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Powerball Lottery Results – Power Ball States

The Powerball Lottery is available to players in 47 out of all the States and Jurisdictions that make up the U.S.A. and its associated territories.

Questions that are commonly asked by USA Lottery players is…

“Can I play Powerball & get the Powerball Lottery Results from where I live?”


“Do I live in one of the Powerball States that show the Powerball Lottery Results?”

We have put together this page that is dedicated in particular to the Power Ball States to answer that question and we hope this will provide a simple, at-a-glance overview on exactly which US Powerball States there are from which you can buy Powerball tickets, play Powerball games and check up on the very latest Powerball Results.

As you will see – this covers the vast majority of the United States of America and will allow nearly all US Lottery players to take part in the Power Ball Lottery.

With a grand total of 47State Lottery companies participating in the Powerball lotto there are only 8 US States and Territories from where you will be unable to check the Powerball lottery results and buy Powerball tickets on the streets.

The USA Powerball States Map

The map below shows the individual US Powerball States - the States that participate in the Powerball game and from where you can Play Powerball and find the latest Powerball lottery results.

If you can see the name of your State on the map above, you can buy Powerball tickets and check the Powerball lottery results in that State.

The only US Territories not included on the map that you can also play Power Ball in are the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Powerball States – History – Lotto America

The predecessor of the massive Powerball game was first sold way back on February 3rd 1992 and was called Lotto America. It was run and organized by the Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL) who still operate the current Powerball game today.

From the beginning there were 6 State Lottery companies involved – these were the Iowa Lottery, Kansas Lottery, Oregon Lottery, Rhode Island Lottery, Washington DC Lottery and the West Virginia Lottery companies.

Before the first Lotto America tickets were put on sale a seventh State Lottery company joined the MUSL – the Missouri Lottery.

So, at the outset only players from the above 7 States were able participate and buy lottery tickets for Lotto America.

Between the launch of Lotto America up to when it changed to the Powerball game on April 19th 1992 – 9 more US Lotteries joined the MUSL and began to sell Powerball tickets.

These 9 State Lottery companies (in the order that they joined) were the Wisconsin Lottery, Montana Lottery, Idaho Lottery, Maine State Lottery, Minnesota Lottery, (Indiana) Hoosier Lottery, South Dakota Lottery, Kentucky Lottery and the Delaware Lottery.

So now US Lottery players from a total of 16 States across America could buy lottery tickets for the Lotto America as members of the MUSL Multi State Lottery Association.

Powerball – Lotto America Becomes Powerball

On April 19th 1992 the Lotto America game was totally revamped and was reinvented as Powerball now offering higher jackpots, more levels of prizes and better overall odds of winning.

At this point the Maine State Lottery decided to leave the MUSL and – for the time being – not to offer Powerball tickets to its players nor broadcast the Powerball lottery results.

So at the time the Powerball game was first drawn on April 22nd 1992 there were 15 participating USA Lottery States that sold Powerball tickets and broadcast the Powerball lottery results.

Powerball States Joining from 1993 to 1999

Between the launch of the Powerball lottery game in April 1992 until January 2010 – more and more US State Lotteries were to become members of the Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL) and offer Powerball Tickets to their players – making the Powerball the biggest USA Lottery by far.

The 16th State in America to join the MUSL was the Arizona Lottery on April 4th 1994 followed by the 17th – the Nebraska Lottery which joined on June 21st the same year.

1995 saw flurry of action with new Power Ball States joining – first was the Louisiana Lottery becoming the 18th member on May 3rd then on July 1st the Georgia Lottery became member number 19.

The New Hampshire Lottery then became the 20th of the Powerball States on November 5th 1995 followed by the Connecticut Lottery on November 28th who became the 21st.

The Georgia Lottery elected to leave the MUSL on August 31st 1996 meaning that there were now 20 Powerball States. Also in 1996 – the New Mexico Lottery joined on October 20th becoming the 21st of the Power Ball States.

Powerball States Joining from 2000 to 2009

In 2001 the Colorado Lottery become the 22nd MUSL Member on August 4th, and on December 18th the Pennsylvania Lottery joined as the 23rd member – both now beginning to sell Powerball tickets and broadcast the latest Powerball lottery results.

2002 saw the South Carolina Lottery joined the MUSL as the 24th member State & the Virgin Islands Lottery as the 25th member on October 9th & November 16th respectively.

The Vermont Lottery was the only new US Lottery company to begin selling Powerball Tickets and broadcast the Powerball lottery results in 2003 when it became Multi State Lottery Association member number 26 on July 2nd.

2004 saw 3 new MUSL members join in offering the Powerball Lottery when the North Dakota Lottery joined on March 27th becoming the 27th of the Powerball States – with the Tennessee Lottery joining as member number 28 on April 21st and the Maine State Lottery as member number 29 on July 31st.

The Oklahoma Lottery began offering Powerball tickets and showing the Powerball lottery results on January 14th 2006 – the 30th of the Powerball States to join – and the North Carolina Lottery became the 31st State to join on May 30th the same year.

2009 saw the last 2 Powerball States join prior to the cross-selling expansion program which was to begin in 2010. The Florida Lottery joined as member number 32 on January 4th with the Arkansas Lottery joined as the 33rd State on October 31st.

So now there were a total of 33 Powerball States that offered their players the opportunity to buy Powerball tickets and view the latest Powerball lottery results. Powerball was now by far the biggest USA Lottery game available.

Powerball States – Initial Cross-Sell Expansion

An historic agreement took place in October 2009 between the the Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL) who run and operate Powerball and its biggest rival – the Mega Millions Consortium who run and operate the other huge US Multi State Lottery – the Mega Millions.

This agreement was to allow the cross-selling of Powerball tickets and Mega Millions tickets between Powerball States and MegaMillions States.

Simply put this meant that the Power Ball States could now offer its players Mega Millions Tickets and show the Mega Millions results whilst at the same time the Mega Millions States could now offer its players Powerball Tickets and show the Powerball lottery results.

The result of this was that on January 31st 2010 – 10 further US State Lotteries began to sell Powerball tickets and broadcast the Powerball lottery results across the U.S.A. meaning that the total number of Powerball States was now 43.

The Mega Millions States that became new Power Ball States on that date were the Georgia Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Maryland Lottery, Massachusetts Lottery, Michigan Lottery, New Jersey Lottery, New York Lottery, Texas Lottery, Virginia Lottery and the Washington State Lottery.

This meant that as of January 31st 2010 – there were a total of 43 Powerball States and jurisdictions that were selling Powerball tickets and showing the latest Powerball Lottery Results.

Powerball States – Further Cross-Sell Expansion

Between the first influx of new Powerball States in January 2010 and April 2010 two more US State Lottery companies would also begin to sell Powerball tickets in keeping with the cross-selling expansion agreement.

The most recent and only State Lotteries to begin offering the Powerball game after the cross-selling expansion began in January 2010 were the Ohio Lottery which began selling Powerball tickets on April 16th 2010 – becoming the 44th of the Powerball States – and more recently the California Lottery which came on board on April 8th 2013 making it the 45th Powerball State.

The Wyoming Lottery began the sales of Powerball tickets on August 24th 2014 with the Puerto Rico Lottery also signing up on September 28th 2014.

So we now have a grand total of 47 US State Lottery and Jurisdictional Lottery companies that currently offer the Powerball game and show the latest Powerball lottery results – one of the two largest Multi State Lottery games across the USA.

Which are the Non Powerball States?

The US States that are non Powerball States and do not offer Powerball tickets for sale nor broadcast the Powerball lottery results are, Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada and Utah – none of whom sell any lottery tickets at all.

The US Territory Puerto Rico – which has its own Puerto Rico Lottery – was the latest jurisdiction to offer the Powerball but has no current plans to join in offering tickets for the Mega Millions game nor show the latest Mega Millions lottery results.

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