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"The Japan Lottery - Japan JUMBO Draw - The RICHEST Asian Lottery"

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Jumbo LotteryTakarakuji宝くじ

Japan Jumbo Draw

Japanese lottery games can trace their history way back to the 1630’s but the modern Japan lottery games started in October 1945 when the government of Japan began to retail its lottery tickets or Takarakuji (宝くじ) translating to “fortune lottery” or “treasure lottery”.

All local Japanese governments were then permitted to run Takarakuji lotteries in 1946 and in 1954 they administered these Japanese Lottery games exclusively when the Japanese government relinquished control of Japan Lotto games.

All Japanese Lottery games are fully authorised by the Minister of Home Affairs along with the local assembly & the actual operation and administration of the lottery itself is handed over to a bank.

Various banks have operated Japanese lottery games since 1945 with the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank recently being a major player and the current bank to be in control of Lottery Japan is Mizuho Bank.

There are 3 types of Japan Lotto games jackpot lotto numbers games whereby you pick your own numbers, scratchcards and the more old fashioned raffle lottery style of game which uses tickets with pre-printed numbers & offers prizes that are pre-set.

The primary Japan Lotto games offered by the Japanese Lottery Association are the Loto 6, the Loto 7, Numbers 3, Numbers 4, Miniloto plus the Japan Loto that we shall be looking at in more detail here – the Richest Asian Lottery – the Japan Jumbo Draw.

Japan Jumbo DrawJapan LotteryOverview

The Japan Jumbo Draw is commonly known as The Richest Asian Lottery draw and rightly so as it can boast one of the biggest lottery prize pools out of any lotto games from across the world.

The huge and widely played Jumbo Lottery Japan takes place 4 times every year with thousands of prizes to be won by everyone players across Japan who take part.

As you will see, the prize pool for the Japan Jumb Draw can be as much as ¥ 75 BILLION & in previous years has been even higher.

Lottery tickets for the Jumbo Lottery are sold across the nation by the Mizuho Bank exclusively & for every draw, there are a limited and pre-determined number of Jumbo tickets that are put on sale.

As the Japan Jumbo Draw is so incredibly popular across Japan, the Jumbo Lottery normally sell out & once they are all sold, there will be no more available, meaning that generally, very few foreign players are ever given the opportunity to participateuntil now..…

2020 Jumbo Draw details…


Month Held

Prize Pool

"Green" Jumbo Draw

March 2020

¥ 20 Billion

(US$ 183 Million)

"Dream" Jumbo Draw

June 2020

¥ 25 Billion

(US$ 237 Million)

"Summer" Jumbo Draw

August 2020

¥ 30 Billion

(US$ 264 Million)

"Year End" Jumbo Draw

December 2020

¥ 75 Billion

(US$ 660 Million)

Japan Jumbo DrawHow it Works

Japan Jumbo Draw

The Japan Jumbo draw does not work in the same way as all traditional lotto jackpot games – it is a raffle lottery & as such its tickets are pre-printed with numbers & there are a pre-determined number of lotto tickets with prizes that are also pre-set beforehand.

Each of the Japan Jumbo draw lottery tickets will have 3 separate numbers printed on them and it is important for you to understand what the numbers relate to when playing the Jumbo Lottery Japan.

The 1st number at the top (566 in the example below) tells you the actual number of the Jumbo Lottery draw that you are playing in.

The 2nd number in the middle (82 in the example below) tells you the ticket Group number – with normally 100 groups in all draws.

The 3rd number (121460 in the example below) tells you what the individual Ticket number is on your Japan Jumbo Lottery ticket.

The 2 important numbers to be aware of here are both the middle number and the bottom number – that is, the 2 digit Group number & the 6 digit individual Ticket number which tell you if you've won.

To claim the Japan Jumbo Draw first prize your ticket will need to match both the Group number plus the Ticket number drawn.

The March drawing is called the GREEN Japan Jumbo Draw. The June draw is called the DREAM Japan Jumbo Draw, the August drawing is known as the SUMMER Japan Jumbo Draw and lastly the December draw is called the YEAR END Japan Jumbo Draw.

Below is a complete breakdown of all the prizes to be won in the DREAM Jumbo Lottery draw which takes place in June 2020.

Prize Level

No.Of Prizes

How To Win

Cash Payout In Yen

1st Prize


Match the Winning Ticket Number and Group Number


2nd Prize


Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 2nd Prize


3rd Prize


Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 3rd Prize


4th Prize


Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 4th Prize


5th Prize


Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 5th Prize


6th Prize


Match the Winning Ticket Number drawn for the 6th Prize


Other Prizes


Get one digit higher or lower than the 1st Prize Ticket Number


Other Prizes


Different class but same number as 1st prize


Total Prizes


Total Cash Payout


Japan Jumbo DrawWho Can Play?

Jumbo Lottery

As with most lotteries around the world previously only citizens living in Japan itself were allowed to play in any of the Japanese Lottery games including the Japan Jumbo Draw you used to have to purchase all your Japan Lotto tickets from an authorized lottery retailer that was sutuated inside Japan.

Today, though, this is not a concern as there are a good number of online lottery ticket sales companies such as OSA Lottos who are both authorized and genuine you are now able to select your Japan Lottery numbers & purchase your tickets wherever you live.

This is great news of course if you live outside of Japan and want to play the Japan Lottery and ensure your entry into the next draw of the Jumbo Lottery Japan or simply want to have the ease and convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online at home.

Once you have entered into the Japan Jumbo Draw, you can then easily check the Japan Lottery results to see how you have done and find out if you have become one of the Jumbo Lottery winners.

You will need to be a minmum of 18 years of age to be eligible to purchase tickets for any Japan Lottery including the Jumbo Draw.

Click here to PLAY the Japan Jumbo Draw NOW

Japan Jumbo DrawInformation

Jumbo Lottery

There is no higher paying Japanese Lottery game than the Jumbo Draw.

It is the largest & richest out of all the Japan Lottery games Takarakuji – & is definitely the biggest & most keenly anticipated Asia Lotto among players.

In fact the only world lottery to beat the Japan Jumbo draw for the staggering size of its prize pool is the Spanish El Gordo Lottery which takes place once each year in Spain on New Years Eve.

The Japan Jumbo Draw is one of the world’s largest lotteries that people outside of Japan ever get the opportunity to play and win.

Up until 2003, it was not possible for anyone who lived outside of Japan to take part in the Japan Jumbo. This has now changed so if you like to play huge world lotteries this is certainly one for you.

Japan Jumbo DrawOdds of Winning

Japan Lotto

The overall odds of you winning any prize on the Japan Jumbo Draw are just 1 in 9 which is very competitive when you compare it to most of the other lotto games around the world.

So, when you consider that the Jumbo Lottery offers prize payouts of between ¥ 25 BILLION and ¥ 75 BILLION in each draw, it is no wonder that it is labelled by lottery players as the Richest Asian Lottery Draw.

Japan Jumbo DrawHow are Prizes Paid?

Japan Jumbo Draw

If you are the lucky winner of a Lottery Japan Jumbo Draw jackpot, you will be paid your Jumbo prize in the form of a cash lump sum. All Japanese Lottery prizes are paid out to players in cash.

Winners of the Japan Jumbo Lottery collect their winnings completely free from Japanese Government taxation – so if you win on the Japan Jumbo, you will not have to pay any tax on your lottery winnings.

This is partly because, under Japanese law, the Japan Lottery can not pay out more than 50% of the total prize pool. This being so, it is considered that the Japan Jumbo draw has already been taxed.

If you play lottery online you will not have to be concerened with any of these details, as your authorized lottery ticket sales agent will be in charge, from buying your ticket to paying your winnings.

Japan Jumbo DrawWhere the Money Goes

Japanese Lottery games were originally created to generate income for Japanese governments, both national and local.

As well as providing great opportunities to win large sums of money, these days all proceeds rasied from playing any of the Japan Lotto games goes not only towards local governmental organizations but also to various charitable causes & entities.

One of the arenas to benefit from Takarakuji profits in Japan is public works and in the case of the Rainbow Lotteries, the Jichi Medical School for medical care promotion across rural areas plus welfare societies for the elderly, benefits from funds raised.

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