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CURRENT JACKPOT € 176,600,000

2009 RECORD Jackpot was FINALLY won at...


One of the greatest Euro Lotto games, the Italian Lottery – EnalottoSuperEnalotto – was causing an absolute frenzy for months among lottery players in Italy and right across Europe, producing the largest jackpot in Italian Lotto history!

The SuperEnalotto grew and grew to an incredible 147.8 MILLION EUROS and was finally won on Saturday 22nd August 2009!

Biggest Italian Lottery Jackpot...

The Super Enalotto jackpot was one of the most exciting lottery prizes in the world for a long time – certainly the most exciting among European lottery games – and was causing lotto fever in Italy and beyond. . No-one had picked the 6 correct winning lottery numbers for the Enalotto – run by Sisal – since January right through to August 2009! Just how long it was going to continue to rollover was anyone’s guess.

At 147.8 MILLION EUROS, the Italian SuperEnalotto jackpot was, by far, the biggest prize ever produced by any Italy Lotttery game and is one of the largest ever seen in any European Lottery game.

The Italian Lottery jackpot rollover finally came to an end on Saturday 22nd August 2009 when a single ticket holder from the small village of Bagnone in the Tuscany region picked the correct 6 winning lottery numbers.

The residents of Bagnone, celebrated in style in the streets after the incredible lottery win - a massive event in a village of only 2,000 inhabitants - in congratulations to the lucky lottery winner, reportedly a 47 year old local man who works in agriculture.

Super Enalotto Fever...

Apart from astonishing numbers of Italian Lottery players swarming to get their Sisal Enalotto Tickets from bars and tobacconists across Italy, an unheard of number of foreign lottery players also seemed to want a piece of the Italian Lottery jackpot action!

Lottery players from all the neighbouring countries of Italy and beyond were flocking to the country so that they could get their hands on some Sisal Lottery – SuperEnalotto tickets.

The Lottery fever caused by the Super Enalotto had spread to Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia with people in their hundreds crossing the Italian border hoping to strike it lucky with the Sisal SuperEnalotto.

A phone-in contest in Germany even provided 140 lucky winners with return air tickets from Berlin to Milan just so that they could get their SuperEnalotto tickets – they didn’t even leave the airport!

It is reported that – in Venice – SuperEnalotto tickets were as popular as the postcards being sold in the many souvenir shops.

SuperEnalotto Online...

The majority of the lottery players who were spending hundreds of millions every month on Super Enalotto tickets will probably have been unaware that they could buy lottery tickets online for this great Italy Lotto game.

Playing the SuperEnalotto online is simple and easy when you buy lottery tickets online with – they provide a swift and first class service when you play SuperEnalotto with them.

You can easily check the SuperEnalotto results after every draw using their Italian Lottery results service and see what chances you have of winning the lottery by looking at the Super Enalotto odds.

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If you play lottery online with TheLotter you can get Free SuperEnalotto Tickets when you buy lottery tickets from them.

They operate a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE system with many of the world lottery games that they sell lottery tickets for – including the Lotto Sisal – SuperEnalotto.

So, if you were wondering how to play SuperEnalotto – you do not have to actually be in Italy itself or even travel to the country if you want to buy lottery tickets for the huge Italian Lottery game.

Even if you do live within Italy, you can still very easily, of course, Play SuperEnalotto Online and take advantage of the ongoing BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer from TheLotter.

SuperEnalotto Record Summary...

No-one knew just how long the SuperEnalotto from Sisal would continue to rollover. With 3 draws per week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays – it was amazing that the last time the SuperEnalotto jackpot was won prior to the record jackpot, was way back on January 31st 2009.

Will this Sisal lotery jackpot record be equalled? Only time will tell. Keep an eye on the Super Enalotto and watch it grow - it invariably offers the largest lottery jackpot in Europe and remains probably the most popular Eurpoean Lottery game with people from far and wide wanting to secure their tickets and play SuperEnalotto in the hope that they can change their lives forever..

If you want to be in with a chance of scooping the Enalotto jackpot – simply play SuperEnalotto online with TheLotter – a fully authorized and accredited lottery ticket sales company.

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