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Super Enalotto Enalotto SuperStar


It was way back in the early 18th century that Italy began to host its first lottery games which were of the typical sweepstake lottery variety.

The Lottery of Tripoli was the first contemporary Italy Lottery to be played in the 1930s along with the National Solidarity lotto of 1946 – these early offerings from Lotteria Itlalia were lotto raffle games.

Sisal – the company responsible for running Italy Lottery games – was formed in the same year and introduced the Enalotto in the early 1950s. The Enalotto was reinvented in 1997 to become the world famous SuperEnalotto and this has gone from strength to strength since then producing some of the biggest lotto jackpots.

The impressive Lotteria Italia range of games that are offered by Sisal comprise the SuperEnalotto, SiVinceTutto, MillionDay, Win for Life, Play Six, 10e Lotto, Lotto Italia, VinciCasa, the EuroJackpot plus the add-on game to the Super Enalotto – the SuperEnalotto SuperStar – which we cover in more depth here.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Overview

SuperEnalotto SuperStar

The SuperEnalotto SuperStar is an exciting extension to the SuperEnalotto that Sisal introduced as an add-on to its premier game with the inaugural draw taking place back on March 28th 2006.

The purpose of the SuperStar SuperEnalotto is to automatically increase your winnings on all of the SuperEnalotto prize levels
at the same as giving you many more chances of winning prizes.

For example – a SuperEnalotto jackpot win will be increased by a further € 2 MILLION when playing with SuperStar – a 2nd prize will be increased by a further € 1 MILLION & all the other prizes will be increased by anything from 10x up to 100x or will be a fixed amount win otherwise not available with the SuperEnalotto itself.   

 An extra 8 winning prize levels are also available should you play the SuperEnalotto with SuperStar – meaning that there are a total of 14 different categories of prizes to be won 3 times per week.

Sisal conduct the SuperEnalotto SuperStar drawing from Rome on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays all at 8.00pm Italian time.

To see how you can benefit when you play SuperEnalotto whilst using the SuperStar option – please carry on down the page. We think it's a great addition to the primary SuperEnalotto game and suggest further reading to learn more about just how it operates...

SuperEnalotto SuperStar How it Works

SuperEnalotto SuperStar draw

The SuperEnalotto SuperStar drawing is made at the same time as the main SuperEnalotto game itself. Firstly the 6 main winning Super Enalotto numbers plus the Jolly number are drawn & then the Super Star number is also drawn.

The SuperStar SuperEnalotto uses a double matrix of 6/90 + 1/90 meaning that the 6 main numbers plus the Jolly number are first drawn from the number range 1 to 90 followed by the SuperStar number which is also drawn from the same 1 to 90 number range. 

So – when you are playing the Super Enalotto SuperStar you will first need to tick the 'SuperStar' box on your SuperEnalotto ticket and then select your 6 main SuperEnalotto numbers out of that range of numbers from 1 to 90 followed by a SuperStar number.

If you successfully match all 6 of the main winning SuperEnalotto numbers plus the SuperStar number you will be the winner of the SuperEnalotto SuperStar jackpot prize which will automatically be € 2 MILLION higher than the principal SuperEnalotto jackpot.     

As well as the SuperStar jackpot there are also an additional 13 different levels on which you can win a SuperEnalotto SuperStar prize even if you do not match any of the main numbers but just successfully manage to pick the SuperStar number on its own. 
The SuperEnalotto jackpot – or SuperEnalotto Montepremi – starts off at € 2 MILLION & will rollover when it is not won – increasing in size each time until won. However, if you win the top prize when playing with SuperStar – an extra € 2 MILLION will be added onto your winnings – or an extra € 1 MILLION if you win the 2nd prize.

If you would prefer not to select your own numbers when playing you can use the Quick Pick option and request that the retailer's or computer's random number generator choose them for you.  

The cost of playing the SuperStar SuperEnalotto is just the € 1.00 standard charge for playing the SuperEnalotto plus the additional amount of only € 0.50 for including the optional SuperStar facility.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Who Can Play?

SuperEnalotto SuperStar playslips

Previously – anybody who wanted to play Italian Lotto games needed to get their tickets from a Sisal ticket retailer that was situated within Italy itself – in other words all players had to be Italian residents so that they could take part. 

Nowadays – anybody from almost any country in the world can participate in the SuperEnalotto SuperStar using the online lottery ticket sales concierge services such as TheLotter & WinTrillions.

If you live outside of Italy but would still like to play the SuperStar SuperEnalotto this is highly useful to know as there are no longer any geographical boundaries involved – you can quickly & easily buy lottery tickets online from the comfort of your own home.  

Anyone who is 18 years old or more can buy lottery tickets for any of the Lotteria Italia games – including SuperEnalotto SuperStar. 

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SuperEnalotto Results Risultati Lotto

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Winners

Sisal conduct the drawing of the Super Enalotto Super Star immediately after the primary SuperEnalotto drawing at 8.00pm local time in Rome each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The latest SuperEnalotto SuperStar Results can be checked in the same way and at the same time as you check the principal SuperEnalotto results – risultati SuperEnalotto – and there are numerous methods you can use to find out if you have correctly matched any of the winning numeri SuperEnalotto drawn by Sisal.

Shortly after the drawing has taken place the Lotteria Italia official websites of Sisal – superenalotto it and sisal itwill both publish the latest SuperEnalotto results for the draw made that evening. 

The latest SuperEnalotto results – SuperEnalotto Risultati – can also be found on Sisal TV where they will be broadcast after each draw as well as on Teletext & from thousands of Sisal retailers

You are also welcome to return to Global Lottery Review where you can find the latest SuperStar SuperEnalotto Results at any time – plus the main SuperEnalotto Risultati for the latest draw.   

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Odds of Winning

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Winners

The SuperEnalotto SuperStar has the added benefit of 8 extra winning prize tiers in addition to the 6 primary prize categories of the SuperEnalotto draw making for a total of 14 prize levels.

You can even win a Super Enalotto SuperStar prize by selecting NONE of the primary SuperEnalotto numbers but correctly matching the SuperStar number on its own.

The best way of showing all the differences in the prize structure and the winning odds that you have when playing SuperEnalotto using the SuperStar option is by viewing the table illustrated below.

Here you can easily see how much larger the prizes are should you utilise the SuperStar facility when you play SuperEnalotto as opposed to playing the SuperEnalotto game without the SuperStar.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar PRIZES and ODDS of Winning

Prize Level

No.of Correct Matches

Winning Odds are 1 in...

Average SuperEnalotto Prize

Average SuperEnalotto Prize WITH SuperStar





Jackpot+€ 2 Million









€ 595,168.77

€ 1,595,168.77




€ 595,168.77





€ 51,382.93

€ 1,003,913.27




€ 51,382.93





€ 358.11

€ 35,120.30




€ 358.11





€ 27.25

€ 2,724.61




€ 27.25





€ 5.48

€ 100




€ 5.48






€ 10





€ 5

SuperEnalotto Jackpot SuperEnalotto Montepremi

Montepremi SuperEnalotto

The biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot – SuperEnalotto Montepremi – that has been won to date has been a massive € 209,160,441 which was won with a ticket purchased at the Marino bar in Lodi, Lombardy on August 13th 2019.

The 2nd biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot to be won so far has been a huge € 177,729,043.16 – a staggering amount that was won on October 30th 2010. This was the 3rd largest jackpot in the history of European Lottery games at the time plus it was also the biggest ever single ticket win to have been achieved to date – the winners on this particular occasion being a lotto syndicate of 70 players.

The 3rd largest SuperEnalotto Jackpot won so far has been the huge sum of € 147,807,299.08 which was won by a single ticket holder coming from Bagnone in Tuscany on August 22nd 2009.

Any Italy Lottery player who plays the SuperEnalotto SuperStar will automatically have a further € 2 MILLION added on to their jackpot win if they match all 6 main numbers plus the SuperStar.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar How Prizes are Paid

SuperEnalotto Prize Money

Sisal will pay out all prizes that you may have won on the SuperEnalotto SuperStar in the form of a cash lump sum, a cheque or a bank transfer.

You will have to make your winning prize claim within 90 days of the draw taking place before your ticket will become out of date and invalid.

You can claim any prize you have won of no more than € 520.00 through any of the Sisal SuperEnalotto ticket retailers across Italy.

You will be able to claim your prize from the SuperEnalotto retailer that sold you your winning ticket if you have won any prize amount from € 520.01 to € 5,200.00 or from a dedicted payment centre.

Prizes of € 5,200.01 to € 52,000.00 that you may have won can be claimed at either one of the dedicated prize claim centres or from one of the main Sisal offices based in the cities of Milan or Rome.

You will need to go to one of the main offices of Sisal in Rome or Milan to claim any prize you have won of more than € 52,000.00.

Claiming your prize money need not be an issue, however, if you play lottery on the internet with online lottery companies such as TheLotter and WinTrillions which are fully authorized to retail lotto tickets and will pay your winnings quickly and without fuss.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Where the Money Goes

The largest amount of the funds produced by the sales of Sisal Italian Lotto tickets – 53.63% – is given to the Treasury in Italy with 34.64% being injected into the prize funds of lotto games.

The remainder is divided between the 45,000+ Sisal lottery ticket sales retailers across Italy – 8% – & Sisal who receive 3.73%.

A portion of the government's share is subsequently given over to various beneficial causes that assist the entire Italian population.

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SuperEnalotto SuperStar

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