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Japanese Lottery Games - Takarakuji | Japan JUMBO Draw
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LOTO 6 Jackpot ¥ 600,000,000 LOTO 7 Jackpot ¥ 1,000,000,000

Many lottery players – especially Asian Lottery players – will no doubt be aware that there are numerous Japanese Lottery games – Takarakuji – that are played in Japan each week.

Some of these are weekly Japan Lottery games such as the popular LOTO 6 and the Mini Loto – while others are periodic megadraws such as the massive and incredibly popular Japan JUMBO Draw which is played approximately every 2 months and is very well known as the Richest Asia Lottery game.

These Lottery Japan – Takarakuji – games are played not only throughout Japan but right throughout the lottery playing world due to the presence of authorized, online lottery ticket sales companies such as TheLotter and the LotteryShop.com allowing you to buy lottery tickets online wherever you live in the world.

We have written in depth about all the Japanese Lottery – Takarakuji –games that you are able to play lottery online with – just visit the Global Lottery Review World Lotteries page for a complete list of world lotteries and their individual review pages or the Lottery A to Z page which lists every lottery game that you can play lottery today with.

Here we are simply going to list each of the Loto Japan games available –you can click straight through to read all about the game of your choice.

WEEKLY Japan Lottery Games

LOTO 6 – Takarakuji – Japanese Lottery

The LOTO 6 is the most widely played out of all the weekly Japan Lottery games and is a typical jackpot style Japanese Lottery – Takarakuji. The LOTO6 has a jackpot that starts off at ¥200 Million and is the only Japanese Lottery to rollover – carry-over – when the jackpot is not won. Lottery Japan conduct the LOTO 6 draws every week on Thursday evenings and players from around the world can take part through authorized online lottery ticket sales agencies such as TheLotter. Here – you can read much more about the LOTO6 from Lottery Japan…

Loto 6

LOTO 7 – Takarakuji – Japanese Lottery

Loto 7

Japan Lottery Megadraws

Japan Jumbo Draw – Takarakuji – Japanese Lottery

The Japan JUMBO Draw is probably the most well known and most widely played of all Japanese Lottery games. It is by far the biggest Japan Lottery – Takarakuji – and is known as the Richest Asian Lottery due to its truly massive prize pools which are as much as ¥99.39 Billion (US$1.03 Billion). The Japan Jumbo is played 5 or 6 times each year and lottery players from right around the world take part in its draws – through authorized online lottery ticket sales companies such as the LotteryShop.com. Find out much more about the Japan JUMBO Draw here…

Other Japanese Lottery Games

Mini Loto –Takarakuji – Japanese Lottery

The Mini Loto is another popular weekly Loto Japan game. Draws for the MiniLoto take place every Tuesday evening and you can win a jackpot of ¥10 Million. We will be writing in greater detail about the Mini Loto in the future months.

Numbers – Takarakuji – Japanese Lottery

Numbers 3 and Numbers 4 are two other popular Japanese Lottery games. Once again – we will be covering these games in greater detail during the future months.

Just click on any of the above Japan Lottery links and they will take you directly to your chosen Japanese Lottery game. Each page contains a detailed review about that particular Japanese Lotetry game from Lottery Japan and gives full Loto Japan information.

We will, in time, be reviewing even more Japanese Lottery games and will add them to this Japan Lottery overview section as and when we review them.

For the time being – enjoy reading about the main Japan Lottery games – the LOTO6 and Japan JUMBO and checking the Japanese Lottery Results and we wish you the very best of luck should you decide to participate in any of them.

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