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SUPERDRAW Jackpot AUS$ 30,000,000

Next draw takes place on Saturday 28th December 2019

Australian Superdraw Overview

Australian Superdraw

We have already looked at all of the major Australia Lotto games that are available for players from around the world to participate in – particularly those offered by both NSW Lotteries and its partner OzLotteries.

Well – here’s the biggest one of all – the Australian Superdraw...

The Australian Superdraw – or the TattsLotto Superdraw – offers bigger jackpots to be won than all of the standard weekly games of Australian Lotto including the countrywide Oz Lotto and the popular Powerball Australia.

The TattsLotto Superdraw game typically occurs 7 or 8 times per year – usually at special dates in the Australian calendar such as Australian public holidays or around Christmas and New Year.

Members of the Australian Lotto Bloc which includes Tatts, NSW Lotteries, Golden Casket, Lotterywest and SA Lotteries pool a portion of the revenue from their weekly Australia Lotto games to fund these special TattsLotto Superdraw occasions.

Typically TattsLotto Superdraw jackpot prizes range from a huge AUS$ 20 MILLION to a truly staggering AUS$ 30 MILLION.

Complimenting the TattsLotto Superdraw is another huge drawing – the Australian MEGADRAW – which has even bigger jackpots than the Superdraw and is generally held once a year in January.

The Megadraw jackpot is usually around the AUS$ 30 MILLION mark and has been known to reach as high as AUS$ 32 MILLION.

The TattsLotto Superdraw pays out some of the biggest jackpots and provides the best odds of winning the lottery than almost all of the other lottery games offered in the Asia/Pacific region.

The Superdraw offers better value for money too than the regular weekly Australian Lottery games – this is due to the fact that the jackpots are generally higher but the odds of winning and the cost of entry are the same as the weekly equivalent – Saturday Lotto.

Australian Superdraw NSW Lotteries

NSW Lotteries

New South Wales Lotteries – NSW Lotteries – are a leading operator of Australian Lottery games and are part of the Australian Lotto Bloc that collectively offer the Australian Superdraw games alongside the TattsLotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball Australia as well as the Monday Lotto and Wednesday Lotto.

NSW Lotteries have been around since 1931 and are owned by the government of New South Wales and leased by Tatts. They are fully licensed to conduct various Australia Lotto games across both New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Since its beginning over 80 years ago NSW Lotteries have raised billions of dollars for the NSW government that have helped to fund a range of services for New South Wales citizens.

Each year nearly 1/3 of the money that is spent on NSW Lottery games is returned directly to the government and more than 60% of money spent is put straight back into its own lottery prize pool – one of the highest returns among lottery games around the world.

NSW Lotteries have many games in their lottery portfolio including the Oz Lotto, Lotto Strike, Saturday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Instant Scratchies, the Powerball Australia, the Australian Pools, the Lucky Lotteries games which comprise of the Super Jackpot Lottery and the Mega Jackpot Lottery plus the TattsLotto Suprdraw which we are going to look at further here...

NSW Lotteries Oz Lotteries


NSW Lotteries have got together in a strategic partnership with  allowing players from around the world to buy lottery tickets online for nearly all NSW Lotto games.

Through OzLotteries – one of the most respected and established online lottery tickets sales companies on the internet – you are able to play lottery online with the NSW Lottery game of your choice. This includes the Australian Superdraw in addition to any of the popular standard weekly games of Australian Lottery.

Australian Superdraw How it Works

Tattslotto Superdraw

The Australian Superdaw – TattsLotto Superdraw operates in exactly the same manner as the weekly Saturday Lotto using a 6/45 matrix. This means that when playing you will need to select 6 numbers out of a range of numbers from 1 to 45. If you match all 6 main numbers drawn then you will be the winner of a TattsLotto Superdraw jackpot.

After the 6 main numbers are drawn 2 extra numbers known as the Supplementary Numbers – are then drawn which increase the number of ways that you can win to 6. These Supplementary numbers are used to determine winners on prize levels 2, 5 and 6.

A “SlikPik” facility is available when playing NSW Lotteries games similar to the “Lucky Dip” or “Easy Pick” options that are used in the UK National Lottery, EuroMillions or most of the USA Lottery games – which means that you can get the computer terminal to select all your TattsLotto Superdraw numbers for you.

Soplaying the TattsLotto Superdraw couldn’t be easier just select your own 6 numbers or let the computer generate them automatically for you using its random number generator.

Australian Superdraw Who Can Play?

Australian Megadraw player

As with most lottery games around the world in the past you would normally have needed to be living in the country concerned to play any of its games.

Now however with the welcome presence of authentic and authorized online lottery ticket sales agents like OzLotteries & TheLotter you are able to play most world lotteries from the comfort of your own home no matter where in the world you may be living.

This applies to all games offered by NSW Lotteries including the TattsLotto Superdraw and Megadraw games plus the Oz Lotto and Powerball Australia. You can easily pick your Lottery Superdraw numbers online and purchase your lottery tickets at any time whether you live in Australia or anywhere else around the world.

This is excellent news if you live outside of Australia and want to play the Australian Lottery Superdraw or Oz Lotto and guarantee your entry into the next draw or simply wish to enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online.

You will need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to buy lottery tickets for any Australian Lottery game except from in Western Australia which allows players to participate from the age of 16.

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Australian Superdraw Schedule

Here is an up to date list of Australia Lotto Superdraw dates and jackpot prizes for 2019 including the latest TattsLotto Superdraw...




March 30th 2019


November 2nd 2019


December 28th 2019


Australian Superdraw Jackpots

As you can see from the above table the Australian Superdraw jackpot is usually around the AUS$ 20 MILLION mark – a very sizeable jackpot indeed – but this will rise to AUS$ 30 MILLION or even more for the once-a-year Australian Lottery MEGADRAW.

Compare this to the other popular weekly Australia Lotto jackpots produced by the Oz Lotto which starts off at AUS$ 2 MILLION or Powerball Australia which begins at AUS$ 3 MILLION and would take a few rollover draws to reach the Superdraw level.

Australian Superdraw Odds of Winning

Australian Megadraw player

With the TattsLotto Superdaw there are a total of 6 different ways that you can win and the odds of winning work out exactly the same as the standard weekly game – the Saturday Lotto.

The chances of you winning a TattsLotto Superdraw jackpot for matching the 6 main numbers correctly are 1 in 8.14 million – for these odds you could be a Lottery Superdraw jackpot winner.

For one of the prizes in the 2nd division and correctly matching 5 of the main lotto numbers plus either 1 or 2 of the Supplementary Numbers your winning lottery odds come in at 1 in 678,755.

The likelihood of you winning a 3rd tier prize by matching 5 of the main lottery numbers is 1 in 36,689 and for a prize on the 4th tier matching 4 main numbers the odds come right down to 1 in 733.

For a 5th division prize by matching just 3 main numbers plus either 1 or 2 of the Supplementary Numbers the odds are 1 in 297.

6th division prize odds are 1 in 144 for matching either 1 or 2 of the main winning numbers plus the 2 Supplementary numbers.

Australian Superdraw Record Jackpots

Australian Megadraw

The biggest Australian Superdraw jackpot prize paid out to date has been the incredible AUS$ 32 MILLION top prize produced by the December 31st 2005 end of year Australia Megadraw which was split between 28 winning ticket holders.

Australian Superdraw How Prizes are Paid

Australian dollars

All Australian Lottery prizes – including those offered by NSW Lotteries and those purchased through Oz Lotteries such as the TattsLotto Superdraw – are paid out as tax free cash lump sums.

The rules for claiming prizes vary according to the Australian state or territory you have purchased your winning lottery ticket in and are outlined here as follows...

  • In New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory you have up to 6 years to make your winning claim and you can claim prizes of up to AUS$ 1,000 from any NSW Lottery retail outlet. If you have won a Superdaw prize of more than AUS$ 1,000 you will need to complete a prize claim form and send it to the NSW Customer Service Dept.
  • In Queensland you have up to 7 years from the draw date in which to claim your prize and can claim any lotto prize of up to AUS$ 1,500 from any Golden Casket agent. Prizes will need to be claimed from the Brisbane HQ of the Golden Casket Lottery if they amount to more than AUS$ 1,500.
  • In Western Australia you have up to 1 year from the date of the draw to file your winning claim and can claim any prize of up to AUS$ 500 from all Lotterywest retail outlets. If you have won a prize of more than AUS$ 500 – apart from the jackpot – you will need to claim your win at the Payout Center in Perth. Any jackpot prize will have to be claimed from the Lotterywest Headquarters in Perth.
  • In South Australia you also have up to 1 year in which to make your winning prize claim. You can claim any prize of up to AUS$ 500 from any SA Lotteries retail agent and sometimes prizes of up to AUS$ 5,000 should the retailer hold enough funds. Any prize of more than AUS$ 5,000 will need to be claimed from SA Lotteries Headquarters.
  • In the Northern Territory you have up to 3 years to claim your prize and can claim anything up to AUS$ 1,500 from all Tatts agents. If you have won more than AUS$ 1,500 you must send a claim form to the Melbourne Tatts office.
  • In Victoria or Tasmania there is no time limit that you have to make your prize claim in. Once again – you can claim prizes of up to AUS$ 1,500 from any Tatts retailer and will need to send a prize claim form to the Tatts office in Melbourne for prize wins of more than AUS$ 1,500.

Australian Superdraw Where the Money Goes

NSW Lotteries and all the other Australian Lottery companies began operating lottery games with the aim of raising lotto money for much needed community projects throughout aeach of the states and this is the same today as it was in the early days.

As well as helping to fund acute and fundamental areas of life in NSW such as the state’s hospitals – NSWLotteries has played in big part in funding such well known and landmark projects like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House through lottery ticket sales for it’s games such as the Lottery Superdraw.

The same applies to funds raised by the sale of Golden Casket games in Queensland, Tatts games in Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory plus SA Lotteries games in South Australia and Lotterywest games purchased throughout  Western Australia.

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