The South Dakota Powerball works in the same way as the Powerball game works in all the States and Districts in the US that offer the game.

Jackpots start off at US$ 40 Million and ROLLOVER after each draw when the top prize is not won – climbing in size every time by at least US$ 10 Million making for some massive jackpot figures.

6 numbers are drawn in total for the South Dakota Power Ball game from 2 separate drawing machines – firstly 5 numbers from 59 white balls are drawn followed by 1 number (the Powerball) from 35 red balls.

Draws for the South Dakota Powerball Lottery take place twice every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9.59pm CST (8.59pm MST).

There is also a Powerball prize multiplier facility available when playing that dramatically increases the size of a Powerball win and is called Powerball POWERPLAY...


The Powerball POWERPLAY option is a fixed prize multiplier and will automatically increase the Powerball win to at least double the original amount – and is there to give players of the South Dakota Lottery Powerball a chance to increase their winnings on all levels of the prize structure apart from the South Dakota Powerball jackpot itself.

Playing with the Powerball POWER PLAY option – you are able to multiply your winnings on these levels by 2x, 3x or 4x – greatly increasing the amount you will walk away with.

A Powerball non-jackpot 2nd prize of US$ 1 Million, for example, will be immediately doubled to US$ 2 Million when playing the South Dakota Powerball using this Powerball POWERPLAY facility.

SD Powerball How to Play

The aim when playing is to correctly select as many Powerball winning numbers as possible – and with 9 different ways in which you can win on the South Dakota Lottery Powerball – you have a great chance of winning a prize.

There are generally 4 ways that you can play the SD Powerball

1. Pick 5 of your own main (white ball) numbers from 1 to 59 plus your 1 Power Ball (red ball) number from 1 to 35.

2. Pick 5 of your own main (white ball) numbers from 1 to 59 and use the Quick Pick option to let the computer choose your Power Ball (red ball) number for you from 1 to 35 – using a computer powered random number generator.

3. Use the Quick Pick option to let the computer pick your 5 main (white ball) numbers from 1 to 59 using a random number generator – and then select your own Power Ball (red ball) number from 1 to 35.

4. Use the Quick Pick option available to let the computer choose both your 5 main (white ball) numbers from 1 to 59 and also your 1 Power Ball (red ball) number from 1 to 35 using its random number generator.

You can use any of these methods whether you are playing the SD Power Ball in-state or if you Play Powerball Online with an authorized online lottery ticket sales company such as TheLotter.

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For just an extra dollar – you can choose to increase your SD Powerball winnings on all levels except the jackpot – by adding the Powerball POWER PLAY option when you are playing the South Dakota Powerball.

If your chosen SD Powerball numbers match the Powerball winning numbers on any of these 8 prize levels – you immediately increase your winnings by either 2, 3 or 4 times – depending on what South Dakota Power Ball prize you have won.

If you are lucky enough to match all 5 of the main Powerball winning numbersthe POWERPLAY multiplier will immediately double your prize to US$ 2 MILLION.

If you have won a 3rd level prize of US$ 10,000 – your winnings will be quadrupled to a much bigger US$ 40,000 if you play with the Powerball POWER PLAY option.

See the table further on down the page for full details of the extra winnings you can achieve with the SD Powerball POWERPLAY.

SD Powerball Who Can Play?

In the past – you used to have to buy your lottery ticket in South Dakota itself to take part in any of the SD Lottery games – including the South Dakota Power Ball.

Today though – you are able to Play Powerball Online from right around the world due to the presence of genuine and fully authorized online lottery ticket sales companies like TheLotter.

So, if you reside outside of South Dakota or the US – but wish to play any of the South Dakota Lotto games including the SD Powerball – this is easy to do using the appropriate lottery ticket sales companies – where you can save a lot of time and effort if you decide to buy lottery tickets online.

The SD Lottery require all players to be at least 18 years of age before purchasing any South Dakota Lotto tickets including tickets for the South Dakota Power Ball.

Click Here to Play POWERBALL Now

SD Powerball Results

The SD Powerball Lottery is drawn every week on both Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9.59pm CST (8.59pm MST).

You can find the South Dakota Powerball Results in various different ways to check your ticket – and see if you have been lucky with the SD Powerball winning numbers drawn.

The South Dakota Lottery Powerball winning numbers are broadcast on KTTW (FOX) Channel 7 in Sioux Falls and will be displayed on the official SDLottery soon after the draw has been conducted.

You can also see the latest South Dakota Powerball Results from various newspapers across the state and you can come back to Global Lottery Review any time to see the SD Powerball Results – as well as any of the Previous Powerball Results that you may wish to check up on.

SD Powerball Odds of Winning

With 9 different ways of winning – and therefore a great chance of winning something on the SD Powerball – the odds vary greatly from 1 in 175.22 million for matching all the correct South Dakota Lottery Powerball winning numbers – right down to just 1 in 55 for matching only 1 correct number.

The overall odds of you winning any of the SD Powerball prizes are 1 in 31.85.

Here is an easy-to-read calculation table that shows you the odds of winning, the number of matches needed and the prizes you can win – on all different levels of the Power Ball South Dakota including prizes to be won when playing with the Powerball Powerplay option



Number of Matches


Prize with

of Winning


5 Main + Power Ball



1 in 175,223,510


5 Main

$ 1,000,000

$ 2,000,000

1 in 5,153,632.65


4 Main + Power Ball

$ 10,000

$ 40,000

1 in 648,975.96


4 Main

$ 100

$ 200

1 in 19,087.53


3 Main + Power Ball

$ 100

$ 200

1 in 12,244.83


3 Main

$ 7

$ 14

1 in 360.14


2 Main + Power Ball

$ 7

$ 14

1 in 706.43


1 Main + Power Ball

$ 4

$ 12

1 in 110.81


Power Ball Only

$ 4

$ 12

1 in 55.41

OVERALL odds of winning ANY prize are 1 in 31.85

SD Powerball Record Jackpots

The biggest jackpot ever won so far on the South Dakota Power Ball has been the US$ 232.1 Million won by Neil Wanless from Mission on May 27th 2009.

The second biggest jackpot won on the South Dakota Power Ball to date has been the US$ 116.8 Million won by Bill and Tina Nguyen from Pierre on May 17th 2006.

Next to this, the third highest South Dakota Lottery Powerball jackpot to have been won so far has been the US$ 50.9 Million won on February 1st 2003 by The Watertown 34.

SD Powerball How Prizes are Paid

If you have won an SD Powerball jackpot – you will be able to claim your prize as either a cash lump sum or as an annuity payment – you will need to make this choice within 60 days of making your claim.

If you choose the annuity option – your SD Powerball Lottery winnings will be paid to you in 30 payments over a 29 year period.

For all SD Powerball prizes – you will have 180 days from the date of the draw taking place – to make your claim before your Powerball ticket will become invalid.

If your win on the SD Powerball is up to US$ 100 – you will be able to claim your winnings at any SDLottery retailer or by mail.

If you’ve had a win of more than US$ 100 on the SD Powerball – you can claim your prize either at one of the South Dakota Lottery offices in Pierre, Sioux Falls or Rapid City or by mail.

If you have won a SD Power Ball jackpot – you will need to claim your prize at the SDLottery Headquarters in Pierre.

You needn’t worry if you play lottery online with one of the genuine and authorized online lottery ticket sale companies like TheLotter – as part of their role is to look after all these details for you – making sure that you receive your winnings directly and in a timely manner.

South Dakota Lottery Other Games...

As well as the Powerball SD – the South Dakota Lottery offers various other games – some of which are played just within South Dakota itself like Dakota Cash 5, Wild Card 2 and Video Lottery plus numerous SDLottery Scratch Tickets.

Other South Dakota Lottery games such as the other huge Multi-State USA Lottery games – Mega Millions and HOT LOTTO – can be played from anywhere in the world.

We have fully reviewed the SD Lottery – HOT LOTTO – which you can read about in much greater detail here and also the huge rival Mega Millions game – which Lottery SD has been selling now since back on May 31st 2010 as a result of the recent cross-sell agreement between the Powerball's Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) and the Mega Millions consortium.

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Hot Lotto

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