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Current Jackpot $ 30,000,000

Unique Mega Million Lottery Syndicate

We have already discussed on many pages throughout the Global Lottery Review website that how playing in a Lottery Syndicate is by far the best way for you to effortlessly increase chances of winning lottery games every week.

Certainly one of the biggest and most popular lottery games throughout the world is the huge Mega Millions from the U.S.A. and – strangely enough – there are hardly any lottery syndicates that cover the MegaMillions game.

We have, however, discovered a recently launched and fully authorized Mega Millions Syndicate that offers lottery players just that very opportunity – to play Mega Millions as part of a lottery syndicate and enjoy the chance to play using many more lottery tickets than they could normally purchase on their own.

The great, new Mega Millions Syndicate from LottoKings provides without doubt the best chance on the internet for players to better their odds of winning Mega Millions prizes.

We believe this is one of the ONLY Mega Millions Syndicates on the internet today and can highly recommend it as it is offered by one of the premier online lottery ticket companies – LottoKings (formerly Congalotto) / Wintrillions – and is fully authorized.

Mega Millions Syndicate How It Works

Playing in a MegaMillions Syndicate allows you very easily to pool your resources and have much stronger buying power when you play Mega Millions as part of a wider group of players.

As part of a MegaMillions Lottery Syndicate you will be playing with a grand total of 46 separate entries into the Mega Millions lottery in each draw – which will automatically give you very much better odds of winning the lottery.

Each Mega Millions Syndicate is divided up into a maximum of 60 separate shares and all lottery winnings are also shared equally by these shares.

LottoKings (formerly Congalotto) will automatically let you know the most up to date Mega Millions Lottery Results via email and inform you when your Mega Millions Syndicate wins a lotto prize.

You are able to play in one of the Mega Millions Lottery Syndicates for as long as you wish – even for just one week.

All the lottery numbers used for Mega Millions Syndicate tickets are selected by a random number generator.

Match the MEGA Ball in EVERY Draw!

With LottoKings – every time you play the Mega Millions in one of their unique lotto syndicates – in every single draw you will automatically match the MEGA Ball.

This is a great boost to your chances of winning the lottery with MegaMillions as the odds of matching the MEGABALL itself are 1 in 75 – and you will automatically do this each time you play.

It also means that each time you Play Mega Millions as part of a LottoKings Mega Millions Syndicate – your syndicate is guaranteed to win a Mega Millions prize.

With the number of rollover games that occur with the Mega Millions lottery it is possible for your lottery syndicate to cash in on one of the really big prizes – the biggest Mega Millions jackpot so far having been an amazing US$ 656 MILLION!

Mega Millions Syndicate Summary...

If like us – you have been searching the internet for a decent and well managed MegaMillions Syndicate to play in – then this is definitely one to take a close look at.

The simple fact that a lottery syndicate gives you so much more “extra buying power” – means that this is definitely the easiest way to increase your chances of winning the lottery and the lottery ticket sales company – LottoKings / Wintrillions – is genuine and fully authorized to purchase the lottery tickets on your behalf.

As we have already mentioned earlier – to our knowledge there is not many Mega Millions Syndicates that we have managed to find online and we are pleased to see that it is being offered by a fully accredited lottery ticket sales company.

Therefore – this particular MegaMillions Syndicate option is quite a unique Lotto Syndicate and one we are quite sure that not only USA Lottery players but lotto players right around the world will be keen to play in.

3-in-1 POWER COMBO Lottery Syndicate

In addition to the stand-alone MegaMillions Syndicate – Wintrillions also offer a fantastic 3-in-1 lottery syndicate that will appeal to many US Lottery / Italian Lottery players – the unique POWER COMBO Lotto Syndicate.

The POWER COMBO Lottery Syndicate from Wintrillions gives players the opportunity to play in 3 of the biggest world lotto games all at the same time – as part of one of their lucky lottery syndicates.

The POWER COMBO lottery syndicate incorporates not only the Mega Millions and Powerball games from the U.S.A. but also SuperEnalotto – the huge Italian Lottery.

To be able to play in ALL 3 of these great lottery games in one simple and powerful lottery syndicate is a great chance for players of the Mega Millions, Powerball and SuperEnalotto to pool their resources and multiply their chances of winning the lottery.

Playing as part of a Wintrillions POWER COMBO lottery syndicate will give you 110 separate lines each week into these 3 massive lottery games – a great way to boost your chances of winning the lottery.

With The Wintrillions POWER COMBO lottery syndicate you get 10 lines on the SuperEnalotto 3 times every week and 20 lines in each of the Mega Millions and Powerball draws twice a week.

OTHER Lottery Syndicates

Some other very good lottery syndicates that we have talked about elsewhere on the site are as follows…

Love My Lotto have a great Multi Lottery syndicate that incorporates the EuroMillions, Millionaire Raffle, UK Lotto, and a £1 Million Daily Draw plus the UK Lotto Raffle all in the same syndicate.

YouPlayWePlay have 3 separate lottery syndicate offerings for the EuroMillions, UK Lotto and Thunderball games.

Lastly – have some great Multi-Win lotto syndicates for the EuroMillions, UK Lotto, SuperEnalotto, Spanish Lotto Superdraws and the world’s biggest lottery – the Spanish El Gordo.

As we have already touched upon though – Wintrillions / LottoKings is one of the few lottery ticket sales companies to offer players a MegaMillions Syndicate and the only one to offer a 3-in-1 Mega Millions Syndicate / Powerball Syndicate / SuperEnalotto Syndicate option to play in.

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Saturday 27th February 2021
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